What Makes North Luzon A Good Place For Your Investments?

North Luzon is almost inseparable from Clark. When people bring up North Luzon, the first thing that would probably come into mind is Clark, and for good reasons. What makes North Luzon a good place for investments is the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone or simply, Clark.

Why Clark makes North Luzon a Good Investment Spot

From a former US airbase in Pampanga, Clark is now a special economic zone that attracts local and international investors. This is due to its infrastructure improvements including the newly opened Clark International Airport. Also part of its attractiveness is the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone and other business and tax incentives.

Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone (CFSEZ)

Since its establishment as a free port zone in 1993, Clark has already become more accessible through improvements in its infrastructure. This includes the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3, the North Luzon Expressway, and the latest—Clark International Airport.

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The opening of the Clark International airport’s passenger terminal building will also boost the Philippines’ economy post-pandemic. Clark International Airport currently has 19 domestic and 14 international destinations. Promising more for the country, the airport is also a finalist in this year’s Prix Versailles World Selection under the Architecture and Design Awards category.

Clark International Airport

The building is part of the government’s massive infrastructure program or the Build, Build, Build (BBB). This aims to usher in the “Golden age of Infrastructure” in the Philippines. The lack of infrastructure has long been the “Achilles’ heel” of Philippine economic development. This project involves the construction of public infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

Metro Clark is an alternative to Metro Manila

Metro Clark is a good alternative to the more expensive Metro Manila. This is because of existing developments and improving infrastructure. All of which is to reach completion in the next couple of years. This region also offers investors and occupiers an attractive alternative to the capital. Its proximity to Metro Manila makes it possible to live and work in the same district in the Philippines.

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Aside from Metro Manila, it’s also accessible to the neighboring progressive provinces in North Luzon. These are places like Subic, Zambales (about an hour and 30 minutes away by car), Balanga, Bataan (an hour away), and Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (less than two hours away). This makes Clark a perfect choice for those who want to live a provincial life yet still be close to the conveniences of the metro.

Metro Clark is attractive for businesses.

Metro Clark can help businesses expand their operations by providing them with the necessary facilities and equipment to support their growth. The development center can also accommodate the needs of businesses that quickened up during the pandemic. In the first quarter of 2022, there will be an additional 280,000 square meters of office supply in the Metro Clark area, with a potential 700 hectares of industrial land nearby.

Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3
North Luzon Expressway

Office space in Metro Clark will remain steady this year due to the consistent growth of the offshore and outsourcing firms, which are driving the area’s demand.

The logistics and industrial sectors are experiencing a surge in demand due to the increasing number of consumers wanting to shop online. This is creating a need for more warehouse space in Metro Manila. With the construction of Skyway 3 (which connects Clark to other cities) the area is well-equipped to handle this growing industry.

As the Clark Industrial Park’s expansions and other developments take place, more companies will look to expand and operate in the Clark and in north Luzon, a real estate consultant said.

Metro Clark opens opportunities.

With all those opportunities, it is important to have knowledge about investing in real estate in the Philippines. The Philippines’ real estate market is expected to continue its robust growth due to its steady demand. This is mainly driven by a growing middle class and ever-expanding urbanization. In fact, despite the economic slowdown, the land values in the Metro have continued to climb. 

This should serve as a strong indication of how the economy will perform once it picks up. Thus, real estate investing and buying properties for sale is a safe and sound option for first-time investors. It can generate good returns and increase the value of the properties over time.

Real estate investing in the Philippines

The Philippines’ real estate market is flourishing due to the existence of several well-funded and trusted homebuilders and developers. Aside from these, there are also licensed investors who can buy and sell residential properties.

The Philippines offers many types of real estate properties for investments. These include commercial, industrial, and residential infrastructure and land. Residential properties like condominiums, apartments, and house and lots continue to increase in demand. The same is true for commercial real estate properties like office buildings, shopping centers, and hotels. Industrial real estate is usually comprised of warehouses, factories, and cold storage facilities.

Property Value Appreciation in Philippine Real Estate-
Investing in North Luzon properties

Many people make good money from real estate. They bought properties at a low price and then decided to sell or rent them out. They even seek out old rundown properties and do a home makeover to increase their value. 

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Here in the Philippines, real estate is growing beyond Metro Manila. Progressive cities like the above-mentioned Metro Clark and other nearby business districts are also experiencing the demand for real estate. As a result, there is also a spike in demand for residential areas in North Luzon. 

The new Clark International Airport

A good location is very important when it comes to choosing a property. It can also determine the value of a property. Properties with good access to transportation links, schools, hospitals, and commercial areas can also benefit from the government’s massive infrastructure program. 

Where to invest in North Luzon?

If you’re thinking of making your first investment, be sure that you work with a real estate agent that has the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the various investment options that are available so that you will find the best property that you will love and enjoy whether as one’s home or to pass on to family members.

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