Why Camella Carcar Should Be Your Next Home

In the southern part of the province of Cebu lies the unpresumptuous yet stunning city of Carcar.

Carcar is a 5th class component city in Cebu, bordered to the north by the town of San Fernando, to the west by the towns of  Aloguinsan and Barili to the east is the Cebu Strait and the south is the town of Sibonga. Carcar lies within the Metro Cebu area, jus below the Queen City (Cebu City).

There is no shortage of homes in the flourishing province. If you’re looking to invest in a house and lot for sale in Cebu, here are some of the best reasons why Carcar City should be your top option:

Enjoy the Best of Cebu’s Worlds

Cebu is the product of multiple worlds colliding, enticing many to move to the province. On the one hand, Cebu remains very agricultural and maricultural. It has worked hard to preserve its natural resources, evident in its numerous beaches, mountain resorts, and outdoor tourism activities.

Cebu is also one of the most rapidly progressing urban centers. There are about just as many commercial establishments and properties as there are beaches.

Cebu is even home to some of the Philippines’ largest economic zones, namely the

  • South Road Properties
  • Cebu Business Park
  • Mactan Economic Zone, and
  • Asiatown IT Park.

Cebu, Philippines contains the second largest metropolitan area, only after the capital’s Metro Manila– and Carcar is one of its most significant cities. While Cebu City is arguably the most popular among the cities in Metro Cebu, Carcar may be more suitable for those looking for a more balanced way of life. The fast-paced lifestyle isn’t everyone’s ideal.

In Carcar, you get the best of all the worlds Cebu, Philippines has to offer. It provides you with the enviable blend of country lifestyle among verdant environments– its acacia-lined streets are eve it is also situated right next to Metro Cebu making most business establishments accessible to properties like Camella Carcar.

A City of Heritage

Carcar is known as the “Heritage City” of Cebu, Philippines. Cebu City may be dubbed the
“Queen City ” for its strategic location and vital role in the Philippine economy, Carcar takes it a step further toward culture.

Preserved Traditional Tisa House Model

Carcar City has effectively preserved its precolonial and colonial architecture. Today, old family houses from the mid-19th century to the 20th century like Balay nga Tisa, Noel House, and the Don Mercado House have been restored and now serve as tourist attractions.

The Balay nga Tisa, in particular,serves as a house model displaying ornate woodwork and tisa (clay tiles) which were traditionally used in houses in Cebu.

Instead of a car port, traditional houses like the Noel House and Don Mercado House have spaces for carriage parking in their ground floor area.

These houses no longer serve as residences, but they give you a glimpse of what life was like for the earlier generations in Cebu under Spanish and American rule.

Community Rooted Deep in Christianity

The Philippines is a Catholic country, but Carcar is special in that it’s located in Cebu, the first seat of Christianity in the Philippines. This is commemorated by Magellan’s Cross, which is only a little over an hour away from Carcar, perfect for an educational visit for the family.

When you live in a house and lot in Camella Carcar, you’re even closer to religious landmarks like the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church built in the 19th century. It stands sentry to Carcar’s swift development and continuously upwardly mobile quality of life.

Although the majority of Carcar’s community is Christian, it’s still warm and welcoming to different cultures. For instance, a house for sale in Carcar puts you in close proximity to the Taoist Temple in Cebu City, mosques, and other places of worship as well.

Mouthwatering food and delicacies

Native Lechon

Cebu, Philippines is almost synonymous with the famous native lechon. Countless posts on Facebook and Instagram would show you how delectable each bite of crispy skin and tender meat is. However, authentic Cebu Lechon is said to have originated in Carcar.

Cebu Lechon holds a place of pride for Carcar residents. You can get lechon at an affordable price from the Carcar Public Market. The local market overflows with lechon, with friendly vendors offering free tastes as you go.


Another popular delicacy from Carcar is their chicharon. The treat is made from deep frying slices of pork with the skin, making it crisp and crunchy with each bite. It’s one of the most popular pasalubong items for anyone who visits Cebu City.

Ampao and Bocarillo

If you have more room for a sweet and crunchy snack, then pick up some ampao. The delicacy is made from dried cooked rice, cut up into squares, and coated with sweetener.

Bocarillo, on the other hand, has a softer texture. Bocarillo is made from candied coconut strips that have evolved into colorful candies.

These sweet treats make up a huge trade in Carcar’s commercial center, with some vendors selling them on sidewalks, making them available to passing motorists.

Myriad Transportation Options

Like the rest of Cebu, Carcar City is an accessible tourism spot thanks to the Mactan Cebu International Airport. From there, you can get one of the many transportation services to take you to the center of Carcar.

You can board any of the buses heading to the south from the bus terminal. Alternatively, you can hail a V-hire (van), jeepney, or taxi to drop you off at one of the terminals in Carcar.

Carcar is also easily accessible thanks to the road infrastructure available if you decide to drive.

A notable project is the South Road Properties, which shortens the travel time from Cebu City to Carcar City.

Once in Carcar’s city center, Camella Carcar is only a few minutes drive away. Located in Can-Asujan, a property in the Vista Land Company development is a great investment. You get affordable houses that are close to many commercial establishments.

Rapid Economic Development

Carcar is considered an economic capital within Cebu province. It has a huge stake in metalworks, blacksmithing, furniture, and several cottage industries. They have active and robust trade operations in the shoe industry and food.

This is all in addition to the traditional agricultural industry that an expert farming community has managed to protect. They are one of the top producers of farm products, including coconut, vegetables, root crops, mangoes, monggo, peas, rice, and corn.

In fact, Carcar supplies several areas of Cebu without farmlands, like Metro Cebu.

Range of Quality House and Lot for Sale in Cebu and Carcar

The average price for a house and lot for sale in Cebu City is comparable to that of house models in the capital Metro Manila, which is relatively high. If you want an affordable house for sale in Cebu, Carcar is your best bet.

The median price of a house and lot is Php 1,589,889 in Carcar, around just Php 44,142 per square meter. These rates are significantly lower than houses for sale in Cebu.

What’s more, you’re getting a house model that has ample floor area and lot area at a reasonable price.

Select the Best House for Your Family in Camella Carcar

You would be hard-pressed to find a great investment in Cebu as a house and lot in Camella Carcar. Like all the other properties in Camella Cebu, you’re assured quality and state-of-the-art facilities.

Located in Can-Asujan, Camella Carcar is only around 5-7 minutes from several establishments for education, recreation, and shopping.

Camella Carcar has a variety of house models fit for every Filipino family. We have a ton of house models with various floor and lot area that fit your exact needs.

A young family looking for the perfect starter house and lot for sale in Cebu would love our properties with two bedrooms –the Andrea Model, Bianca Model, Dana Model, and Bella Model.

These houses for sale have enough room for small families, including 1-2 baths in each unit and a provision for two bedrooms. Bigger families may want to look at a premium property in Camella Carcar, which has a bigger floor area, more bedrooms, and toilet and bath.

A premium unit like the Elaisa Model, Carmela Model, or the Ella Model has four bedrooms and at least two toilet and bath.

Whichever house model you choose to purchase in Camella Carcar, it will be one of the best Cebu investments you can make. Carcar, Cebu is an ideal place to live and grow your family.

Visit a model house today and check our house and lot for sale in Cebu. You will definitely find the unit that best fits you.

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