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Love designing and decorating? Here are the best TikTok interior design tips that will help you to put together an inspiring house and lot.

Japandi home decor from Lifestyle Asia

Who would have thought that interior design would be big on Gen Z’s favorite social media platform? 

Since its launch four years ago, TikTok has become one of the biggest social apps, with an average of over 689 million monthly global users as of July 2020.

Although considered to be targeted to younger viewers, TikTok has become an authoritative and reliable app for more grown-up topics like home décor and DIY. This is with the help of interior design accounts that make these contents accessible and easy to digest.

How do interior designers use TikTok?

Interestingly, interior design experts have found a huge audience for their craft on the video-sharing platform. Today, there are over 46.2 billion views dedicated for #diy and 5.5 billion views for #homedecor. Now, TikTok has become one of the best apps for interior design references.

Are you a stylish house and lot owner who have DIY projects on remodeling or refurbishing in mind? It might be awesome to look into new sources to find clever ideas. Learn simple home hacks beyond the good old architectural digest and home décor magazines that you have trusted for years.

Today’s style is generated fastest on social media. Who knows, you might get your next go-to budget and inspirational DIY hacks from a viral video online.

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TikTok Interior Design Tips and DIY Ideas


Cottagecore design trend on TikTok
Cottagecore design trend on TikTok

With over 6 billion hashtags on TikTok, Cottagecore is no doubt the number one interior design trend on TikTok.

By simple definition, Cottagecore celebrates simple, rural living. It is romantic, warm, fantastical. In other words, it is an idealized vision of living an aesthetic, peaceful life in the 19th-century English countryside. The idea behind Cottagecore is a huge shift away from the minimalist trends.

It could be said it is the exact opposite of minimalism. Cottagecore goes by the “more is more” principle. Interestingly, Cottagecore is being poised as the “beloved replacement” to minimalism. The latter favors simplicity and function. 

Want to bring that rural English and fantastical vibe into your home? Think of real plants, herb gardens, floral prints, flowers, Victorian teacups, vintage fabrics, baskets, and old books.


Japandi interior trend on TikTok
Japandi interior design trend on TikTok

Don’t assume minimalism is going away anytime soon. Cottagecore is enjoying a huge popularity today. But minimalist designs like Japandi and other Nordic style trends are proof that maximalism like Cottagecore won’t necessarily put minimalism on the side.  

A fusion of two design concepts that both value minimalism, Japandi is a hybrid style, a marriage of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. Japandi is all about keeping the interiors simple, clean, aesthetic, and functional. It veers away from bulky furniture pieces and bright colors. 

To achieve this vibe, the focus should be on premium, hand-crafted furniture pieces that are pleasing to the eyes and serve their purpose well. The use of eco-friendly and sustainable products sets Japandi apart from other minimalist design trends like mid-century modern that makes you feel the space inside your home. 

What does your zodiac sign say about your home design?

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Home Decor Trends this 2022 Based on your Zodiac


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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers interior design trend on TikTok
Dried flowers interior design trend on TikTok

Unlike the first two design trends, which are broad concepts, dried flowers are basically an aesthetic design piece that gives off whimsical and nostalgic feels in the air. These are famous Cottagecore design pieces, so it’s not surprising at all why it’s now seeing the mainstream gaze. 

Tens of millions of viral budget DIY TikTok video tips are dedicated to this on the platform, featuring TikTok users flashing their dried flowers collection and tutorials on how to arrange and preserve flowers and bouquets, and such.

With enough inspiration, homeowners who have got the natural resources should try their hands at creating their own dainty dried flower arrangements. Not only does it cost less than real flowers, but it also lasts longer and is easy to acquire, almost available on all flower shops and local online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. 

Wall Paneling

Wall panels are a great way to spruce up interiors by giving them more style and texture. 

With 5.6 million hashtags on TikTok, wall paneling is making a strong comeback in today’s interiors. Another attempt to bring the outside or nature inside homes, playing and accentuating with wood is the main ingredient to ride this trend. The key to nailing this is to use wall paneling extensively or strategically on walls, ceilings, doors, or any space.

Although this task may sound intimidating at first, it is actually easy to go about it and doesn’t require one to be a pro. There is a wealth of DIY videos on TikTok and other social media platforms like YouTube. Here, homeowners can get tips from and point you to the right direction. From a simple coffee table to celebrity style must-haves, TikTok has your back.

