Your Nature Escape in Metro Cebu

The Riverscapes Living in a vibrant city of Metro Cebu with its festivals, concerts, food parks, and landmarks captures the interests of many. The diversity and shared experience you can have in this urban jungle give you a new perspective. Yet, these pros are always accompanied by downsides. Choking under extreme pressures of rapid urbanization – with more people coming in, life tends to be hectic and the environment to be crowded. The hustle and bustle, as if time passes differently from the suburban, the noise you can hear from the conversations of bystanders and traffic-caused horns of vehicles, supplemented by the pollution, might make you dislike to succumb to the allure of city life.

From a long day of work in one of the city’s business hubs, have you ever dreamed of coming home to a sanctuary for you to relax after an eight-hour busy routine?

Located in Talamban, Cebu City, The Riverscapes make this desire come true. The 35.5-hectare house and lot subdivision has six enclaves with nature-inspired names – Riverdale, Riverfront, Riverwalk, Riverview, Riverside, Riverine respectively, that will take you back to nature. It is naturally sloping and hilly allowing you to glimpse the breathtakingly view of mountains radiating cold breeze of air, refreshing view of sea and sky, the quiet and steady vibe of hillsides and deep valleys, and soothing feeling of softly flowing rivers.

You can always plunge onto a beautiful experience as sightseeing and strolling give off a satisfying kind of feeling. Pine trees are kissed by the morning sunlight, ribbons of tree winding through mountain air filters and there are heart-warming evergreens planted in landscaped parks and roadsides. Likewise, it let you see the sunrise when you wake up and witness the sunset in the afternoon.

Supplement to these is the lifestyle that does not inconvenient you. Malls are within your reach, hospitals are traveled for a few minutes, prominent schools surround the area – University of San Carlos, Cebu International School, Uv Gullas College of Medicine to name a few, and business hubs are not so distant. There are also amenities that will make you go beyond your house – the community and space you have in Riverscapes that aren’t visible in the city.

Escaping to nature is pure bliss. With the freedom to venture outside the mainstream, a new horizon of great adventure begins by simply feeling the breeze and cherishing simple moments. Living in such a community balances your life. A real escape from Metro Cebu.

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