Best Tools for Personal Productivity

See how to use productivity apps and gadgets to navigate the digital world smartly and improve your everyday productivity.

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Productivity Apps and Gadgets to Improve Your Lifestyle

In this digital age, to live smartly is no longer an option; it has increasingly become the norm. Time has an unparalleled value in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing society.

Managing one’s time effectively is pivotal to overall productivity. With time being the most expensive resource on earth, what people choose to do with it determines the success they can achieve in a day. 

Which is probably why a lot of time-tracking productivity tools, time-tracking software, task management app, have surfaced in recent years.  

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Best Tools for Personal Productivity

People often get sidetracked from what they are doing. The usual culprits? Smartphones and the internet. According to a 2019 Asurion research, Americans check their mobile phones 96 times daily.

This number is expected to be higher in the Philippines because Filipinos are known to be among the heaviest online users in the world.

A report from Statista shows that Filipinos spend almost 10 hours daily on their smartphones using different mobile apps that are mostly social media posts and have nothing to do with daily tasks or work to be accomplished.

And it is not just a few minutes of their supposed productive time. We are talking precious hours!

If the internet is keeping you from all your projects instead of helping you achieve your goals, perhaps now is the time to include some productivity tool into all your devices and gadgets like to do list app, time tracking software to help you track time effectively and help you manage multiple projects.

There is also the online note taking app, collaboration tools, online Gantt chart software, online video conferencing tool, focus apps, calendar app, and many others. To maximize productivity, it is best or all your team members to have the same set of productivity tools.

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Additionally, recent statistics show that there are 1.85 million apps available with user-friendly interface for iOS users to download. Android users have many more options, with about 2.56 million apps.

From apps engineered to help users improve their focus to AI-powered apps that aid in writing and to smart gadgets that take advantage of the power of touchless technology, digital consumers of today have many lifestyle apps to choose from.

Among them are apps that help with personal productivity. This blog compiled the best productivity tools for you, including gadgets to fuel your motivation and success this year.

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Time-Management Apps

Time Management apps and popular productivity apps are giant levers in productivity. Its true power lies in tackling the time drain of repetitive tasks. Imagine freeing yourself from the monotonous treadmill of data entry, scheduling, or email follow-ups and funneling that energy into more strategic avenues.

That’s where the real magic happens, and these time management apps become more than just organizers – they are catalysts for your creativity and focus for you and your other team members.

Google Calendar

Forget juggling sticky notes and traditional calendars. In the realm of best productivity apps, one of the Google apps, the Google Calendar, reigns.

No more frantic morning searches for that dentist appointment as this app syncs your schedule across multiple devices. It can even send reminders to the user month or earlier to make sure you are ahead of schedule.

Need to schedule meetings? Ditch the endless email chains. Share your calendar availability and let others walk through to find a perfect time slot.

Google Calendar also integrates with the powerhouses of your digital life, effortlessly pulling in deadlines from To-Do lists, calendar events, and keep you on top of your game.

Forest App

Who thought smartphone users could plant real trees by doing the opposite and not using their phones? The award-winning Forest app lets users do just that.

It motivates users to plant a tree to stay focused. Users can watch their plants grow on the app by spending less screen time. Together with their partner organization, Trees for the Future, the Forest app team has planted almost a million trees.

Toggl and Pomodoro

Other top productivity apps and reliable time-management or time-tracking apps include Toggl and Pomodoro. Toggl is a great tool that helps users track their time and sync it on any device. What’s fascinating about this app is it also provides a summary report that analyzes where users spend their time most.  

On the other hand, the Pomodoro app is based on the Pomodoro technique: create tasks and commit to each for 25 minutes until the timer rings.

When it does, the user takes a five-minute break, moves on to the next task, and repeats the process four times before taking a more extended break. This app is effective for people who wish to tick all the boxes in their to-do lists and manage projects well.

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Note-Taking Apps 

Apps like Google Keep, Trello, and Evernote are some of the best lifestyle apps to boost productivity by helping users organize their thoughts and tasks. Evernote has won the hearts of millions of users because of its powerful features and ease of access to all devices.

Apart from typing down texts, Evernote lets app users attach and annotate different types of content to their notes, like photos, sketches, audio, and even PDF files. 

Writing Apps 

Simply crafting an excellent business email can take up an enormous chunk of time. With AI-powered apps like Grammarly and Hemingway Editor, users have fresh eyes to countercheck what they have written.

These brilliant apps with easy to use interface help users efficiently polish up any text or writing. Both apps can do some basic grammar-correcting tasks on free plan.

Collaboration Apps

Google Docs

Google Docs is the most popular collaboration tool among students and career people. Gone are the days of bulky binders and frantic document hunts.

Easily access all your tasks and keep your team members with multiple accounts on the same page through a single mobile or desktop app. There is also a feature for password managers.

