Health Brings Wealth: How Camella Communities Are The Key to A Long and Healthy Life

Health brings wealth | Camella
Health brings wealth | Camella

As the saying goes, “health is wealth.” Health is perhaps the greatest wealth any person can possess. Healthy citizens can lead more fulfilling lives and do things they enjoy, which also brings happiness and improve overall well-being.

Without good health, people may struggle to achieve happiness and satisfaction even if they spend money on all the enjoyments they have access to. In other words, health is a priceless wealth in its own right.

The World Health Organization (WHO) designated an annual World Health Day to promote well-being and bring light to the challenges in keeping a healthy population.

While one cannot buy good health, there are still ways to create an environment that can improve a person’s health. One is choosing a home that promotes and helps maintain good health and overall well-being, like Camella.

Read below and discover how the home and community are key to living a long and healthy life.

Why health is wealth

There is no shortage of health and wealth quotes in every aspect of our lives. But why is health considered real wealth?

Good health is often considered wealth because it opens up opportunities and allows a person to do more. With good health, one can lead a more active lifestyle, be productive, pursue their goals, and enjoy leisurely activities. Some might say that a healthy person rarely realizes this wealth and that only a sick person can see this as an achievement.

No words could be more true. With good health, it is easier to work, take care of loved ones, and participate in social gatherings.

But good health does not end with a healthy body. A more holistic approach to good health goes beyond the usual physical fitness. Rather, it is a combination of physical and mental health. It is not mind over matter but the harmonious interaction of the two.

The importance of a healthy body and mind

Active Healthy Lifestyle | Photo from Freepik

Mental health is as important as physical health because these two are interconnected and affect each other. Staying physically fit helps one maintain a positive outlook and lower their risk of mental health problems.

On the flip side, taking care of your mental health can also boost your physical health as it reduces stress, improves sleep, and increases your body’s immunity. That said, they are two precious assets and it is important to stay healthy in both aspects to achieve and keep your overall health and wellbeing.

How to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle at home

You can spend all the wealth in the world on health insurance, but it does not prevent you from getting sick. The most effective way to a healthy life is building a habit that you can commit to.

The little steps you take now might just save you from the crippling financial debt due to health reasons in the future. For those who want to be practical, here are the basic steps to create and maintain a healthy life.

Balanced Diet

Consuming a healthy diet with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can be beneficial. Aside from eating healthy, it also pays to limit your consumption of processed foods and junk food or avoid eating unhealthy food altogether when you can.


Along with proper food intake, also remember to hydrate. Staying hydrated does not only replenish all the fluids you lose throughout the day. It also regulates your temperature, supports your body functions, and helps maintain healthy skin.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise does not always mean a super strict regimen, daily exercise, or a personal trainer or fitness coach. It can be any physical activity you can do at regular intervals or integrate into your daily routine. Some of these include running, brisk walking, cycling, or swimming every day or every other day.

Enough Sleep

Adequate sleep can produce outstanding results for your health as it freshens up the body, improves mood, and alleviate stress, among other benefits.

Stress Reduction

Ever been so stressed you feel physically ill? That could be a result of chronic stress, which may lead to other problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, and even digestive problems. Avoiding stress lowers your risk of these complications as well as anxiety and other mental health problems. Overall it gives you inner peace.

Ultimately, remember that healthy people become healthy by making gradual changes in their lifestyles. That said, complete physical and mental health starts with building good habits that you can maintain in the long term.

How can Camella communities keep your health in check?

Camella Riverfront clubhouse and swimming pool
Camella Community | Amenities | Clubhouse with Swimming Pool

The road to building a healthy you starts within the household. But how much do our home and neighborhood actually contribute to our health? Here is how Camella promotes health and offers true wealth to its residents.

Providing access to green spaces

Camella provides its residents access to ample green spaces offering numerous health benefits. First, they are ideal spaces for physical activities like jogging, walking, or even cycling. Second, more green spaces also mean better air quality, unlike in a polluted environment, which will ultimately reduce the risk of contracting respiratory problems or other airborne diseases.

