How AI will Affect our Lives this Year and Beyond

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades now. In recent memory, AI has been used in computer programs, search queries, and machine learning. Video games also use AI to program non-player characters. The term AI might sound a little “sci-fi” to most people. However, there is a chance that this technology will be a significant part of everyone’s life sooner. 

The AI research company Open AI just launched Dall-E 2, an AI art generator, and ChatGPT, a language processing chat-based tool, just last year. These AI programs can generate images, artworks, songs, essays, and even codes in just a few minutes. 

Of course, these programs have limitations as they are in the early stages of development. Sooner or later, people will use AI in everyday tasks as they become more accessible. Here are some ways AI can affect our lives. 

AI will be a standard for businesses to have 

AI will be a standard for businesses to have | Photo from Freepik

In a few years, AI will be present in almost every industry in the same way the internet is. According to a report, around 9 out of 10 top businesses in the world, today use AI for their daily operations. 

Currently, almost every leading business today in their respective industry uses AI-driven technology for productivity and efficiency. Medicine, automotive, cybersecurity, and e-commerce are some of these industries. 

Now is the right time for business owners to have an idea of how AI works and how it can help them in their businesses. Employees are also expected to use AI in their jobs in a few years. The good news is that it will assist and only partially replace workers. 

AI will reshape education entirely 

AI will reshape education entirely | Photo from Freepik

With AI, the conventional education system will change over time. Today, students can rely on ChatGPT with their homework as this AI tool can create entire essays without any trace of plagiarism in under a few minutes. While this is good news for students, this technology could be better for teachers. 

A few days ago, the New York City education department blocked the students’ access to ChatGPT because of its “negative learning implications” for students. The education department stated that AI programs can provide quick answers to questions but will hinder critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

On the contrary, AI will do more good than harm in education in the following years. In the coming years, experts suggest that AI be used in test preparations as there will be programs that can assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, teachers will rely on AI one day when it comes to automating tasks

With the introduction of online classes during the pandemic and the evolution of AI, the current education system might be a thing of the past and, one day will be considered primitive in the future. 

Ai will change transportation

Today, automobiles are marketed as “self-driving cars” that reduce the workload on the driver. Car manufacturers like Tesla have cars that can run on “autopilot.” These automobiles are currently considered high-end, as only a handful of vehicles can do these tasks. 

With AI, experts expect all cars to be electric and self-driving by 2050. Human error will still be the main reason for the majority of accidents, but driving in the future will more likely be safer than it is now. You should also expect vehicle AI voice command to be more mainstream in the coming years. 

AI will change customer service 

Today, AI is used in customer service through chatbots, augmented messaging, and sentiment analysis. With the rise of AI, customer service will likely change significantly over the next ten years. When AI is used in customer service, it will bring significant benefits and cost a lot. AI will also make research, buying, and training more difficult.

AI can also help companies develop better ways to get customer information and feedback. Using AI technologies like natural language processing and big data analytics, customer service reps can look at what customers say during a live call and use that information to improve how they talk to other customers in the future.

Currently, Google is working on an AI assistant that can make appointments, make human-like calls, and understand the context more than ever. In the next few years, it is possible to have AI assistants indistinguishable from humans.

AI is changing the art landscape 

The creative world is not safe from AI as AI-generated art is now present on the internet. Tools like Google Imagen, OpenAI DALL-E 2, and others allow anyone to create images with only text prompts. These images can be done in different art styles and only take a few minutes. 

Many artists are concerned about the emergence of AI art for several reasons. First, artists think corporations would choose AI art over commissioning artists for their works. And second, AI makes art by miming images from a dataset and creating another one which poses copyright issues. In the next few years, independent music artists will be more likely to use AI art for album covers. 

Despite these concerns, artists should not worry as there are still inconsistencies in AI art at the moment. Over time, AI will be accessible even to the average person, and creating AI art will be easy. Artists should learn to use AI as a tool and revolutionize art by creating artwork that AI can’t produce. 

Why is it important to know where AI is heading?

AI in Education: Will Tech Destroy Education or Save It? Photo from TIDIO

After 2023, it’s conceivable that AI will cause a transformation in the way people live. It is anticipated that by the year 2050, AI will be utilized in the same manner that people utilized fax machines and cellphones back in the 1990s. Individuals and companies both stand to benefit from beginning their AI education as early as feasible.

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