Palawan: The Best Retirement Place In The Philippines

Palawan Kayangan Lake
Famous viewpoint of Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan | Image taken from 

Palawan: The Best Retirement Place In The Philippines

Stepping into your retirement years could be scary because not only will you be thinking about your savings but also what to do with your life after retirement. They say that these are our golden years when we will be able to enjoy life – it is a time of reflection and appreciation of the beauty of life.

It’s essential to spend your retirement years comfortably and peacefully. To achieve this, most people save for retirement to invest in a new house where they could live the rest of their lives.

For a retiree seeking paradise, why not consider retiring in the Philippines’ westernmost province — the Palawan Island?

People come to Palawan for a short break from reality or to escape from stressful work, while some visit to find themselves and have time to think of what they want in the future. For retirees, Palawan can be a part of a wonderful retirement plan for its endless adventure and paradise.

Why Retire in Palawan Philippines

The world-famous Palawan was hailed as the “Best Island in the World” last July 8, 2020 by Travel+Leisure, a renowned travel magazine.

It was rated based on the quality of its stunning beaches, activities, captivating sights, natural wonders, tasty delicacies, the friendliness of the locals, and the overall value of the island – Palawan bested all other places in the world! 

Palawan is one of the greenest cities in the country. Even the locals are aware of green practices and are dedicated to it. Street sweepers ensure green surroundings and litter-free streets. Cheap yet fresh food Puerto Princesa’s main attraction — including all the fresh supplies you will ever need.

Its local government agencies ensure a lower crime rate so that there are almost no thieves roaming the streets of this island paradise. In fact, Palawan is the third safest city in the country, making it a retirement haven even for foreign retirees.

Shopping malls are also present in Palawan, like the SM City Puerto Princesa and Robinsons Place Palawan, providing everyday essentials year round.

If this is not convincing enough, here are more reasons why this famous destination is a perfect place to retire.

Breathtaking Sceneries, Natural Attractions, and Endless Adventures 

Palawan brings the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It is known not only for its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches but also for the exhilarating activities the island has to offer.

While Palawan’s beaches hold a prime allure for tourists, the island also boasts captivating hiking trails and cascading waterfalls, which are enjoyed and cherished by locals and tourists. Witnessing these relaxing views enhances both physical and mental well-being.

Nature has these restorative and therapeutic effects that support your well-being. Living in Palawan will be full of surprises, as there are lots of places to be explored and discovered.

Some of the famous go-to places are in the capital city, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It is known as “the City in the Forest” as it still maintains 50% of its original forest cover, making it the “last ecological frontier” in the country. Going to a quiet beach feels absolutely refreshing. A leisurely evening stroll will also do you wonders.

Here are some of the must-visit places in Puerto Princesa.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a popular tourist destination and one of the most protected areas in the Philippines. UNESCO recognizes its beauty and is part of their list of World Heritage Sites, which makes it one of the most significant places in the world.

Aside from this, the Puerto Princesa Underground River, part of the national park, is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. Inside the cave, you’ll encounter a mesmerizing array of cave formations, miniature waterfalls, and a diverse range of animals and marine creatures.

Puerto Princesa Baywalk Pier

The Puerto Princesa Baywalk Pier is Palawan’s version of Manila’s Manila de Bay and Davao’s People’s Park. Similar to these famous baywalks, the Puerto Princesa Baywalk Pier is a place where people can stroll, relax, and enjoy the fresh breeze and the sound of the waves.

There are also food stalls around the area whenever you get hungry on your walk.

Crocodile Farm and Nature Park

The Crocodile Farm and Nature Park is another must-see tourist spot in Puerto Princesa. It is also known as Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. The goal of this establishment is to save and preserve the endangered species in the Philippines.

Here are some of the endangered animals you can find in this center: saltwater crocodiles, Philippine freshwater crocodiles, Palawan bearcat, Philippine forest turtle, Palawan hornbill, and more.

To enjoy Palawan in all its glory, you can invest in a picturesque beachfront property and spend the rest of your days in this tropical paradise, where you will always wake up to breathtaking scenery – imagine waking up with the view of foggy mountains, spending lazy afternoons walking along the shore with pure white sand touching your feet, and feeling the cool breeze and fresh air from the mountains and sea.

Palawan’s Preservation and Maintenance

Warm sun from sunny summer in El Nido, Palawan | Source: El Nido Paradise
Warm sun from sunny summer in El Nido, Palawan | Image source: The World Travel Guy

Because of Palawan’s popularity, one disadvantage that you may encounter upon choosing to live here is the amount of tourists visiting every month. However, since the pandemic, the local government has been doing their best to monitor and control the number of tourists coming in and out of the island.

Their main goal is not just to control the number of tourists but to create a way for sustainable tourism, preserving Palawan’s pristine quality. Because of the island’s popularity, it has been hard for the locals to maintain the beauty of Palawan’s ecosystems.

In order to restore the magic of Palawan, one of the safest and greenest places in the Phillippines, several projects were proposed to improve solid waste management, drainage, and sanitation.

Fair Weather and Good Geographical Location 

The tropical weather is also one of the things people love about Palawan. It is also rarely hit by typhoons due to its geographical location hence the sunny days year round.  It is the most stable place in the Philippines as it does not have active volcanoes, active fault lines, and no deep trenches surrounding the area. 

Palawan is also accessible as it houses four main airports where you can schedule a direct flight from Manila to Palawan and vice versa: Puerto Princesa International Airport, San Vicente Airport, El Nido Airport, and Francisco B. Reyes Airport.

If you’d like to hop between beaches and other tourist attractions in the province, there are also bus, van, and ferry services that can take you, for example, from El Nido to Coron. Public transportation is also the least of your concerns.

Accommodations also abound. You will final hotels, bed and breakfast type of housing and villas near the beach like the Diamond beach residences that also features a hotel pool.

Warm and Friendly Locals 

Hospitable locals Filipinos in Palawan are warm and friendly; they instantly make you feel at home. The locals are naturally accommodating and are willing to provide a helping hand to tourists.

Some will also give you tips, tell you things you should be careful about, and even suggest the best places to hang out. 

Balance of Rural and Urban Lifestyles 

Puerto Princesa balances its natural beauty with the convenience of an urban lifestyle. It perfectly gives you the provincial feel where you can enjoy the fresh air and green spaces while having the advantages of paved roads, efficient public transport, and essential establishments like malls. 

Varieties of freshly served seafood | Source: Travel Palawan 
Varieties of freshly served seafood | Image source: Travel Palawan 

Low Cost of Living 

The basic living costs in Palawan are cheap, especially when necessities like food are bought at wholesale prices. You will be surprised how affordable it is to live in Palawan.

When in season, you can buy fresh seafood like squids for P50/kilo and tuna for P100/kilo. Aside from fresh food, medical care and utilities are also reasonably priced. 

Camella Palawan

Want to retire on the best island in the world? There are thousands of Palawan real estate investment opportunities. However, out of all the available Palawan properties, you should definitely consider settling down in Camella Palawan.

Located in Puerto Princesa, the community itself is a paradise as you will see a 180-degree view of the mountains, a hectare of a fish pond, and a protected mangrove forest nearby! It is also a mixed-use development with a 10-hectare commercial space where everything you need is within your reach! Best of both worlds right? 

Retiring is a vacation that never ends, a time when you will finally enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  Relish in the relaxed island life Palawan has to offer. Invest in real estate properties now. Live your golden years in Camella Palawan.

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