Extravagant vs Simple Weddings: Which Weddings Make Lasting Marriages?

Extravagant vs Simple Weddings
Extravagant vs Simple Weddings

Everyone wants to have a wedding that will be remembered forever. For some couples, they want to have a wedding that looks nothing short of a fairy tale ending. For others, they prefer a wedding that is as simple as possible. In the Philippines, most people spend little on weddings but all their money on reception. 

Have you ever wondered what type of wedding has lasting marriages? On the one hand, one can argue that making a wedding as extravagant as possible shows the love between a couple. On the other hand, couples prefer simpler weddings because they can use the money for essential investments like a house and a lot instead. 

Many people wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of money spent on a wedding and the success of a marriage. 

A Diamond is Forever 

Wedding Rings upon Marriage
Wedding Rings upon Marriage

Two economics professors from Emory University surveyed over 3,000 ever-married people in the United States. The data collection in the study is a survey questionnaire with 40 questions that pertain to a person’s current or first marriage. The survey respondents are US residents who have been married to the opposite sex. 

The study entitled “A Diamond is Forever and Other Fairy Tales: The Relationship between Wedding Expenses and Marriage Duration” aimed to correlate the expenses during a wedding and the chance of a couple getting divorced. The study found that couples have spent USD 20,000 (1.06 million pesos) or above. 

It also proved that marriage duration is not associated with the price of the couple’s engagement ring or a wedding ceremony, which is opposite of what the wedding industry says. The same study discovered that couples who went on a honeymoon after the wedding are more likely to have a successful marriage. 

The Marriage Foundation

Making a Marriage Last
Making a Marriage Last

In another study, The Marriage Foundation, a British pro-marriage think tank, discovered that couples who spend more than £20,000 (1.2 million pesos) on their wedding have a higher chance of getting divorced within the first three years of marriage. The study also found an increased divorce rate for weddings with ten guests and below. 

According to Harry Benson, research director at The Marriage Foundation, the research data states that expensive weddings in Great Britain might have the same outcome as in the US because of the risk of debt. Expensive marriages can lead to debt, and debt is quite stressful for a marriage. 

And according to a divorce coach, some couples aim to have a grand wedding and nothing else. The big dress, the beautiful wedding theme, and the attention can overshadow the essence of marriage. After the wedding, the couple might think that life with their partner is not as magical as their special day. 

A large wedding is not an expensive wedding 

Some weddings are more expensive than others. If your wedding has more guests, it is expected to be more costly than an average one. A large wedding with more guests does not necessarily mean it is lavish just because of the price. An expensive wedding is when a couple spends way more than an item’s usual price. 

The Average Cost of Philippine Weddings 

Simple Outdoor Wedding Setup
Simple Outdoor Wedding Setup

You probably do not wish to have an expensive wedding by now. However, these studies are done in Western countries where divorce is accessible. As long as you can ensure a happy marriage, it does not matter how much you spend on a wedding. Of course, weddings in the country are cheaper than where the studies were conducted. 

A couple’s budget for their wedding is based on the type of wedding they want to have. If they wish to have a standard traditional wedding, a budget of 8,000 – 15,000 PHP is enough for reserving a church. For the reception, a typical Filipino reception costs around 50,000 to 300,000 PHP, depending on the number of guests you will have. 

These are the basic expenses needed in a Filipino wedding. However, you can choose to have a wedding planner, hair and makeup services, photo and video packages, and souvenirs. The average wedding in the Philippines costs about 122,000 – 584,000 PHP, depending on the number of guests, venue, and wedding suppliers you hire. 

Other Marriage Statistics 

According to a study, couples who dated for three years or more before marriage are 39% less likely to split than those who dated for less than a year. On the other hand, couples who dated for two years before getting married are 20% less likely to separate. This might be because of the foundation that the team has.

Should You Not have an Expensive Wedding?

Extravagant Wedding Setup
Extravagant Wedding Setup

The statistics suggest that couples with extravagant weddings are more likely to divorce. However, it would be best to remember that you are not a statistic. If you can spend a huge amount of money for the wedding of your dreams, do it. There are many factors why separation and divorce occur and for sure, it is not solely because of wedding expenses. 

But if you want a simple wedding, there is nothing wrong with that as well. Simple weddings are for those who want to keep the memory cozy and intimate. Whatever wedding type it is, the important matter is how you and your partner see each other. The marriage is always more important than the wedding. 

If you choose to have a simpler wedding, there are other investments you can have with all that money left from your wedding. 

A Great Investment 

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