Drink Your Water: Reasons To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Drink-Lots-of-Water | house and lot
Drink-Lots-of-Water | house and lot

Summer is just getting started! For most humans, a trip to the beach is the activity always on top of the choices. The feel of the sand under one’s feet, the joy of watching kids play with the waves, or the tastier the food gets when eaten under the heat sure are simple wonders that summer brings!

While others choose to embrace it, many people want to escape it somehow by simply staying in the abode of their homes, grilling some barbecues. Whatever kind of fun you choose, it is essential to stay hydrated to have the energy needed to enjoy all types of activities.

Why is Stay Hydrated important?

Drinking water every day is vital for various reasons, including body temperature regulation, joint lubrication, infection prevention, nutrition delivery to cells, and organ performance. Sleep quality, cognition, and happiness all improve when you stay hydrated. 

Stay hydrated this summer
Stay hydrated this summer

You would not want to experience muscle cramps, fatigue, or another unpleasant feeling when you are in the middle of your summer adventures, right? Thus, to fully enjoy, you first have to do a straightforward task: drink a cup of water from time to time. Or, if you are a person who is not that into the water, worry no more, as you have more options than just drinking water to stay hydrated. 

Follow these easy ways to stay safe this summer: 

Add flavor to water. 

If you dislike the plain taste of water, add a few simple ingredients to it. Limes, lemons, mint, oranges, berries, cucumbers, and other fruits can do the trick. It might also assist you in drinking more water than usual

Try coconut water, too, as our country abounds with it! Because this mineral-rich beverage is high in potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium, it quickly replaces lost fluids and electrolytes from hot weather.

Consider probiotics. 

Taking some of it can help boost your immune system, protect you from illness, and enhance your digestion and nutrient absorption, including water. You may choose from yogurts, miso, pickles, cheese, or the famous Korean dish – Kimchi. Yes, you read that right. 

Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. 

Sure, a cold beer or iced tea would be a good choice on a hot summer afternoon, but do note that beverages cause you to become more hydrated. These beverages may increase water loss via the urine due to caffeine’s diuretic impact. Water is still the most excellent choice for staying hydrated, especially while exercising or spending a long time in the sun. Due to the high caffeine concentration, energy drinks are not a feasible hydration alternative.

Put on the proper clothing. 

Summer apparel is not all created equal when keeping you cool. Cotton is the most significant overall fabric because it enables air to flow. It reduces the intensity of the heat. Linen and rayon are two more acceptable fabric options. Most t-shirts, shorts, and skirts are made from two or more textiles. Cotton that has been combined with polyester, spandex, or nylon may still keep you cool and drain sweat away from your skin.

Sunglasses are a must-have too, as they are fashionable and practical. They shield your eyes from UV radiation searing your corneas and will last for many more seasons.

Cold showers are a must. 

Because of the heat, we sweat a lot and lose a lot of water. Although cold showers may not hydrate our bodies, they chill them down in this hot weather and save us from sweating excessively and losing water.

Other wellness-boosting benefits of a cold shower include increased energy, improved circulation, muscle recovery, and improved hair and skin health. 

Stay out of the sun when needed. 

Sure, summer is a time to enjoy the sun. But then again, too much is bad, right? Avoid getting direct sunlight between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon when temperatures and UV radiation are at their maximum. That’s the most fantastic time to go inside and grab some food and water, chill off, and maybe even sleep. 

It’s never a terrible moment to take a break when the heat and humidity are at their peak. 

Check for signs of dehydration. 

To entirely stay hydrated, one also needs to check for signs of dehydration. A dry, itchy, irritated, inflamed, or sensitive skin could be one. Feeling dizzy, weary, or the presence of a headache are signs as well. 

Your urine color is an excellent indicator of how much water you need and can also be a sign if you’re dehydrated. The urine should be light yellow and clean. If it’s darker, you’re probably dehydrated.

Always check your body. Be aware of how much you sweat, too, and know how much water you need. 

There are loads of ways to enjoy summer – taking your dog for a walk, seeing some wildlife, or relieving your childhood memories in the park – all these are fun and doable only when you are full of life. And when do you feel full of energy? When your body’s wellness. Do not let the fun get stolen from you. 

Heat-related diseases are widespread over the summer, so staying hydrated and following the described ways will help you avoid them.

Maintaining a healthy and hydrated physique will enhance your summer experience, so be sure to gear up and find relief from the sun. 

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