3 Areas Where Camella SmartHomes Can Level Up Security at Home

Now more than ever, homes are sanctuaries. It is where you should be able to laze freely, no matter what time of day. Of course, you want your home to be as stress-free as possible. One way to do that is to ramp up its security from all types of harm. In today’s fast-paced age, adding protection comes easier with technology.

Whether you are simply leaving for work or embarking on an out-of-town trip, the same level of home security should apply. But keeping your home, and its treasured residents free from harm should not be complicated. There is always an easier way to keep it safe without going through a bunch of checklists.

What if you have the power to secure your home from a mobile device and even from afar? With Camella’s SmartHomes, you can do all these and more.

What are the essential security features every home must have?

Smart Home door fingerprint lock
Smart Home door fingerprint lock

Whatever type of home you own, three primary aspects of the house are crucial to secure. These are the house’s entry points, electrical and fire connections, and protection from transmissible diseases. See how Camella SmartHomes can help augment the security for each of these below.

1.   Security on home entry points

Doors and windows are the obvious, yet essential, parts of the house that one must secure. Ensure that all windows can only be opened from inside the house. It will help to install alarms that will sound off as soon as opened forcefully.  But suppose you are feeling a bit traditional? In that case, you may opt to place locks and other reinforcement, or stick to the classic thorny bushes to place around each window.

Always add an extra layer of locks aside from doorknob locks. And while leaving spare hidden keys outside the house sounds like a good emergency backup plan, they do not do well for your home security.

Camella SmartHomes can help secure your home’s entry points.

Controlling your home from a mobile device Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash
Controlling your home from a mobile device Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Camella’s new, innovative home technology helps secure your home’s entry points in two ways. First, the smart home system comes with a doorknob that you can unlock using passcode or biometrics. This way, opening your home is as easy as unlocking your smartphone. You do not have to worry about leaving your keys and forgetting to lock your entryway.

Second, your windows only have to open one way. Camella Smart homes come with an alarm system that alerts you in cases of forced entry through your windows. In addition, the smart home system also collects feeds from your CCTV cameras and consolidates them in one dashboard.

Going out of town? Secure your home from intruders by leaving your CCTV monitoring on to get real time feeds about what’s happening back home. You can also set up automation to turn on lights when they detect movement. If you are particularly suspicious, you can schedule to switch on a set of lights at a particular time of day to make it look like there’s someone home.

2.   Electrical and fire safety

Protect your home from electrical and fire emergencies Photo from Vivint
Protect your home from electrical and fire emergencies Photo from Vivint

Perhaps the scariest emergency at home is an electrical failure that can lead to a fire. In fact, faulty electrical connections remain the leading cause of fires in the Philippines. Furthermore, the Bureau of Fire Protection reported a 13% increase in fire incidents during the first quarter of 2022 compared to last year.

But fires can be prevented with basic and proper safety precautions. That said, smoke detectors and fire alarms are now mandatory for most modern homes.

Aside from faulty electric connections, another firestarter is overloading. Sometimes we feel like we must plug in all of our appliances and have them on standby for when we need them. While this practice is convenient, it is not exactly safe.

Camella SmartHomes can help prevent electrical and fire emergencies.

Reduced contact with high-touch surfaces Photo by Heeren Darji on Unsplash
Reduced contact with high-touch surfaces Photo by Heeren Darji on Unsplash

Having smoke detectors can give you a sense of security. But what if you are not home to hear the alarm? Camella’s smart home system sends a notification to your mobile device app wherever you may be. This makes your home emergencies more actionable and emergencies more preventable.

But I already have my alarm systems and smart appliances set up, you may say. While those are significant steps in future-proofing and securing your home, you can level it up with Camella’s smart home system.

Integrating your lights, alarms, appliances, and CCTV cameras into the smart home network lets you consolidate your complex home functions into one application on a mobile device. Think of it as having the same remote to turn your lights on and brew a cup of coffee.

With a consolidated home system connected to the internet, you can also properly manage the use of electrical appliances and devices within your home from wherever you may be. This way, you do not have to worry about forgetting to unplug appliances or turning lights off.

Camella further elevates your smart home settings by allowing “scenes” or bundles of home functions. For example, you would want to turn your lights low, air conditioner up, and blinds down for dinner. Instead of doing these things individually, you can set a scene that performs all these actions in one tap. Even more exciting is that you can customize these scene settings to your preferences.

By bundling commands, you reduce the chances of forgetting to unplug or turn off a device that consumes electricity. This way, you avoid electrical emergencies and save energy and money in the long run.

3.   Safety from transmissible diseases

The rise of smart homes is especially welcome at the advent of the worldwide pandemic. While it is true that most of the pre-pandemic activities are back, the possibility of catching and spreading the virus is still present. Family members who go out every day still have to be extra careful about spreading pathogens at home, especially on high-touch surfaces.

Some of the most common culprits are objects in common areas at home that family members always touch. These include light switches, doorknobs, remotes, and other shared objects. Instead of constantly sanitizing these many surfaces, you can opt into technologies that automate house functions.

How Camella SmartHomes helps reduce the spread of transmissible diseases

Camella celebrating 45 Years of Real Estate Developments
Camella at 45 Years

Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces and decrease the chances of spreading harmful viruses and bacteria inside your home with Camella Smart homes. How? The smart home system lets you control your lights on and off from the mobile app.

No touch lights? Camella’s system has that covered, as it comes with motion-triggered lighting. This way, you only need to step into your bathroom for the lights to turn on themselves—no touch needed.

Furthermore, you can also configure your home settings to turn on a set of smart and infrared-enabled devices to interact according to your routine needs.

Another advantage of Camella’s smart home system is that you can set them up even when you are not in the room. This means you can turn on your configuration for arriving home, so your room is already cold.

Suppose you want the right ambiance for your movie night. In that case, you can set a movie-watching scene that turns down lights and turns on the TV in one tap. Want your coffee brewed ahead of getting up? That is now conveniently just one tap away with Camella’s smart home system.

Camella’s Smart home features prove that you do not need an elaborate and expensive system to secure your home. What Camella offers is an easy-to-use system that simplifies your complicated safety routines while you are still in control. Start your journey towards a home that offers peace of mind.

Learn more about the capabilities of Camella’s smart home system and experience a house that takes care of you.

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