Why look for a Condominium with Large Open Spaces

Why choose a condominium over a house?

RFO Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors
RFO Condo in the Philippines | Camella Manors

Living a life could be stressful sometimes, especially when a person carries tons of responsibilities on their shoulder. There are moments that we go along with life as it throws a fistful of rocks, and we don’t even have a choice but to catch them with our bare hands.

Nowadays, people work long hours, which contributes to their lack of time for self-care. Nobody can deny how exhausting it is to report to work so early in the morning, work on a pile of paperworks on the table, and comply the bosses’ instructions before going back.

That is why these people deserve to live in a peaceful community where they can rest comfortably and sleep soundly.

Owning a house and lot would be ideal, but for employees who have only recently begun to pursue their dreams, owning a condominium unit with convenient amenities is ideal.

Buying a condo unit provides a lot of benefits.

Let’s figure them out! 

Benefits of having a condo

Condo units are popular these days for people working in busy cities like the ones in Metro Manila because condo units give them a lot of benefits that they need in life. 

Condo Units are more affordable.

Due to their smaller size compared to a house and property, condo units are more cheap.

Furthermore, condo unit owners are not responsible for paying for the land on which their condo was built. Homeowners often pay the land where their home was built

Due to their affordable price, condo units are preferable to employees who just started working in their company. 

Lower Maintenance Expenses

Amenities and other facilities in a condominium community are usually shared facilities. Condominiums mainly offer facilities that unit owners can use.

It means that those living in that community can use facilities such as gyms, parking lots, gardens, libraries, and open spaces.

If there is any required payment for the maintenance of these facilities, other condo unit owners should also pay, which lowers the cost of the care. 

Maintenance expenses are lower because it is a shared facility | Photo from the website dreamstime.com
Maintenance expenses are lower because it is a shared facility | Photo from the website dreamstime.com

A much Safer Community

Did you know that if you visit a friend who lives in a condominium community, the owner will be asked first if they know you and if you are invited to their unit?

Yes. The guards in this kind of community are strict regarding visitors; some of them would even ask for your ID, or they will call the owner first before they let you in.

It sounds fantastic that you don’t have to worry about your safety while living in a condominium community. 

It Offers Convenience

Most of the condominium communities are located in an area with lots of business and employment opportunities, making it easier for condo unit owners to find a job and reducing the hassle of traveling from home to work.

Additionally, condo unit owners don’t have to drive to get food and other items they need for the day because there are numerous grocery stores and convenience stores just a few minutes away from their neighborhood.

What should you look for when buying a condo unit?

Before buying a condo unit, you should have a plan first. It is much better if you already know your needs and the qualifications that you are looking for in a condo unit.

Here are some factors you should consider when owning a unit in a condominium community. 

Price and Quality

One of them is the price and the unit’s quality. Of course, you need to look at the price; it is much better if you can afford it, but you should also look at the home’s quality. Don’t just buy an affordable home if the quality is not okay with you. You will live in that place, so choose where you can comfortably stay.

You deserve more, so never settle for less. 


Another factor that you should look for is the environment.

It would be best to choose where peace can be found.

You are already tired at work and deserve a good rest without being interfered with by the loud noise.  


You must also look for the best amenities since many property developers offer them. There are trusted home builders that you can put all your trust in when it comes to amenities, for they provide resort-themed amenities for their condo unit owners. 

Open spaces

The last and most important factor is the open space. Since you only have a smaller area than a house and lot could offer, it is better to look for a condominium community that offers ample open space, which owners could use whenever they want to.

Aside from your home, you also deserve a space where you can have a moment with yourself as you relieve your stress from work. 

Why Condominiums with Large Open Spaces are Popular?

Living in a condominium that provides large open space is great because you can do a lot of activities there, which will help you release your worries and stress.

Furthermore, if your neighborhood has lots of open space, it likely offers a variety of amenities that you can enjoy anytime you choose, which is what most people look for when purchasing a home, lot, or condo.

Not only that it can boost your mood, but it can also help in developing your well-being since you will learn how to interact with other people there.

You will have a space to reflect on yourself, and you will have a space for fitness, which means that you can take care of yourself while you work.  

Choosing Camella Manors is a Wise Decision

One of the best decisions of some of the condo unit owners is choosing Camella.

The property developer offers everything a person needs when talking about home. Camella builds condominium communities all around the Philippines that offer all the qualities that a person should look for in a condominium.

One of them is the Camella Manors Caloocan.

What is good about this horizontal community is that it’s strategically located near places of convenience. Moreover, the security is exceptional. It has a swimming pool, functional hall, play park, fitness gym, roof deck garden, and a green open space for its unit owners.

Living in this community is also much safer because trained guards are on duty 24/7.

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