How to Easily Prevent Break-ins from Happening

How to Prevent Break-ins
How to Prevent Break-ins

Whether we like it or not, break-ins are common in the country, especially in Metro Manila. The frustrating part about break-ins is the fact that your hard-earned money, items, and even your life can be taken away in an instant, and without you knowing. Most of the time, you would realize that a robbery has occurred when it’s too late. 

There are preventive measures you can do to prevent burglary at home. As homeowners, it is your responsibility to protect your home, and doing so does not require having state-of-the-art equipment that you see in movies. Even in simple ways, you can keep your home safe from thieves and robbers. 

Here are some ways to prevent break-ins from happening in your home. 

1. Lock your doors and windows 

Of course, you should lock your doors and windows every time you go away from home to prevent thieves from entering your premises. If you hide an extra spare key under the outdoor rug, you might as well give your key to criminals. When hiding spare keys, hide them somewhere out of plain sight. Or better yet, give the extra key to a trusted neighbor. 

Also, never let any stranger get a hold of your keys. People can just have a mold of your key and duplicate it. In other countries, thieves even 3D print house keys once they obtain a photograph of the house key. When it comes to windows, you can install grills with locks to prevent burglary. 

2. Make it look like someone is at home 

Thieves won’t consider breaking into a house with people in it. They do break-ins in houses that have no people to make sure that they get in and out of it as quickly as possible. The best way to fool thieves is by turning your interior lights and appliances on. You can also ask your trusted neighbor to collect your mail for you so it won’t pile up.

Another way of faking your presence at home is through social media. It’s okay to post your travels and vacations, but make sure that you post them after the trip. If your residence is prone to criminals, they might see your timeline or stories and use the opportunity to enter your home and steal your belongings. 

If you really love posting your destinations, see to it that only your friends can see them. As much as possible, make your social media account private to strangers. 

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3. Don’t put “beware of dog” signs 

You might think that signs that say “beware of dog” prevent burglary, but actually, it does the opposite. Smart thieves will realize that you don’t have a motion-sensor alarm system in your house when there are animals roaming around for your protection. Having this signage is just another way of telling them information that is beneficial for their plan. 

Instead of going away, what they’ll do is lay out a plan that involves evading or if possible, eliminating your dog completely. And most of the time, houses with the “beware of dog” signage don’t really have dogs in them. Trained dogs that are not caged know who to attack and who to leave alone. 

4. Invest in curtains 

Your windows provide the opportunity for robbers to see what’s inside your house. This means that they can know where the entry points and valuables are just by entering your home. A cheap but excellent solution to prevent burglary would be buying curtains and putting them on each window of your house. 

If you have the money, you can also get window tints installed in your home. Window tints block any possible view a burglar could have due to its darkness. Window tints are also beneficial because they decrease the UV rays and heat entering your house. Tints are good protection as they make your windows harder to shatter as well. 

Placing calendars right by the window is not also a good idea if you put reminders there. Calendars can be a robber’s way of knowing your activities which makes it easier for them to plot their heist. 

5. Trim Plants 

Shrubs and bushes can be a perfect hiding spot for thieves. Yes, bushes, shrubs, and other ornaments make the house more beautiful. However, they should be cut down to a height where no one can possibly hide from them by ducking. The best height for your shrubs and bushes is two to three feet. 

Cutting tree branches is also essential to keep your home safe. Thieves can climb over your trees and use them as an entry point to your house. As much as possible, do not have tree branches that are close to your roof. Cutting tree branches are essential too during rainy seasons. 

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6. Hide your precious belongings in a safe 

Hide your Valuable Items inside a Safety Vault
Hide your Valuable Items inside a Safety Vault

Sometimes, thieves find a way to enter your home even if you did everything to prevent a burglary from happening. When this happens, you want all your valuable items and possessions kept somewhere safe. A private safe can go a long way in protecting jewelry, money, private documents, and other items. 

When choosing a safe, it is best if you choose a safe that has a dual lock and one of those locks should be a biometric lock. Another characteristic of an ideal safe is being fireproof. That way, thieves can’t use a blowtorch or other materials to open the safe. And lastly, your safe should not be portable for maximum protection. 

7. Live in a safe neighborhood 

The best way to keep your home safe and prevent break-ins from happening is to live in a safe neighborhood. When looking for a residence, the best option would be somewhere with 24/7 security. Crimes most likely never happen in these communities due to the protection and surveillance these areas have. 

If you choose to live in this kind of neighborhood, you won’t have to worry or be too cautious about your actions or what you need to do to keep your home safe. And if you are looking for a house and lot inside a safe neighborhood, Camella Lessandra offers a community outside of the Metro that guarantees an escape from places where burglaries usually happen.  

Protecting your home from break-ins is simple. You don’t need state-of-the-art equipment if you choose to live in Camella Lessandra because we can provide those for you.

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