Halloween Themed Parks in Bulacan, a Popular Attraction

Horror house and Halloween themed parks to Visit in Bulacan Photo from Peter Hermann via Unsplash
Horror house and Halloween themed parks to Visit in Bulacan Photo from Peter Hermann via Unsplash

It has been a tradition to celebrate a holiday that is unlikely to give you comfort but fears (in a fun way), that is what Halloween is all about. Every year on October 31st, fond memories of Halloween are one of everybody’s topic of conversation when spooky season comes.

You sure don’t want to be left out of your friends’ conversations when it comes to Halloween experiences. Horror houses are one of the most popular places for Filipinos to visit!

Halloween is just right around the corner. Have you chosen any activity to expand your spooky experiences?

If you are looking for Halloween activities to enjoy, you’d be happy to know that in Bulacan, Halloween themed parks are always a thing the moment October enters the calendar. It truly is a local tourist attraction in Bulacan. And there’s this pride that if you complete all of the Halloween themed parks, you can boast and speak highly of your bravery in front of your friends about your fun experience.

Here are some of the Halloween themed parks in Bulacan that you will surely enjoy with your friends and family.

1. Ghost Town XVII

Ghost Town XVII Photo from Trixie Tamayo via Facebook
Ghost Town XVII Photo from Trixie Tamayo via Facebook

The Ghost Town XVII is located in Barangay San Roque, Baliwag, Bulacan, besides Golden Gate Memorial Park. This “Ghost Town” is a horror themed park that has been around for 17 years, making spooky fun memories every Halloween season. Ghost Town’s horror themes are different every year making it more appealing and allowing people to come back every year.

This year, they are showcasing two types of horror houses which is the “Haunted Mansion” and what they call “The Graveyard”. Ghost Town has been featured in multiple television programs for its reputable entertainment offering.

It will extend its operations until December, so there’s still time for you to experience this Halloween themed park. Be sure to bring courage when you enter Ghost Town!

The entrance gate opens every 8PM until midnight.
For only P100, you can enjoy up to 7000 sqm. area of Halloween themed park.

2. Spooky Ville Horror House

Spooky Ville Horror House Photo from Official FB Page
Spooky Ville Horror House Photo from Official FB Page

If you’re hungry for food and adventure, this horror house might suit you! Spooky Ville Horror House is located inside the OME Food Park in Bocaue Town Square, Lolomboy, Bocaue, Bulacan.

This park is perfect for both adults and kids, for it offers variants of foods from the food park itself, as well as a horror house that gives a lot of attraction for the whole family, or group of friends. It is truly an activity that will be one of the books.

The horror house costs only P50 for adults and P25 for children. It is open as early as 6 p.m. until midnight.

3. Malikmata

Malikmata in Bulacan Photo from Official FB Page
Malikmata in Bulacan Photo from Official FB Page

Known for being featured in several television programs such as Rated K and Unang Hirit, Malikmata is another highly recommended horror house in Bulacan. It is located in Barangay San Roque, San Rafael, Bulacan, close to San Roque Cemetry.

Many people from other towns of Bulacan come to visit Malikmata to experience its frightening horror house. Malikmata is backed-up by horror stories from the locals, stimulating fear and excitement for visitors.

Ticket price for Malikmata is only P70. Its gate entrance opens every 7 p.m.

4. Haunted Asylum

Haunted Asylum in Bulacan Photo from Official FB page
Haunted Asylum in Bulacan Photo from Official FB page

The Haunted Asylum is another popular horror attraction in Bulacan. It is located in Maguinao Court, Maguinao, San Rafael, Bulacan, near Carlos F. Gonzales High School.

The horror house is filled with notable characters from the likes of Cabin in the Woods, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Stranger Things, Jeepers Creepers, and Wrong Turn.

With its long and confusing maze, this horror house should give you a lot of fun!

So, if you are a fan of these classic horror films you should definitely check Haunted Asylum in San Rafael, Bulacan.

The gate opens at 7 p.m. until midnight. The horror house will be operational until November 5th.

You can enjoy this fun and frightening experience for only P80!

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