Should Surprise Marriage Proposals still be a Thing?

Should Surprise Marriage Proposals be a Thing
Should Surprise Marriage Proposals be a Thing

June is considered the wedding month; of course, you cannot have a wedding without a proposal. Movies and television heavily romanticized the scene of having a surprise marriage proposal. The media cannot be blamed because the scene of a man kneeling in front of a girl to ask “the question” is always a beautiful sight. 

Life is not like a movie and having surprise marriage proposals in 2022 is overrated for some people. We don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, and we get those marriage proposals that most women still prefer. Here are why people don’t follow the tradition of having a surprise marriage proposal. 

Why some people don’t want marriage proposals 

Why Other People Don't Want Surprise Marriage Proposals
Why Other People Don’t Want Surprise Marriage Proposals

Marriage Proposals Feel Coerced 

Some marriage proposals are done in public, putting the girl in a serious position. She is forced to say yes to her partner whether she wants to get married or not. If she says no, it will cause a scene, and she might be deemed as someone who does not love her partner. But if she says yes, she’ll have to live with this decision even if she does not want to marry. 

And let’s say that you are a man and your partner says no to your proposal. Can you bear the embarrassment and rejection that you will receive? If the answer is no, then proposing in public should not be done. Your partner does not owe you anything when you propose without her knowing. 

A Majority of Proposals are not Surprised 

According to a study that a popular wedding brand conducted in 2017, only one in three marriage proposals in the United States are surprised. And if you think about it, you should discuss marriage with your partner. If the girl wants to be married already, there is no suspense to the man because he already knows the answer when he pops the question. 

The same study concluded that one in three couples shop for the engagement ring together, and 9 out of 10 grooms are happy that their partner is involved in the process. This means that women would already know if their partner is about to propose to her before it even happens. 

Marriage proposals are not that practical

If you are a person who is concerned about finances, you would know that marriage proposals are not that practical:

  1. The price of the engagement ring would cost you thousands of pesos.
  2. The preparation for the engagement would take time.
  3. You are not sure if your partner would say yes. 

Instead of planning for a proposal, you can use the time to talk to your partner and prepare for your married life ahead of you. And instead of purchasing an expensive ring, you can add the money for your wedding. And of course, you should spend more time talking to your partner about when they want to get married. 

Advantages of having a surprise marriage proposal 

Advantages of Surprise Proposals
Advantages of Surprise Proposals

Having a surprise proposal is not that bad. It benefits couples, and many women would want to have a surprise rather than a planned proposal. Some people would love it if their man were creative in creating a surprise proposal. Some women even expect that they will be surprised by a public proposal. 

A surprise marriage proposal is also a memory you will return to when reminiscing with your partner. There is nothing wrong with the following tradition, and a perfect wedding proposal is an excellent addition to a couple’s love story. A wedding proposal is a great way to learn about each other and a couple. 

Should surprise proposals be continued?

Marriage Proposals in Surprise or in Public
Marriage Proposals in Surprise or in Public

Because of social media, the tradition of having marriage proposals is more likely to continue. People would surely love to have their proposals documented and posted online for people to see. In the case of surprise proposals, the thought might sound forceful to women who do not like being the center of attention. 

A surprise marriage proposal does not only feel forceful to some women. Some even say that a surprise proposal dates back to the old traditions where the man controls everything, and the woman submits to the man. On the other hand, many people still feel that surprise proposals feel sweet and charming. 

The best way to know how a person would respond to such a proposal is to ask how they feel once they see others do it. Then, ask them if they want to be in the same situation. Not wanting to have a public proposal is different from not having a marriage proposal. This should be noted as well. 

If you plan to propose to your partner in public, make sure that she is willing to marry you to avoid embarrassment. It is best to discuss the matter first and ensure they want to get married. You do not want to get rejected in front of others or make your partner feel that she has no other option but to say yes. 

If you want a better option, you can always propose in private. Private marriage proposals allow you to talk about your feelings more intimately. 

What if she says no?

Receiving a no from a marriage proposal is tough. However, you should remember that it would not be called a “proposal” if there is only one answer to the question. If a woman rejects her man’s marriage proposal, it does not necessarily mean she does not want to be with her. She might not be ready yet. 

And if she does want to marry you, this could be a blessing in disguise. You might be heartbroken from the fact that your partner does not want to marry you after years of a relationship. However, it is better to be rejected now than to marry the wrong person where separation is more difficult. 

At the end of the day, it is your choice on what type of proposal you would want to have with your partner. As long as both of you are consensual with it, there is no problem. Proposal is just one step towards a happy marriage. 

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