Feng Shui Home: Decors for the Year of the Rabbit 2023

At the onset of the year, many people look for ways to refresh their living spaces to start the new year right. One way to achieve this is by giving our homes a fresh makeover with some new year renovations. Whether it is a kitchen upgrade, adding finishes, or incorporating a more cohesive design, there are endless possibilities to transform a space and make it feel new.

For those still yet to find design inspiration, 2023’s feng shui home tips might be the perfect source to get started.

Why consider feng shui in your home interiors?

Feng shui appeals to many people because it promotes a harmonious and balanced living environment. In other words, it creates a sense of well-being and positivity. Since balance is one of the core principles of feng shui, the result is also aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, feng shui combines natural materials, warm colors, and thoughtful designs that evoke tranquility and calmness.

For other people, feng shui is appealing because of its holistic approach to design and living. More specifically, it considers the effect of the environment on one’s health and well-being. As such, many believe that applying the principles of feng shui help improve the natural flow of energy within their homes. In other words, a feng shui home is a harmonious living space.

What are the feng shui home tips for the Year of the Rabbit this 2023?

Compared to the high-energy and volatile year of the Tiger in 2022, this year is all about healing and nourishment. 2023 is the year of the Water Rabbit, which carries gentle, sensitive, comforting, tolerant, and vigilant qualities. In addition, the water element also flows in with fluidity, adaptability, versatility, and renewal.

These qualities also serve as the foundations for all things feng shui in the home in 2023. For the year of the rabbit, wood and water elements bring the most positive energy. Furthermore, in feng shui, certain colors are supposedly more auspicious than others, and these colors may vary from year to year. That said, experts believe that forest green is this year’s color as it represents the growth and vitality that the water rabbit also embodies.

Additionally, red, pink, and blue are auspicious color choices for this year. To get most of these elements and attract positive energy, experts recommend incorporating them at home and even in workspaces.

How to apply the lucky colors of the year to your home interior?

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Knowing the colors of the year is a start. But to maximize the positive energy in your home, here are some basic guidelines on how to apply them:

Use colors sparingly

It is often preferable to use lucky colors sparingly instead of overpowering a space with them. More auspicious colors do not automatically translate to more positive energy, as feng shui is still fundamentally about harmony and balance.

Put colors in essential locations

Consider adding the colors of the year in the most valuable sections of the room. For instance, adding lucky colors in the bedroom can encourage sound sleep. Alternatively, sprucing the kitchen with favorable colors promotes wealth and prosperity.

Add neutrals

Adding neutrals to the lucky colors balances the energy in a room, so it does not look cluttered and overbearing. Balancing the color scheme also presents a more unified and harmonious feel in the overall design.

Mix and match

As much as one may want to incorporate feng shui into their home decor, they can sometimes look disjointed with the rest of the palette. The good news is that the feng shui colors are not absolute. One can try several combinations using different hues and apply the ones that go well with their existing furniture and color scheme.

Feng shui home decor for specific parts of the house

Why must there be different feng shui practices for various parts of the house? According to feng shui, the different parts of the house have distinct energies and are associated with varying life aspects.

For instance, the front door is the mouth of chi, meaning the energy that enters the home and is, therefore, an important area to focus on. On the other hand, the bedroom is for rest and relaxation, so its configuration must achieve these two qualities. Again, it all boils down to creating a functional space that is balanced and harmonious.

Below are the suggested feng shui home decors for the different parts of the home:


Interior design for bedrooms this 2023 according to feng shui

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of any house. It serves as a retreat after a long day of work and a sanctuary where one can recharge. With this in mind, the feng shui in the bedroom should increase the potential for relaxation in the space.

To do this, the bed must be in a commanding position, meaning the door should be visible from the bed, but they should not face each other. Next, the bedroom should allow energy to flow freely, which entails removing clutter. However, this does not mean shoving things under the bed, as it still obstructs energy flow in the room.

Are mirrors allowed in the room? Sure. Just put them in the corner of the bedroom, which is not opposite or beside the bed. Other feng shui experts also say no to mirrors entirely, as they can be points of distraction.

Since the lucky colors for the Year of the Rabbit are mostly soft shades of blue and green, they are also the best picks for bedroom colors. No need to repaint walls as these colors can be incorporated into pillows, bed covers, curtains, or throws. Lastly, adding earth tones can also attract positive energy and make the bedroom as nurturing as possible.


Interior design for kitchens this 2023 according to feng shui

Like the bed in the bedroom, feng shui also suggests that the stove takes a commanding position in the kitchen. Next, the kitchen should also be decluttered, and it includes keeping the refrigerator neat. Also, make sure to dispose of broken items in the kitchen. To wash away the bad energy and attract positive ones, experts suggest using a mixture of salt and water for cleansing.

Interior design for the dining area of the home in 2023

For the kitchen color, feng shui experts recommend using yellows and browns for nourishment. The colors of the year, blue and green, are also good options as they symbolize vitality. Furthermore, kitchens can also have whites and grays as they mean joy. And finally, keep the kitchen bright and well-lit at all times.

Living Area

Interior design for the living area this 2023 according to feng shui

For the living area, the ideal setting is a clean, spacious room with good lighting. Additionally, have potted plants around to draw the beneficial chi of the wood element. When choosing plants for the living area, opt for the ones with rounded leaves and avoid thorny shrubs and cacti. Some feng shui followers also suggest incorporating an aquarium to maximize good energy flow.

Furthermore, make sure that none of the furniture has its back towards the doors or has sharp edges. As much as possible, their shape should also not be pointy. The same also applies to sculptures within the house.

Feng shui home interior general guidelines

To attract and create harmony in any part of the house, here are a few guidelines for redesigning space at home and work according to feng shui.

  • Pick plants that have rounder leaves. Avoid all spiky plants, including cacti
  • Be sure to keep the home immaculately clean
  • Air out rooms as frequently as possible
  • In the living area, consider a fish aquarium that is vibrant and well-kept (never keep an aquarium in the kitchen or bedroom)
  • After using the restroom, always close the lid
  • Allowing natural light into the home
  • Never position any furniture, such as a sofa or armchair, so its back faces a room’s entryway
  • Avoid using sharp things in drawings, sculptures, plants, and the like
  • No piece of furniture should have a corner facing the bed. Furthermore, desk angles should preferably have rounded corners.

Is feng shui required for interior design in 2023?

No, and no bad luck will befall non-practitioners of feng shui. Ultimately, following these principles to design a home is a personal choice that depends on one’s values, beliefs, and preferences. While feng shui helps other people bring balance and harmony into their living spaces, it does not necessarily work for everybody.

In the end, it still pays to design a home that feels comfortable, functional, and reflective of one’s character and preferences. If following feng shui helps achieve those, then it may be a good fit. If not, there are still other design approaches to re-energize spaces this 2023.

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