Next, green spaces are often associated with good mental health. Being around green spaces provides a different sense of calmness and tranquility that improves your mood. Furthermore, open spaces with greeneries draw people in and encourage social interactions.

Imagine a park with scenic gardens and jogging paths. That is what Camella offers within its neighborhoods as part of its commitment to creating and promoting healthy communities.

Offering accessible amenities

One of the best ways to promote a healthy community is by offering free and accessible amenities for the residents. In Camella, this means swimming pools, basketball courts, and play parks in common areas within the communities.

Additionally, Camella’s central areas have clubhouses where residents can attend community events or enjoy time with family members. These include neighborhood gatherings, festivals, parties, or any other opportunity for social interaction.

In short, it is not only the amenities but also its accessibility that plays an important role in promoting health and wellness. With easily available amenities, Camella makes it easier for residents to engage in physical activities, relax, and socialize.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment

Aside from providing opportunities for residents to improve and maintain good health, Camella also maintains a safe and secure environment for the peace of mind of its residents.

First, Camella provides physical safety for homeowners by installing perimeter fences, lighted walkways, and CCTV cameras around its development. Entering the community also means checking with stationed guards across all entry points. Residents can let their guard down and enjoy their sleep at night, knowing they are properly taken care of. Now, that’s real wealth!

Creating a sense of community

When people feel connected to a community, they are more likely to practice healthy behaviors like eating right and exercising. Furthermore, being part of a community can give a sense of purpose, which in turn helps in managing stress.

In addition, connecting socially can also improve mental well-being and reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Being part of a community also means finding value and support, leading to improved self-esteem.

A strong community like Camella can also act as a safety net for those in difficult situations. The support of a social circle can be extremely helpful in navigating life’s problems and maintaining health.

It can be from practical and good support systems like helping with childcare or lending a ride to a doctor’s appointment. In other cases, it can also be emotional support, like being there to listen and offer encouragement.

Overall, a sense of community can guard against a variety of physical and mental health problems and can promote general pleasure and well-being.

Providing convenience

Convenience can be crucial in encouraging healthy behaviors and supporting community health in general. That said, Camella grants easy access to healthy food options due to its proximity to malls, supermarkets, wet markets, and grocery stores.

Should medical needs arrive, people are more likely to seek medical care when they are close to healthcare facilities. In Camella communities, residents can get immediate and effective care as the developments are located at the center of important cities and towns across the country.

In summary, communities can contribute to the promotion of a fulfilling life, general health, and well-being by making it easy for individuals to practice healthy habits and access healthcare services.

Making smart options available

Lastly, Camella offers a line of smart homes that promotes stress-free and healthy living. By providing several features that usher in wellness and comfort, Camella’s smart home technology brings homeowners one step closer to peace of mind.

With features like smart lighting, temperature control, and other home automation, Camella SmartHomes bring a new level of comfort and relaxation. Furthermore, it includes security system features like smart locks and alarms that make it easier to secure the home and eliminate the daily stress and anxiety most homeowners face.

Maintaining good health is the new wealth

Maintaining good health is the new wealth
Maintaining good health is the new wealth

Since maintaining excellent health is crucial for general well-being and quality of life, it is seen as the true form of riches.

A person in the pink of health can better engage in activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. They can create more meaningful connections and realize their goals and dreams. Additionally, good health helps enables a person to contribute to their community and the world at large by living a more productive and active life.

Ultimately, maintaining good health is a priceless asset that lays the groundwork for leading a contented, purposeful, and successful life. It is something that should be respected and given priority and is frequently regarded as the real measure of success and prosperity.

Don’t sacrifice your health gaining wealth

Live a healthy life while working towards your dreams in Camella. As the country’s most trusted real estate brand, Camella fosters a community that encourages health and wellness by providing healthy options in the community and homes. See our offerings that help you lead a healthier life within our communities.

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