International Left Handers Day: Common Household Items not Meant for Left Handed

Celebrating International Left-handers Day
Celebrating International Left-handers Day

Today, August 13 is the International Left-Handers Day. Being left-handed is not a defect but can affect people because the world is mainly made for right-handed individuals. If you are a lefty, creating a lefty zone is an excellent way to celebrate the occasion. On this day, you should be comfortable being left-handed. 

Most companies make household items designed for right-handed people because only 10% of the world is left-handed. In this article, we will talk about the most common household items that are not meant for left-handed people and the alternatives for these items. But first, here are some facts about being left-handed. 

Why do people become left-handed?

Why other people are left-handed
Why other people are left-handed

Experts say that genetics play the biggest part in creating left-handed people. A child might inherit a gene that favors writing with the left hand from their parent. 

Some even say that people who prefer writing with their left hand are more creative because they are more connected with the right hemisphere of the brain, the side of the brain responsible for creative processes. 

On the other hand, some researchers suggest that left-handedness is passed through environmental factors, not genetics. They say people become left-handed by mimicking their parents or other significant guardians. 

Living as a lefty means that you have to get used to the everyday items that are designed for righties. Here are some of those items 

Household items made for right-handed people 


Scissors are made for right-handed people. Left-handed individuals will find cutting objects challenging because scissors are not made for them in the first place. There are left-handed scissors that you can buy online if you are having a difficult time using right-handed scissors. However, most scissors sold in stores are for righties. 

Can openers 

Can opener
Can opener unsuitable use among lefthanders

Old school can openers can put you in an awkward position if you are left-handed. The crank used in can openers is on the right side, and you have to reach it on the other side if you are a lefty. The best solution for this problem is buying canned goods packaged in an easy-open can. 


Can you think of any camera with its shutter button on its left side? Exactly, there isn’t any. The essential controls in a camera are primarily located on the right side. For lefties, the best option for taking pictures would be mobile phones with high camera specifications. 


Notebooks are made for right-handed people. When you’re using a pencil, there is a chance that your left hand will be filled with lead. Writing in notebooks is worse if you are using a spiral-bound notebook. Notepads are your best friend if you are left-handed. Journals can be of good use as well. 

Coffee mugs 

Using mugs on your left hand

Left-handed people can use coffee mugs easily just like right-handed people. Some mugs have inspirational quotes and messages. People who hold coffee mugs with their left hand won’t make it easy for others to read the letters printed on the mugs. The best mugs for left-handed people are the ones with a plain design. 

Rulers and measuring tape 

The numbers on a ruler and a measuring tape go from left to right. When left-handed people draw a line using these measuring instruments, their hands cover the numbers, and they have to start drawing from their desired length, going to the left until the pencil reaches zero. Luckily, there are rulers and tape measures made for lefties. 


Most guitars are made for right-handed people, and there might be left-handed guitars, but they are not as common as regular ones. Guitar players know the struggle of finding a perfect guitar for them. This struggle is twice as hard as finding the perfect guitar for a left-handed person. 


Diffculty of opening doors for lefthanders
Diffculty of opening doors for lefthanders

The standard door used in most homes features a single door knob that you need to turn on the left side. These doors are generally not that hard to open, even for lefties. But for some, they end up pulling the door in their face. Luckily, left-handed people get the advantage on the other side of the same doorway. 

Watches and belts 

You kind of wear watches and belts the same way. You use your right hand to control the belt or watch in a counterclockwise manner. This is a real struggle for lefties because they cannot control the watch or belt with their dominant hand. There are online video tutorials on how to wear these items. 


Difficulty of using mouse for lefthanders
Difficulty of using mouse for lefthanders

The mouse in every computer is placed on the right side. Left-handed people must either transfer the mouse from the right side to the left or learn how to use it with their right hand. The keyboard is also a struggle for lefties when using the Numpad because it is also located on the right side. 

Who are some famous left-handed people?

Here are some of the most well-known left-handed people:

  • Former US President Barack Obama
  • Keanu Reeves 
  • Julia Roberts 
  • Leonardo da Vinci 
  • Angelina Jolie 

How to make help left-handed people 

Helping a left-handed person in using some righthanded-based items
Helping a left-handed person in using some righthanded-based items

Left-handed people are not necessarily a minority that needs constant help. However, we should understand that they are struggling in doing some tasks, and it is best if we help them. The best way to help left-handed people is to buy items that suit them, like left-handed scissors, left-handed rulers, and the like. 

If you are a student, the best way to help a left-handed classmate once during face-to-face classes is to lend them the left-handed desks in your school. If your child is left-handed, teaching them skills while facing them gives a mirror-like look. It makes it easier for them to learn to tie shoes and other crafts. 

It would be best if you did not also force your child to write with their right hand. They did not choose to write with their left hand and are more likely to have been born that way. Left-handers are pretty unique. Many of them are creative and respected individuals in their field. This August, the best way to celebrate International Left-Handers Day is to make their life a little easier.  

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