Camella Palawan marks its 8th year anniversary

Imagine living on the world’s best island. Or imagine having the nation’s last frontier as your address.

Or you can stop imagining and make it real.

Camella, the Philippines’ favorite homebuilder for over forty years, has two of its communities on the island of Palawan, one of the country’s favorite tourist destinations. In fact, the developer marks the eighth anniversary of its presence on the country’s westernmost province this March 2020—celebrating the meeting of these two enduring favorites.

Palawan is a constant favorite for its attractions such as its beaches, resort islands, and caves—and for being a tropical paradise that is free from typhoons and earthquakes, and a tourist hub that is home to honest, beautiful and hospitable people.

Camella, in its own right, is a favorite and well-loved brand among Filipinos for generations, and has long stood for high-quality homes in beautiful and safe communities where families grow and where social bonds strengthen. Indeed, many Filipinos have associated the Camella brand with happy childhoods spent playing in the fresh air and in wide-open spaces, where personal growth is as assured as it is wholesome.

In the over 40 years since its establishment, Camella has stayed in the hearts of countless Filipinos and flourished at the heart of the Philippines’ major cities and emerging cities. That is why it is no coincidence that two of Camella’s largest and most promising developments are found in Palawan, particularly in the city of Puerto Princesa.

The first of the two Camella is Camella Puerto Princesa, along Gabinete Road, in Brgy. Bancao-Bancao. It is a 13-hectare, Caribbean-inspired subdivision, and is right in the heart of the city—and yet also close to Palawan’s natural riches.

With its landscaped greens, manicured gardens and parks, tree-lined roads, well-curated ornamentation and signature entrance, and aptly designed homes that reflect the warmth and breeze of tropical Caribbean living, it could very well be a scene from a film shot in Aruba or Martinique—until you remember that this glimmering masterpiece of real estate is actually ensconced in the so-called City in the Forest.

Imagine living just seven minutes from the city’s business center. Imagine being just five minutes from Pristine Beach. Or you can stop imagining and make Camella Puerto Princesa your home.

The second is Camella Palawan, an Italian-Mediterranean resort-inspired, masterplanned community spanning 23 hectares along Pedecom Road in Brgy. Sicsican, in the southern part of Puerto Princesa. It is defined by dramatic, sloping terrains, and is cocooned by verdant greenery—surrounded by mangrove trees for which Palawan is known, and offers a stunning, 180-degree view that overlooks lush, green mountains.

Providing a counterbalance to this hilly landscape is a constant reminder of the nautical character of the country’s westernmost island province. Camella Palawan enjoys a cool sea breeze all year round, as the waters of the Sulu Sea is only 1.2km away. There is also a four-hectare fish pond within the subdivision, a nod to Palawan being a major source of the country’s seafood and maritime biodiversity.

It’s important to note that Camella Palawan is fortunate to be of great proximity to major infrastructure projects in the area. It is just 4km away from the soon-to-open Balayong Park, and just 3km from the newly-opened Irawan Market and its adjacent central bus-and-van terminal. Of course, the new Puerto Princesa International Airport, connecting the city and province to the rest of the world and is now one of the country’s major and most advanced aviation hubs, is not too far away.

But one need not look too far, as the barangay road right in front of the subdivision is set to be converted into a wider road that connects to the Puerto Princesa Viaduct project—a P3-billion, 4km highway that has long been the dream of the local government.

All of these significant public works will help make living in the area enjoyable and fulfilling, making your property accessible and ensuring that its land value keeps appreciating over time. As such, you know that your investment is truly a worthwhile and flourishing one.

Indeed, a favorite like Camella always blooms and thrives, along with your city, your lifestyle, and the value of investment. And Camella is indeed fortunate that two of its most enduring and most dynamic communities are also among the favorites of the city of Puerto Princesa, the island-province of Palawan, and of its friendly people.

Present all over the country for well over 40 years, Camella continues in its vision of providing beautiful townships to emerging and aspirational Filipino families, whose lifestyles and dreams are now as global and upwardly-mobile, reflective of their status as the fastest-growing cohort in society, in terms of growing financial clout.

Camella has consistently delivered on providing value on as many possible aspects—not just in the actual home you buy, but on the overall improvement in quality of life that you will enjoy, when you live or invest in a Camella masterplanned community, anywhere in the nation.

Learn more about Camella Puerto Princesa and Camella Palawan. Call Camella at (02) 8226-3552, follow Camella on Facebook at “Camella (Official)” and @CamellaOfficial on Instagram. Better yet, visit Camella Puerto Princesa and Camella Palawan today, and explore the many residential and investment opportunities available to you in these masterplanned communities in the Philippines’ tropical paradise and the world’s best island.

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