Top Interior Design Trends 2023: Must-Haves For a Stylish Home

Your sense of style can define your personality, lifestyle, and sometimes, even beliefs. Your preference can make all the difference in your home’s ambiance. So, make sure that the richly patterned details of your home are intricately designed.

One way of designing your home’s interior is by following trends for the current year to appeal to those with sophisticated taste in interior design. This year, green design is expected to trend as the market demands a more sustainable way of living. 

Another forecasted trend in interior design in 2023 is the rise of individualism and bright colors as the world shifts to the post-pandemic world once again, and the minimalist all-white interior is slowly fading away. Moreover, sofa sets and matching furniture is also out this year. Instead, consumers want to create picturesque interiors by incorporating individual pieces that complement each other. 

With these style changes, you don’t need to be an interior designer to apply these home decor trends in your home. Here are the top interior design trends for 2023.  

Styling your home with Viva Magenta 

Viva Magenta Color Combinations | Photo from Freepik

According to the Pantone Colour Institute, Viva Magenta is a bold color that promotes a joyful and optimistic celebration. This color perfectly represents this year as the world is already recovering from the pandemic, and adding a splash of Viva Magenta with a very high gloss finish is an excellent idea to keep your home’s interior up-to-date. 

The best way to style a room using Viva Magenta is to use this color as a wall painting in the living room and dining room. As a bold color, Viva Magenta can work on any space creating a warm and embracing tone. 

Regarding furniture and appliances, the even distribution of Viva Magenta is an excellent idea for a balanced pop of colors. If you want to keep your interior the same, you can hang an abstract artwork that uses this color instead, making it the centerpiece of your wall. 

It would be best to avoid pairing Viva Magenta with yellow, orange, and blue, as this creates a mismatching contrast. 

Sustainable furniture 

As mentioned earlier, sustainable furniture is one of the biggest interior design trends in 2023 because more and more people are aware of the horrible effects of mass production on the planet. Furniture with wood and other recyclable and other natural materials will be in everyone’s homes. 

Sourcing handmade accessories and textiles are the best ways to acquire authentic, sustainable furniture for your home. Some of the best sustainable materials you can use for your home include bamboo, wool, cork, and teak. These items are not just sustainable for the environment. These support local artists as well. 

When it comes to furniture, it is best to look for furniture sourced from local woodworkers, as they make furniture that is more durable and unique. Unlike factory-made furniture, sustainable furniture is not 100% refined as it is mainly made by hand. This imperfection is what homeowners are looking for nowadays regarding aesthetics. 

Aside from furniture, houseplants and greenery for their household elements are still on trend. Some of the best houseplants for 2023 include Bird of Paradise Tree, Cat Palm, Money Tree, and succulent varieties. 

Antique and vintage pieces 

Aside from sustainable and green furniture, vintage and antique pieces are also trending in 2023 as shopping for reused furniture is sustainable, brings nostalgia, and is aesthetically pleasing. Whether a dining table, couch, or cabinet, antique pieces truly catches the visual interest of everyone.

Vice President of Design Studios at Meritage Homes Amber Shay predicts that vintage styles will be revived. There is a renewed interest in antique and vintage furnishings, she noted, because “green” and “nostalgia” are two popular lifestyle trends. 

An antique piece can be the centerpiece of your living room, especially if that piece has a story to tell. While the Modern Farmhouse style is still popular this 2023, experts say that this style will borrow from European, Belgian farmhouse, coastal, and Scandinavian styles in the future. 

Natural stone finishes 

Natural Stone Home Finish | Photo from Freepik

Using natural stone finishes on coffee tables, countertops, and backsplashes have been a trend for the last few years and will continue this year. Marble, granite, quartz, and quartzite may all be found in a wide range of hues and slab sizes, making them suitable for various interior design projects.

The simple stone wall is a great way to add creativity and a natural world element to your living space. With their natural look and feel, they can make a room feel warmer and look more interesting. The good news is that you can use natural stone tile to make a stone wall that looks natural and is neat and delicate. You can make the area look better by adding plants, which look great against the stone walls.

If you want your space to have earth tones, you can easily use natural stone noce tumbled tile. Not only are these mud-colored stone tiles durable, but they will also make your room look bigger. Putting them together with careful lighting can help you create beautiful architecture.

Oversized lighting 

Oversized lighting draws attention and looks great in a setting of the same size. After all, the result should make many interiors look more designer-like in the years to come. The popularity of these lights has grown over the years to the point where some even use these lighting in smaller spaces. 

This year, woven materials, especially rattan, will be a big part of many collections, especially when mixed with other materials, used as accents, or made into simple, oversized shapes. 

However, glass and mercury glass chandeliers are having their moment as well. These chandeliers bring a classic look to your home and are perfect with vintage home items. Oversized floor lamps and table lamps are also a great addition to the living room.

Design your timeless home 

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