Green Walls

Green walls interior design trend on TikTok
Green walls interior design trend on TikTok

After spending too much time indoors, homeowners are really ready to try and experiment with many aspects of their homes. They have been bringing the outside in with the meteoric rise of the plantita trend, and now, they are seemingly ready to replace the classic white painted walls with green as well. 

Use the #Greenwall on TikTok, and one will be greeted with millions of user-generated videos around this topic, from ideas to DIY tutorials. 

Pink Bathrooms

Pink bathroom interior design on TikTok
Pink bathroom interior design on TikTok

Yes, it’s official! Pretty pink bathrooms are back in style and maybe, even here to dominate bathroom styles once more. 

One might wonder how pink bathrooms became viral. After all, isn’t it too feminine and over-the-top? Type up pink bathrooms, and the name of former first lady Mamie Eisenhower of the US will definitely pop up on Google. Her love for pink bathrooms was so popular back in the ‘50s and ‘60s that millions of people, especially Americans, had followed suit. It was considered a pleasant change from the dark and dull-colored bathrooms that preceded this new design wave.

Pink might not be everybody’s color, but there are a ton of different shades homeowners can play around with, from bubble gum, retro hues to millennial pink. They can also be a little flexible or warm up to the idea by adding subtle pinkish colors. Think of introducing rose-hued rugs or towels to give a pop of color to bathroom interiors. 

Dark Academia

Dark Academia interior design trend on TikTok
Dark Academia interior design trend on TikTok

Potterheads would jump in on this viral design concept, or probably, they’re already in on the action. 

When thinking of Dark Academia, think of the world’s most legendary school that never existed: Hogwarts. It is the perfect epitome of this trend and it has been taking TikTok by storm with #DarkAcademia at more than 1 billion views.  

This theme would also be patronized by literary buffs and homeowners with a deep affinity to arts. Dark Academia centers on academics, arts, literature mixed with gothic elements, mystery, and European architecture. Dim, soft lights, bulky beddings, dark bookshelves, wooden furniture, wool, and corduroy are key signatures of this concept. 

Kitchen Pantries

Kitchen pantries interior design trends on TikTok
Kitchen pantries interior design trends on TikTok

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Yet, more often than not, it is another one of those areas in the house that homeowners fail to give much more attention to. But with more than 600,000 TikTok videos on kitchen pantries, this seems to be no longer the case.

All of a sudden, users are sharing videos of their oh-so-tidy kitchen and oh-so-organized fridge and cabinets! And some of Hollywood’s favorite celebs flaunting their impressive walk-in pantries are partly (or largely) to blame for this craze. 

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern interior design trend on TikTok
The Mid-Century Modern interior design trend on TikTok

This design trend is another proof that maximalist trends like Cottagecore won’t necessarily put minimalism away. Minimalist designs like mid-century modern are still on-trend as this has a classic look about it. 

Mid-century modern is an American-inspired design movement brought first into fashion during the postwar era. As with any other minimalist design, this trend puts functionality in focus. Because of its minimalist feel, it is easy to adapt this design into house and lots or condo units without the need for full home refurbishment or extravagant expenses. 

Bring this look into your home. This article tells you how:

How To Do Mid-Century Modern Interior Design For Your Home

How to Achieve a Mid-century Modern Interior Design for your Home
How to Achieve a Mid-century Modern Interior Design for your Home

To achieve this look into your own home, homeowners must consider these two things: texture and wood. Bring wood and nature inside the home and texturize with velvet furniture pieces. 

Beautiful interiors in Camella's living space
TikTok Interior Design Ideas | Beautiful interiors in Camella’s living space

Mid-century modern also means chairs, tables, and dressers with skinny, peg legs. Homeowners can also incorporate modern bookshelves on slim legs and get this look for their living area or study room. 

Explore this cozy home and the home of your dreams in Camella
Explore this cozy home and the home of your dreams in Camella

Take, for example, the interior space of a Greta model house from house and lot developer Camella. Even the housing giants’ in-house team of professional interior designers continue to stick with and trust the sophisticated, timeless look that mid-century modern exudes. 

Camella house models caters to various tastes and make the best of the spaces. From dainty white and modern minimalist to beach-inspired interiors, every room in the house is a dream for many homeowners.

Looking for actual interior inspo and tips for homes and condos? Check out Camella’s complete house catalog and condo offerings.

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