Got Too Much Parcel Plastic Bags? Here’s Where You Can Donate Them

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The pandemic has highlighted how online shopping sites and delivery services served as our go-to place to access our needs. Now more than ever, we enjoy the convenience of getting the product that we want to be delivered right to our doorstep.

Our online orders come to us nicely packed – but in plastics, bubble wraps, or food containers. We were taught that each packaging made of these materials is non-biodegradable waste, which means that every “add to cart” and “check out” action is an added burden to the environment.

The good news is that these are not single use plastics and we can recycle these plastic bags!

Parcel plastic bag disposal need not hurt Mother Earth as there are eco-warriors willing to accept your empty plastic waste for recycling and upcycling purposes. It is time to declutter your empty plastic bottles, sando bag, bubble wrap, or plastic waste in general that are just sitting around the corner. Instead of adding to the marine plastic pollution, these recyclable wastes can become building and housing solutions. Check out these companies that can make it happen for you.

Parcel Plastic Bag Disposal Places in the Philippines:

The Plastic Flamingo

Also called The Plaf, this French social company based in Manila accepts all types of plastics, processes them at their recycling plant in Muntinlupa, and has durable materials as the final product.

Photo by The Plaf on Facebook

The plastic waste they receive is shredded into smaller pieces to come up with upcycled products while they turn over some to their recycling partners, the company said in a flip-page catalog. The Plaf transforms your clean plastic discards into sturdy construction materials that can fit your building and furniture designs.

The French social company has so far gathered more than 70 metric tons of plastic waste and aims to collect 500 metric tons of plastic waste by the end of this year. Help The Plaf tackle marine plastic pollution by sending your clean plastic discards to the over 120 drop-off points listed on their Facebook page.

Green Antz Builders

Most of us agree that online shopping brings a different level of gratification, especially when we are stuck at home and bored. But imagine if all of us checked out an item for a day… that’s a lot of plastic waste!

In fact, shopping bags produced by Filipinos daily reached 48 million in 2019. On top of that, we also produce 163 million plastic sachet packets and 45 million plastic film bags daily, the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) said in a report. Most of these plastics, unfortunately, end up in the oceans.

Photo by Green Antz Builders on Facebook

Green Antz Builders is another ally we can rely on to prevent our plastic discard from becoming an oceanic waste or reaching the landfills. With its more than 30 Eco Hubs for plastic recycling running across the country, this waste management company transforms clean, dry plastics and used beverage cartons into eco-bricks.

Green Antz follows the process of collecting, disinfecting, and turning the plastic discards into smaller pieces before mixing them with cement to come up with sustainable housing solutions.

Green Antz Builders welcome eco-warriors to donate their plastics for recycling. You can check their Facebook page to get regular updates on its plastic drop-off points.

Winder Recycling Company

When it comes to online shopping, we have, at least once, been tempted to check on household wares or furniture. But did you know that amid the piling choices, you can get eco-friendly ones online?

Davao-based Winder Recycling Company does that. From canisters, garden pots, and school chairs to a foot bath and alcohol dispenser, this recycling company takes pride in its “winderful” products created from 100 percent recycled plastic.

Photo by Winder Recycling Company on Facebook

The recycling company told SunStar Davao that it focuses on recycling single-use plastic, like empty sachet, sando bags, plastic bottles, and disposable utensils, which are discarded in junk shops and, at times, add to oceanic waste. Like the two previous companies, Winder Recycling Company shred plastic into smaller pieces before it is melted and molded into useful products.

If you want to donate and turn your plastic waste into something “winderful,” know the company’s drop-off point near you through messaging them directly on their Facebook page.

Silent Beads

While other companies tackle marine plastic pollution through recycling plastic waste, some have already made a move to minimize plastic use right from the source. That is why other eco-friendly stores already shift to biodegradable packaging, or we can request them to use one, like brown paper bags.

Saving the environment does not end there as Silent Beads “Save Mother Earth Twice” through recycling our paper product wastes.

Photo by Silent Beads on Facebook

Paper can decompose, but they slowly break if they are piled together in a landfill, Silent Beads told ONE News. To eradicate the accumulation of paper wastes in the landfills, Silent Beads, apparent in its name, started making beads made of recycled paper materials with various herbs and vegetable seeds embedded inside. They also produce seed paper, paper envelopes, cards, and other paper crafts that can be planted in the soil after use. Isn’t it great? Indeed, eco-friendly addition to your stationery collection or for your invites on your next occasion!

Silent Beads accepts brown paper bags donation through its multiple drop-off points in the metro. Check out their locations and schedules through its Facebook page.

Real change starts at home.

Philippine households can produce about 40,000 tons of wastes daily, 25 percent of which are plastics and are recyclable. These recycling companies can help us change for the better one parcel plastic bag at a time, but the real discipline in proper waste management is a collective effort that starts at home. Thus, it is important to find a house and lot builder that will help your family adapt eco-friendly practices and train our children to be more sustainable.

Camella, the most extensive housing development in the Philippines, will help you kick off a green living lifestyle. Camella Healthy Homes are equipped with Eco-Bins that can encourage proper waste segregation as part of its thrust in preserving clean communities. 

And while we enjoy the convenience of online shopping and deliveries, Camella Healthy Homes also looks after our family’s safety amid the pandemic. That is why Camella offers model houses that have an extra room for our sanitation or isolation needs, which can be dedicated to sanitizing our packages from outside.

For a more sustainable lifestyle, you can visit our property catalog and check our model houses for house and lot for sale in the Philippines.

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