Home Workspace Design Ideas for You and Your Kids

By: Maricar Tacata

We are nearing our second year into the pandemic, and with new variants on the rise, it is far from over. As we remain locked inside our homes, we fall in and out of our learned routines from the early days of the pandemic. The online work or school habit we have adjusted into may feel a little old now. Since going back to school or the office is not the safest choice at present, the next alternative is sprucing up your workspace at home.

If you are still using that makeshift table that hurts your back as a work area, you may want to consider redesigning it. There are many budget-friendly ways to turn your home into a productive space again. With creativity, you can carve a perfect workspace at home for your online classes and virtual meetings.

Things to Remember Before Redesigning

Before you get too excited and copy the designs of home offices online or in shows, make sure they fit the layout of your home. If you are worried that your space is too small, there is always a way to maximize that space. If you stick to the functional aspects of the room, you can easily identify what you need to keep and move out the rest.

If you want to make your family’s work from home or homeschooling routine a little less stressful, you might want to try these artful and smart home work stations ideas below.

Redesigned Home Office Ideas

Family-Friendly Work Zone

Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

A family-friendly home office space allows occupied families to convert “working time” into family time. This is perfect for busy parents who juggle work and taking care of their kids. No matter how busy you can be, being an adult study buddy for your kids can make their school activities more enjoyable. You can guide your youngsters by sharing a workspace and still keep up with your own to-do list.

Under-the-Bed Workspace

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Would you like to create a spacious study area without sacrificing too much room on the ground? Think vertically! Creating an under-the-bed workspace uses the same concept as bunk beds, so it’s not unfamiliar.

For under-the-bed workspaces, you would exchange the lower part of your bunk bed with an office space. The ideal outcome for this design is to have enough space for you to sleep above and an equally comfortable room below for your workstation. After creating this separation, remember to keep each bunk bed section organized to boost your productivity. 

Long Table Homework Station

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

A long table workspace is perfect if you want an area that could double as a group or individual study station. It could also be a custom-made work table for crafting and working on school projects. The best long table design is sleek and open—basically a space that promotes collaboration and sharing of ideas and information. Another advantage of a long table is that you can turn this into a family play area when it is not used for school or work.

A Space for Two

Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

Now, suppose you don’t want an entire room dedicated to being a home office or a virtual school corner. In that case, a small desk that serves two purposes is more ideal. Find a space around your house that you do not use much and spruce it up.

The key here is to keep that space organized. One practical element you can add is greenery or anything that helps you feel relaxed while you work. Putting a lot of stuff in your home office may seem counterintuitive, but bringing the right objects can improve your moodBy surrounding yourself with items that you cherish, you are more likely to keep your space free from waste so that you can enjoy your home office without worrying about causing any mess.As they say, a tidy desk is a tidy mind.

Below-the-Stairs Work Station

If you have no qualms about camping in small spaces, you can also carve out a home office under your stairs. This simple and space-saving desk design can transform that space into a comfortable workspace where you can be productive.

To lighten up this area, you can install stylish wall shelves. You would want to keep it naturally neat, balanced, and perfectly proportioned to keep your space organized.

This stylish and simple workstation creates a semi-private place where you could focus. Try to replace the traditional under the stairs storage closet with something more relevant and productive for the entire family.

Kitchen Workstation

If you are the type of family who finds your kitchen a productive space, integrating a learning or working station might be a good idea. One benefit of setting your work station in the kitchen is your access to food and refreshments from time to time. 

Like the long table, the kitchen also makes a good place for collaboration between you and your loved ones. With your work station in the kitchen, you do not need to go back and forth when preparing meals while working. If you want to regulate what your kids are doing online, putting the home computer near the kitchen is also a great idea.

Empty Space Wall Board

Photo by Elsa Noblet on Unsplash

Do you have an empty wall at home? The good news is that this can already be a good work area. With accessories like desks or storage boxes, you can turn this empty wall into a productive corner. Try to find furniture around your house that you can add to this corner.

Make sure they can hold things to keep your space tidy. Not only does it look more visually interesting, but it will also certainly help you stay organized. If you are feeling more inspired, you can also add some motivational words in this corner.

These are just some of the many ways you can create a home office or school workstation at home. If you are looking for a home with greater space for your dynamic needs, you can check out Camella’s catalog of house and lot for sale. For the locations, you may visit our property page and check the nearest Camella to you.

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