Buglasan Festival 2023: Negros Oriental, Garbo sa Kabisay-an

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Negros Oriental’s Festival of Festivals

The Buglasan Festival is one of the Philippines’ most vibrant and culturally rich festivals, celebrated annually in the City of Gentle People – Dumaguete City. The Buglasan showcases the diverse and colorful traditions of the people of Negros Oriental.

The much-awaited festival is a week-long celebration and gathering of its towns and cities showcasing the best of what the city can offer and the uniqueness of its local cultures. A collaboration of various local government units, the Buglasan Festival aims to promote tourism, preserve cultural heritage, and foster unity among the diverse communities of Negros Oriental.

Buglasan Festival : A Celebration of Culture, Art, and Unity

This year, the festival was filled with various activities, including a two night fireworks display street dancing, live bands, beauty pageants hailing the festival king and queen, trade fairs, musical performances, art festivals, and culinary competitions. Visitors from different parts of the country flocked to Dumaguete City to experience the vibrant atmosphere and immerse themselves in the local culture of the flourishing city

Image taken from Buglasan Festival Facebook page
Image taken from Buglasan Festival Facebook page

Folk Dance Competition

One of the festival’s main highlights was the Buglasan Folk Dance Competition held last October 18, where participants clad in colorful costumes performed traditional dances to the beat of folk music. The people came to see the show-stopping performances, showcasing the unique customs and traditions of different towns and cities within the province of Negros Oriental. The display of talent and creativity during such competitions was a sight to behold.

Gandang Negrense

Beauty pageants such as the Miss Negros Oriental and Gandang Negrense also took highlights, where local Dumaguete beauties compete for prestigious titles and crowns. These candidates not only exhibited physical beauty but also intelligence, charisma, and a deep understanding of Dumaguete’s evolving culture. Each coronation night was filled with glitz and glamour while serving as a platform to promote the beauty and diversity of Negros Oriental.

Festival for Foodies

If you are a food enthusiast, you will be satisfied to attend the Buglasan Festival and feast on exciting food and gastronomic events in the city! There are the Flavors of Sidlakang Negros, the Inter-School Culinary Competition, and kiosks featuring a wide array of Dumaguete food options.

These events for the foodie showcased the best of Negros Oriental’s cuisine, with local chefs and food enthusiasts battling out for the title of the best in various categories. From delectable desserts to mouthwatering seafood dishes, you can savor the delightful flavors of the region at the food stalls and exhibits.

Trade Fairs and Art Exhibitions

Apart from the cultural and culinary events, the Buglasan Festival also featured trade fairs and art exhibits where local products, handicrafts, and festival souvenirs were sold. It was an excellent opportunity to support local artisans and entrepreneurs while taking home unique and authentic products as mementos of your Buglasan experience. From intricately woven baskets to handmade jewelry, the trade fair offered a wide range of beautiful and high-quality items for every attendee to keep or bring home to their loved ones.

Buglasan Grand Float Parade and Competition was also another highlight that took place last October 21.

History and Culture of Negros Oriental

The Buglasan Festival transpired not just as a feast for the senses but also as an opportunity to learn about the rich history and culture of Negros Oriental, especially of the City of Dumaguete. Various exhibits and displays were set up throughout the festival grounds to showcase the province’s history, arts, and crafts. Locals and visitors from nearby provinces and different cities can admire traditional costumes, artworks, and artifacts that tell the stories of the Dumaguete people and their way of life.

Safety and security among crowds and readiness for unprecedented situations were top priorities during the festival. Local authorities and organizations worked together to ensure the event was well-organized and free from disturbances, maximizing everyone’s enjoyment. Security measures were in place, and a medical team was always on standby to provide immediate assistance.

The Buglasan Festival in Dumaguete City is a must-attend event and festival in the Philippines for anyone looking to experience the vibrant culture and traditions of Negros Oriental. From the colorful street dancing competition to the beauty pageants and culinary showcases, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Mark your calendars and join the Buglasan Festival next year when you visit Dumaguete, for an unforgettable celebration of culture, art, and unity.

The History of Buglasan Festival

According to old records, the map of Negros was drawn in 1572 by a certain Diego Lope Provedano indicating an island named Buglas Insulis. To honor Negros Oriental, Buglasan Festival came to be. 

The festival was established when all cities, towns, and municipalities in Negros Oriental came together, united, as one happy Negrense family. Contrary to the Ilonggo meaning of “buglas”, which means to “cut off”, the festival is story of unity and camaraderie among Negrenses. 

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