4 Reasons Why Hiking is the Best Outdoor Activity

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Are you searching for an outdoor activity that enables you to enjoy or appreciate nature and is suitable for any person? If so, then hiking is the best choice for you. Hiking is beneficial not only for your body but also for your mind and spirit. It has psychological benefits that contribute to relaxation and enhanced well-being. The benefits of hiking don’t stop there. Continue reading below to know more.

Hiking is Beneficial for Overall Mental Health 

Ever since the pandemic started, most of us have started to spend our time surfing the internet on our phones; doing schoolwork on our laptops, and working on our computers. We exercise our minds most of the time by keeping ourselves occupied with superficial things. But what about our mental well-being beyond those things? According to a study by Mitten et al. (2016); it is proved that regular hiking has positive effects on people’s emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

Moreover, hiking also improves your mood; lowers blood pressure; boosts your immune system; and alters brain chemistry by looking at the scenic view. Also, bringing your kids to hiking often positively affects their brain development. A study by Harvard Medical School states that ecotherapy shows a strong connection between a person spending time in nature and reduced anxiety, depression, and stress. However, you don’t necessarily need to have any mental illness to benefit from these effects. Sometimes, taking the time to relax; disconnect from technology; and focus on yourself while hiking can help you manage your emotions more.

Hiking is Beneficial for the Well-Being

While most of us spend our time exercising our minds, our physical health gets left out and falls last on the priority list of what to take care of. But what about our bodies? Some may hit the gym only when they have free time. The gym is an excellent environment to motivate people to take care of their health, but if you have extra hours to spare, you should go on a trail, breathe the fresh air from the trees, enjoy the magnificent view and the sound of nature. Hiking is an inexpensive and easy activity that increases your stamina and strength.

The steeper the slope, the more calories you burn. It also reduces your cortisol levels and blood pressure, which creates a calming effect done by nature. Lastly, it protects people against obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, ADHD, and many more (University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, 2015). A Canadian study by Oosthoek (2016) stated that spending time in nature will reduce the possibility of nearsightedness. So if you want to take care of your vision, it is highly encouraged to spend time outdoors rather than just relying on carrots alone.


A study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) (2021) states that by devoting more time outside, you will reap the health benefits of sunlight exposure, such as managing calcium levels, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy bones, immune system, and glucose metabolism. Sunlight exposure also triggers the release of nitrogen oxides by our skin which causes arteries to dilate and lowers blood pressure to reduce the impact of metabolic syndrome.

Moreover, according to a study by Baggerly et al. (2015), sun exposure also reduces the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and various forms of cancer. According to White et al. (2019), the ideal period to spend in nature is 120 minutes a week for maximum health and well-being. Although hiking is only just another way to walk, it’s way better than you think, considering the numerous benefits to be gained. 

Build and Strengthen Bonds

Hiking is a great activity that many people can do and have a good time, especially with family, friends, and partners, for this will bring you closer together and form a stronger bond. Along with the hiking, you will cross paths with new people and make new memories with other hikers. Spending time outdoors hiking is also a great way to connect with other people, for this is excellent for your brain health. It’s also a shared experience that people can form together, like traveling. Aside from being an activity with numerous benefits, there is no competition in hiking. Instead, it builds fellowship where together you make sure that no one is left behind.

Meaningful Adventure

People seek adventure to enjoy the beauty of life. Going on an adventure makes us feel free, alive, and motivated to live. It doesn’t have to be somewhere grandeur. If you are a nature lover, there is no doubt that hiking is the best outdoor activity for you. Experiencing nature without the constraints of modern civilization will make you appreciate natural life and forget about the bustling pollution of the industries. Nowadays, we’re surrounded by infrastructures built by humans, where there are buildings where a tree was once planted and a road where grasses once grew. So, hiking is the best outdoor activity for people who seek a break from the city and looking for adventure and freedom while staying fit with minimal risk.

You will only witness scenic views, breathe fresh air, enjoy the sound of nature, and makes you appreciate your freedom. There are numerous locations where you can hike in the Philippines, where each path leads to different bodies of water, different mountains, and landscapes that will take you to beautiful sites.

Healthy Lifestyle inside Camella Community

Connecting with our roots is one of the reasons why people start hiking. The more connection we have with nature, the more we appreciate God’s natural creation. The utmost priority in Camella Manors Frontera is the residence’s well-being, which extends to lifestyle amenities. They have indoor gyms, jogging trails, and an alfresco fitness park. The Camella residents can enjoy all of these anytime they want. For the people who want to connect more with nature, the alfresco fitness park is the best option to appreciate nature in the community of Camella Manors Frontera. You can also enjoy the breeze of fresh air from our trees and the scenic view of the pool. By just going outside your condo unit, you can already enjoy the serenity of nature while being fit and healthy. Secure a condo unit now!

Written by: Jamie Anne N. Pacheco

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