Minimalist Home Design Upgrade Ideas

Embracing a desire for personal improvement, many are choosing to invest their time indoors in enhancing their living spaces. What better opportunity than now to embark on a journey of house upgrades, elevating our surroundings and introducing new elements to enhance aesthetic appeal?

Consider infusing a touch of minimalist aesthetic to achieve a clean, modern ambiance that exudes sophistication without straining your budget.  

Minimalist Home Design Upgrade Ideas for your Home Spaces

Minimalist homes with minimalist design typically focuses more on natural elements and sleek lines. Before you even begin enhancing or re-decorating your interiors, you need to have a clear image in your mind as to its outcome. Visualization is important. Here are the top recommended minimalist home design ideas that you can apply to upgrade your own homes: 

Paint the Walls

Dana home dining and kitchen areas

Walls serve as the focal point of every home. As much as possible, avoid using wallpapers that give too much colour and noise to space. You can consider painting your walls white, tan, gray, aqua nude tones, and other neutral colors to make them look clean and calming to the eyes. If you must have patterns, go only for clean lines. Remember to keep a wall with negative space where the eyes can rest.

This is one of the renovations you can actually do without spending too much money. Plus, painting is therapeutic and will definitely be a good use of your time. As the first step, swap your pink, red, or violet walls with a more muted hue if you plan to go through with that minimalist makeover.

Less is More

Time to get rid of stuff you probably would not need in Marie Kondo Style. If a particular item has not been used for more than six months, either you donate it or throw it away.

Hidden Storage for Mementos

If you are a hoarder wanting to change your ways, you will clearly see the difference when you reduce things in your home and pursue a minimalist interior design in your home. For mementos that you want to keep private, try infusing a couple of hidden storage to safe keep these invaluable items.

It will remove the clutter and eyesore and make your home look bigger and spacious with fewer things lying around.  It will also help in achieving that understated elegance in your home’s interior design. 

Use Storage Bins as Organizers

One of the things that will help you in your journey to a clutter-free home is organizers. Storage bins will be your best friend in achieving that minimalist look. Rattan baskets are usually the first choice, but these tend to be expensive unless you can find them in Japan surplus or second-hand stores.

Since the goal is not to break the bank, you can opt for more budget-friendly organizers in online stores like Lazada or Shopee. We recommend the Zooey baskets made of plastic, but they have a weave design that makes them a dupe to rattan baskets. We can also recommend foldable fabric storage. Although they can be a bit flimsy and not durable, they are for storing little trinkets and items that are not too heavy and do not have a designated space. 

Plant Away 

Photo By Chris Panas

This is a basic to every minimalist out there. Plants give life to a dull space and help give off fresh air. This really goes well with minimalist style without feeling stark. It adds colour and gives off a relaxing vibe. Every minimalist agrees that plants are a must-have in every minimalist home aside from their air-purifying benefits.

Plants bring you closer to Nature

Incorporating plants into your interiors makes you feel closer to nature and gives you a sense of calm. They are aesthetically pleasing. Picking the right plant, however, is the challenge. You need to consider if it is low maintenance or not, if it is an indoor plant, or if it requires constant sunlight.

Plus, you need to pick the right spot. Choosing the pots is easy. You just need to go with the colour palette you chose in your space and check if it goes with the theme. Your best and safest bet is white. 

If you need more details on making your house and lot green, check this read on why you should make the switch to green living.

Change Your Light Fixtures 

 Camella’s open-floor plan interior. 

Try swapping out your light fixtures to a more straightforward look. Go for track lighting or pendant lights that will make your home cozier and will give off that expensive look. Light fixtures are effortlessly charming and, at the same time, functional.

They can easily change the mood and add that perfect detail to your house and lot. When finding the light fixture to buy, always consider if it blends seamlessly with the interior.

Also, choose the ambiance or theme you want to go for, whether industrial or elegant and even a Scandinavian minimalist look. Natural light during daytime could also enhance the overall minimalist home designs you are aiming for.

Add Buri Mat

Since minimalism is a trend right now, the demand for aesthetic and cute pieces has increased. But so did its supply. Just by looking through social media’s marketplaces, you can find anything under the sun that can be delivered to you right away.  

Pro Tips: Join Facebook groups about minimalism because they share where they buy home décor pieces. The same goes for the Ikea suppliers’ community. It is also your chance to support our local community and suppliers through buying locally to help the economy.  

Buri mats are exported, and we should be proud of that. Buri mat gives that chic farmhouse look but makes it modern. A bonus about it is that it is cheap! For only 360 PHP you can get it to place under your accent chairs. It is time to make that Pinterest board come to life.  

Try to experiment on different colors and textures – which can either match or contrast. Example, try to incorporate wood elements to industrial materials. Or dedicate a wall for a stand out colour like Blue or another bright or cool shade against a muted palette.

Add Shelves 


Reclaim spaces in your rooms by adding shelves

Shelves are one of the best pieces you can add to your home. Not only does it spice up your plain walls, but it can also be a place for your plants and any decor pieces you might want to add. You can fill them in with picture frames, a clock, hanging plants, artwork, and other accessories.

You can choose from hanging shelves, floating shelves, pegboards, or have a mix of these types depending on your taste. And as promised, it will not make you break the bank. You can even DIY some of these shelves. We found a hexagon-shaped shelve, and it is even made from popsicle sticks! 

Having shelves is a great way to free the room from bulky furniture. By creating spaces for small items, you do not need so much in your house.

Change Your Sheets 

Simplicity is the way to go

This tip is to spice up your bedroom. This is a no-brainer but trust us, it will definitely make a significant change in your bedroom. Our recommendation is similar to your walls. Choose neutral colors. Add some texture by adding some corduroy and weaved pillows. Avoid using loud colors and remember less is more.

Now, more than ever, space matters. Our spaces influence our mood, gives inspiration, and change the trajectory of our days. That said, it is important to create home spaces that make you feel safe and comfortable. 

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