Google Docs transcends the limitations of your local device, offering a cloud-based haven for your documents, accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer with a shared Google drive. Whether nestled in a cozy café or scaling a mountaintop, your work travels with you.

Ditch the desk, get rid of wires, and unlock the boundless potential of your documents with this task management software. Collaborate with your team anytime and anywhere, and share files without the need for audio and video calls.

Slack and Asana

Collaboration apps like Slack and Asana are essential tools for remote teams. Although some of their features require a premium subscription, the free version works fine. These apps let team members assign, organize, conduct online meetings, and monitor the progress of each task virtually.

The Asana app notifies members whenever a project or action item is assigned to them. These apps are available on mobile devices and desktops, allowing users to sync their data from any device. 

Smart Gadgets to invest in

Investing in smart gadgets available in the market today should be less about staying ahead of the tech curve and more about the functionality, purpose, and convenience it provides consumers.

These state-of-the-art gadgets are for avid tech users and busy people who wish to do more with less time.

Integrate Technology into your everyday seamlessly

Productivity gadgets at home

When buying smart gadgets or devices for work, consider it as a professional investment. It may cost more than their traditional counterparts but do not be discouraged.

Remember, cheap could also be expensive sometimes. After all, a quality product that will last for years always gives a better ROI.  

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Below are some of the work essentials that digital nomads and digital consumers should consider buying in their next gadget upgrade.  

Work-From-Home Essentials

Wireless Tools 

Full-time teleworkers working in the familiar comfort of their homes or condos should consider going wireless with their keyboard and mouse. Not only does a clutter-free workspace provide more room, but it also helps the brain focus on the crucial jobs at hand.

Wireless devices are considered the best productivity tools as they allow users more flexibility to move around their limited space while working, providing more comfort and alleviating physical strains caused by long hours of sitting in front of their computer screens. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Photo taken by @felipepelaquim, from Unsplash

Working from home is ideal in many ways but also has drawbacks. One of those is dealing with copious physical and digital distractions.

External noises from car engines and the familiar Facebook ding hurt mental focus and disrupt the brain’s thought process.

Block out these distractions by using dependable noise-canceling headphones. This device is readily available online in the market. When choosing one, choose a trusted brand that guarantees superior quality for a better audio experience. 

Smart Coffee Warmer

Technology has changed people’s lives by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, smart technology enables consumers to brew coffee in the morning without leaving their beds. How convenient does that sound?

A smart coffee cup warmer is another fascinating innovation that coffee people should have permanently on their work desks.

This compact device keeps the taste buds happy and spares coffee drinkers the time and pain of getting up from their desks and having to reheat their coffee every time it starts to warm up.  

Smart Home Gadgets and Devices 

24/7 parents who are also professionals by day are usually more swamped than other people. They have different roles to fill in a day and thus have more things on their plates.

To match their hectic lifestyle, they need reliable technology to make domestic tasks easier and more convenient. They need smart home devices to ease the daily demands of a busy household. 

Lifestyle apps and gadgets for your home

Smart Lights

With the power of automation, traditional home devices like bedside lamps, lights, TVs, and even air-conditioning systems can now be controlled using smartphones or tablets connected to the internet. This innovation allows users to manipulate these devices remotely with just a few finger taps on their screen. 

Smart camera | Lifestyle apps and gadgets

Smart Cameras

Safety is everyone’s concern. Smart devices designed for security are among the best home gadget upgrades for every homeowner. Closed-circuit televisions, or CCTVs, give many homeowners a massive relief.

With proper system automation, CCTVs can be connected to smartphones, allowing users to monitor their house and lot from their phone screens anytime and anywhere.

Smart Door Locks

Ways rt door lock is another digital device that provides added security, plus instant face-lift to entry doors. Smart door locks can be configured to grant owners convenient ways to access them through their phones or via encoding passcodes or patterns. 

Technology has evolved so much in the past two decades that it has made it possible to use smoke detectors, heat detectors, and motion sensors that send warning signals to smartphone users when triggered.

These gadgets protect households from life-threatening emergencies at home, giving an added sense of peace and security. With smart devices like these, homeowners can rest perfectly at night, ensuring their loved ones’ optimal safety.  

Before jumping right into these gadget upgrades, the initial step is to check the house for compatibility. Can it be configured for smart home automation? Which products can be installed? Apart from some of those listed in this blog, a wide array of smart gadgets and devices exist to make a home smarter.  

Smart Homes For Safety And Security

Upgrading a traditional house and lot in the Philippines may cost homeowners a lot or less; it largely depends on their preferences. Do a lot of research. Trust only quality products from reputable brands to ensure every peso spent is well invested.  

The good news is that smart home technology has arrived in the country. Homegrown real estate developers such as house and lot developer giant Camella have been pioneering this trend since 2019.

The 46-year-old housing brand has been instituting smart home automation systems into its wide selection of house offerings, which are ideal for different types of households to provide the best living experience.

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