How to Be a Good Roommate?

Having your own house and lot or condominium in the Philippines is a great blessing considering that real estate is not an easy investment. While there are developers like Camella who make your life easier by providing you home, many people still cannot purchase their very own residence at the moment. 

How to be a Good Roommate
How to be a Good Roommate

This struggle mostly happens to millennials and Gen Z trying to start their way in life. The most inexpensive option when it living is renting for an apartment or condo. But even then, some try to bedspace and be someone’s roommate to save money by paying half the rent. This is a great challenge because you will have to get along with another person you don’t even know. 

Students who studied in universities before the pandemic know the feeling of having a roommate. However, more and more people are renting or being a bed spacer. If this is your first time, here are some ways on being a good roommate. 

Get To Know Your Roommates 

Yes, you and your roommates have a separate life and you’re just there to sleep. However, you should get to know them because you are living in one place and they can be your best friend. You should even get to know them even before you move in. There are two reasons why you should do this. 

First, getting to know your roommate eliminates the awkwardness that you all might get the first day you move in. Second, knowing your roommates in advance can give you an upper hand and see if your roommates are worth living the same space with. And if you think that they are not ideal roommates, you can always choose to live in another place.

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Friendly Gatherings at Home

Respect your Roommates’ Boundaries 

Everyone has their boundaries and as a good roomie, you should respect your roommates’. This means that you won’t invade their personal space and use their personal belongings without consent. You should also set the boundaries for your roommates because you have that right too. 

Besides boundaries, another topic that you should discuss with your roommate is house rules. Having house rules establishes order and harmony around the household. And as a good roommate, you should follow these house rules accordingly as a sign of respect towards your room buddies. 

Respect their Lifestyle Choices 

There will be differences between you and your roommates. These differences come from their ethnic background, sexual orientation, culture, religion, and upbringing. It’s rare to find a room buddy that has almost the same personality and background as you. With that being said, you should do actions that will never offend them. 

Creating a safe and healthy environment is a priority when it comes to living with other people. If you and your roommates have different habits, the best way to settle this is to have a middle ground to avoid conflict. Respecting your roommates is a must, but you should also understand that your room buddies should respect you back. 

Have Each Other’s Schedule 

Your roommate might have a different schedule than you. You should know their schedule so you can act on your place properly. You shouldn’t blast your phone on full speaker or drink alcohol with some guests while they are sleeping. Find a time that works for both of you to do leisure activities. 

Some people sleep in the morning and you don’t want to bang ceramics in the kitchen sink or shut the door with a huge force. Aside from asking about their schedule, you can have both of your schedules hung over a wall or fridge. That way, you will know what the person is up to at the current moment. 

Have an Initiative 

While you can assign household chores, it’s better if you both have the initiative to sweep the floors and clean the house. In most cases, you will have a different eating time than your roommates. The best way to help around the apartment or boarding house is to wash the dishes right after you finish eating so they won’t pile up. 

When it comes to laundry, ask your roommates when their laundry day is so you can have a different schedule. Another option you can have is having one specific day of the week where you and your roommates clean together is not a bad idea too. The important thing here is all of you are sharing the same responsibilities. 

Be a Friend 

Be a Friend to your Roommate
Be a Friend to your Roommate

There will be times when your roommate will face certain problems, whether emotional, financial, or personal. You don’t have the responsibility of listening to their problems and offering help. However, what makes a good roommate from a great roommate is the hand they’re willing to give to the people they’re living with. 

If you see that your roommate is sad, even listening to them can make a huge difference. You can give them suggestions on what they need to do to fix whatever they’re dealing with. In return, your roommate will be more comfortable with you and you’ll also have a person to count on if ever you’re in a difficult situation. 

Talk About Disagreements 

There might be times when you and your roommate will argue. In many cases, there will be a person who would be upset in their roommate’s action and the best way to solve this conflict is through communication. Bottling emotions up can only lead to passive aggression which will lead to more disagreements. 

Talking about what got on your nerves can give resolve most conflicts. This also makes people realize their actions and do better. If ever you offended someone, the best thing you can do is listen and apologize to them. Afterward, make sure to not do it again and be a better roommate for them. 

What to Look for in a Roommate 

If you’re the one who’s screening for a potential roommate, look for a roommate who does all the things mentioned on this list. Your life will be harmonious when you have a good roommate so you better be picky. Another quality you should look for is if they can pay their share of the bills on time. 

Don’t worry, you’ll have your own Camella unit soon. You just have to trust the process and be a good roommate for now. 

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