Why Camella Manors Verdant should be your Startup Leasing Property Business

It is indeed tiring to be an employee at some point. True, we make many good friends at work. Many of us enjoy our jobs but imagine going to the office on Monday mornings, dealing with traffic, and working on papers for which we are not responsible. It’s exhausting, right? These are only a few of the hassles of an employee.

Due to this, many working people are looking for ways to earn money quickly and decently. That is why some of the young professionals and those who are old in the industry invest in stocks, trading markets, and other business-related activities to gain profit without putting a lot of time and effort.

It is their way on how to become wealthy in a short period. Sure business will make you rich, but it takes the perfect timing, and you probably need to prepare for the risk, but it sure is worth it.

Money is indeed in business, but you have to plan your moves. 

Why they say that money is in Business

The money you have today possesses the potential to gain profit in the future if you put your money into work.

It is not concealed in our minds that a good running business earns as much money as the salary of an employee who receives minimum wage as compensation.

Did you know that a small business owner can earn up to 50 thousand pesos monthly?

Yes, you read it right! It is larger than the compensation that minimum wage earners can receive by working 8 hours a day, five days a week. Other than that, these entrepreneurs or business owners don’t have to put much time and effort into running the business.

Of course, it will be hard to establish a business. These businessmen have experienced a lot of troubles and faced many risks while starting their long-term investment businesses. Still, at the end, when the business goes well, they will receive a lot of money and benefits.

Morever, they can think of their business as a retirement plan that will be passed down from generation to generation. So starting a business should be one of our goals.

How important it is to establish a Business at a Young Age

When young professionals are just starting college, some are probably thinking and preparing for the best possible ways to pass a job interview. Some are careless enough not to think about what they should work after college. Still, some are so passionate about having a better life soon that they establish a business even at a young age.

It doesn’t always matter how small or big your business is; what is essential is that you have one even though you are still studying.

It is vital to secure your future just in case you don’t get a job after college and still have a business you can focus on.

Running a business at a young age will teach you a lot, especially in the financing, marketing, socializing, and strategizing, which are essential in business and life. 

Where to Invest your Money

There are a lot of business activities that you can put your money on, but you should choose wisely. It is much better if you invest your money in a business that will surely gain profit, the one that doesn’t need a lot of work, and the one that doesn’t have a lot of risks.

Suppose you are a young adult who wants to engage in business at a young age or a professional who wants to have a retirement plan. You are afraid to take risks. The best thing you can do is put your money on a real estate property.

Owning a real estate property indeed provides you with values and benefits that you will surely love.

Let’s get to know the business and see if real estate property is best.  

Why should you choose real estate property when establishing a business?

Did you know that the value of a real estate property appreciates over time?

Suppose you own a house and lot or a condo unit. In that case, you own a property that can give you a profit in a few years. Let’s say you purchase a house and lot for only 2 million pesos; since it is a real estate property, the value of your home can rise in 5 to 10 years. You can sell it at its market value, which will profit you.

Take note that you are not doing anything but letting the years go by.

It indeed sounds excellent. However, some people want to start a business but don’t have significant capital. Well, it is not a worry because there are many ways to start a business with just a small capital. 

How to start a business with only small capital

Are you interested in establishing a business but still studying and short on money? It is okay! There is always a way to a dream.

Did you know that some property developers offer leasing property?

Some trusted home builders, like Camella, offer leasing houses and lots or condo units. It means that you will only rent the property as you rent it out to other people.

Suppose you leased property at Camella. For the whole month, you will rent it out to your target tenants, who could be long-term tenants or staycationers. The rent you will receive from them will be the money you’ll use to settle your responsibilities at Camella, and then the rest of it will be your profit.

Remember that you don’t need large capital to start a business. What you need is to strategize your move. 

With the proper steps, a business can boom | Photo from the website ideas.darden.virginia.edu
With the proper steps, a business can boom | Photo from the website ideas.darden.virginia.edu

What to expect in Camella Manors Verdant?

Condominiums are popular nowadays, so it is much better to choose a condo than a house and lot. Camella Manors Verdant offers an affordable, quality condo unit you can own for your business. It is located at the heart of Barangay Banco Banco, Palawan.

This vertical community is strategically located near places of convenience, and tourist spots in Palawan have a secure area for all owners, resort-themed amenities, and offers an island lifestyle.

Moreover, Camella is now offering ready-for-occupancy units so that you can start your business as early as now. The trusted home builder is also offering a lease-to-own condo in Palawan, and it is being loved by many. 

However, if you want to stay in Metro Manila, the property developer also built a horizontal community in Caloocan. It is a community that offers a suburban lifestyle in the heart of the progressive city of Metro Manila. It also provides a lot of excellent amenities, just like the ones that Camella Manors Verdant has.

You don’t have to worry since you will receive every benefit that you deserve because Camella values you!

Camella offers not only enough but also extra! So, it is good for you to start your business at Camella properties now! 

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