Halloween Preparation Checklist: Tricks, Treats, and Spooky Delights

Before the holiday spirit ramps up, Halloween rears its spooky head for ghoulish and extremely fun activities.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, one of the most popular holidays worldwide. However, it has only been in more recent years that the holiday began to make traction in the Philippines. Even so, Filipinos have embraced and celebrated the holiday and now spend Halloween night with friends and family.

Traditionally, November 1 and 2 are marked as Undas in the Philippines, a commemoration of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Today, the holiday starts a day earlier, on October 31: Halloween.

Several people throw a Halloween party to have fun, clad in scary costumes and chowing down on delicious food. Read on for an amazing Halloween preparation checklist and start planning your very own Halloween party.

Ultimate Halloween Party Checklist for 2023

Before you send out your invitations, here’s a Halloween party checklist to help your planning:

1. Decide on a Halloween Party Theme

At the core, any Halloween party is a spooky affair. Although, that doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. One way to set your Halloween party apart is to have a theme. From decorations to color schemes, a theme can make the event more memorable for your Halloween party guests.

For instance, you can think of creative Halloween names. Take inspiration from some of the most popular Halloween parties, like the popular Haunted Happenings in Salem or Canada’s Pumpkinferno.

You can also have a Halloween party theme based on Halloween colors, including orange and black. This would help you create invitations and decorations that look cohesive.

2. Set Up Spooky Decorations

Another Halloween party highlight is the decorations. Well-planned decorations create and control the party mood. Most Halloween parties opt for the haunted house effect.

Here are some ideas and Halloween party decoration staples you can put up at home:


Pumpkins carved out to have scary faces and lit from inside


Stretch out cotton balls to mimic cobwebs and make interiors look more aged

Shadows and Ghouls

You can make spooky and mysterious cutouts from free printables online or have life-sized standees to welcome and entertain your Halloween party guests

Fog Machine

If you want to have the full haunted house effect, you can splurge on a fog machine to create an eerie atmosphere

Planning is key to decorations. In fact, you might need a separate Halloween party checklist just for decorations alone.

3. Prepare Spooky Food and Drinks

No Halloween checklist is complete without a scrumptious spread. You can have a selection of delicious food that still follows the Halloween party theme.

For example, you can elevate classic party recipes like candies and cookies can be elevated to Halloween fare when you decorate them with jack-o-lanterns, monsters, spiders, and all things scary. You could also have tasty treats like chocolate pudding that kids and kids at heart are sure to love.

As for drinks, a spooky punch might be a great idea to liven up your Halloween party. Take a classic red punch and add a layer of dry ice to create a menacing look. If you have adult guests, you might also think about serving alcoholic drinks.

Be responsible, though, and ensure that these drinks are served only to adults. When you have kids around, make sure that they only get alcohol-free drinks.

Stock Up on Trick-or-Treat Candies

Don’t forget to set up a trick-or-treat station for young guests. Halloween is a time when kids go around in spooky costumes carrying pumpkins meant to be filled with candies. Some popular Halloween candy include chocolates, gummy worms, eyeballs, and fangs, lollipops, and other sweets.

4. Organize Fun Party Activities

Include interactive group activities in your Halloween party planning checklist. Find ones that are sure to entertain guests and get them immersed in the Halloween party spirit. Here are some party activities you can try out with guests and friends:

Costume Competition

A costume party is most people’s idea of a fun Halloween event. When sending out the invitations to your guest list, you can include a note asking them to come in a ghostly or scary outfit. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, don’t forget to get creative. Be resourceful and look around at the items you already have at home.

You can easily make a Halloween costume at little to no cost. One example is dressing as a vampire. You could wear a black cape and use make up to create a ghostly pale complexion.

To tie the look together, you can mix corn syrup, chocolate syrup, and red food coloring together to create your own vampire blood. You can have a little showdown with your friends to see who has the best Halloween costume by voting for the spookiest dressed.

Line Up Some Games

There’s a wealth of themed games you can have for your Halloween party. You can include ones like horror charades and murder mystery games. You can also have board games and card games, like Salem 1692, BOOoop, and Final Girl that you can keep playing until the wee hours of the morning.

Marathon of Scary Movies

Horror movies are not for the faint-hearted, but they are incredible additions to a Halloween party. You can do a marathon of all-time Halloween favorites Addams Family, the Ring, and Insidious. Don’t forget to have a few bowls of popcorn ready to much on.

5. Queue Up a Halloween Playlist

There’s nothing that sets the mood quite like a good Halloween party playlist. One of the best tips you may get for your Halloween party planning is to have a roster of fun and potentially spooky tunes. You can even opt to play atmospheric music instead of songs to really get that haunted house feel.

Throw a Memorable Halloween Party at Camella

Perhaps the most important item on your Halloween party planning checklist is the venue. When you have a home in Camella, that’s one thing off your mind. Camella provides you with the perfect place for a Halloween party with ample community spaces and amenities.

Camella communities often organize Halloween community events for you to take part in. From trick-or-treating to games at the clubhouse, there are tons of exciting events headed your way.

As you’re planning your party, you can always come back to Camella’s Halloween checklist to make sure you get the best spooky and spectacular experience.

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