Say Hello to your Summer Body with these Simple At-home Workout Tips

Are you looking forward to a healthier and physically fit you?

Workout for Summer
Workout for Summer

Of course, yes! For a long time, you have been prepared to get that toned, beach body to flaunt in your next summer get-away. You might have gained extra pounds in the past year with the sedentary lifestyle we had during the pandemic’s work-from-home arrangements. You also might have time constraints in hitting the gym or completely lost access to fitness facilities because of quarantine guidelines. Well, you are not alone. Many of us can relate to missing out on our usual workout routines because of different personal reasons. 

While browsing through social media sites, you see some acquaintance on a weekend trip to the beach, low-key showing off that six-pack pop. While shopping online, you come across that striking two-piece bikini in the color you think will suit you… but will not be enough to cover that belly you find undesirable. You also want to look good to feel good. The problem is, that you just don’t have the luxury of time to regularly attend a fitness class or do physical sessions at the gym. 

Your end goal is to get into perfect shape for your upcoming summer trip. As a bonus, you also get to reap several health benefits through work-outs and exercises. Daily physical activities can help you control your weight as you get to burn the calories you intake through food and drink. It also helps you prevent life-threatening heart diseases as it improves heart health and blood circulation, making you avoid developing high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

More than physical health, regular exercise is also friendly to your mental health. Several studies have backed the positive effect of exercise in decreasing your risk of depression and stress. It also boosts your mood and makes you feel relaxed as it aids in the release of happy hormones endorphins and serotonin. 

Now, enough with the talk and let’s go to work! Below is the list of the simple at-home workout tips to get ready this summer. 

Make a realistic workout plan. 

Schedule your workout
Schedule your workout

In everything that we do, starting is always the hardest part. Committing to a workout at home will be made lighter if you have set clear and realistic goals from the beginning. Your planning stage will allow you to pick your workout schedule and appropriate fitness program depending on your fitness goals. Putting it to paper and pasting it somewhere you can always see can help motivate you. You know your body and capabilities more than anyone else. Be sure that you are planning for success, not failure. 

Pick a workout schedule you can commit to. 

Consistency is the key to unlocking that beach-ready body. As mentioned above, time constraints are among the main reasons why we lose track of our fitness journey. It is therefore important that in the planning stage, you already picked the days or hours for your workout carefully. Make it personal and detailed. You decide the time that works for you – the time you get minimal to no distractions for your physical routines. In the first few weeks of your at-home workout, forgetting might be your number one enemy. You can get rid of these concerns by setting up a daily reminder on your calendar. You can also use mobile applications like a fitness tracker and workout scheduler. 

Pro-tip: If you can, schedule your workouts in the morning before breakfast to better achieve weight loss. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s department of exercise and sport science professor Anthony Hackney said that the body’s hormonal composition in the morning is set up to better the metabolism of fat. Get out of bed and burn that fat! 

Prepare your workout area. 

take care of your body
take care of your body

If you cannot go to the gym, you can set up a mini one at home. Designate a space in your home where you are most comfortable. This needs to be free of clutter for your added peace of mind while doing your exercise. You also have to prepare basic workout equipment depending on your fitness program. These can include a yoga mat, jump rope, and some weights. To create a more inviting atmosphere, you can also incorporate air-purifying plants like snake plants and ZZ plants in your mini-gym. Motivate yourself more by setting up a mirror and preparing a speaker or headphones for music. You can also hang your workout plan in this area to keep you stay on track. 

The top-notch house and lot developer in the country, Camella Homes, offers spacious house models that make it easy for you to pick the perfect spot for exercise. House models Bella, Cara, Dana, and Ella come with a built-in or optional balcony you can transform into your mini home gym. Doing your workout on the balcony of your Camella property will help you focus because of your access to fresh air, the view of the pocket parks and greeneries, and the peaceful community. 

Pro-tip: Once your workout area is ready, you can also start preparing yourself. Choose athletic clothes that will make you feel like you are going to the gym. This will help set your mood to move and sweat. 

Keep distractions away. 

workout with family
workout with family

One of the disadvantages of working out at home is the accessibility of several distractions. The inviting couch, the aroma of the food in the kitchen, and the notifications on your phone while you play music, are some that make you want to idle. The absence of a fitness coach to help in your fitness discipline is an added challenge. While you cannot completely eradicate these interruptions, there are ways for you to keep your focus. For one, you can play your workout playlist on Amazon Alexa or Google Home to prevent you from interacting with your mobile phone. This is one of the many rewards you get to enjoy if you invest in Camella SmartHomes. 

With Camella SmartHomes, you can use a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen for you to control playing musing using your voice. You can use different services with your smart speaker including Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Apart from setting the workout mood through your playlist, Camella SmartHomes can do so much for your daily home function and safety. This is in line with Camella SmartHomes’ promise to upgrade your lifestyle without compromising the environment. Here are the following devices available in Camella SmartHomes upon turnover: 

  • Gateway 
  • Infrared Transmitter 
  • Wall Sockets 
  • Light Switches 
  • Scene Switch 
  • Motion Detector 
  • CCTV Camera 
  • Door Lock 
  • Alarms 
  • Contact Sensor 
  • Smoke Detector 

Allocate at least 30 minutes for your home workout. 

At-home workout does not need to be complicated and time-consuming. At least 30 minutes per day in five days can suffice, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said. Allotting half an hour per day can meet the 150 minutes of physical activities per week for adults. 

Consider a doable ‘beach body’ workout. 

Getting the ideal figure for summer will of course require you to sweat. But you can keep your workout as simple as doing lunges and squats to achieve your dream body. Below is a series of exercises you can consider doing in the comfort of your home: 

  • Walking lunge (30 minutes to work gluteal muscles, skeletal muscles, and quadriceps) – Step one foot forward, pause, while the other foot is dropped back to the knee. Do the same on the opposite foot. 
  • Pulsing squats (60 minutes to work quadriceps, hamstring, gluteal muscles, and calves) – position like you are about to sit down, keeping your hip width apart. Carry your body on your heels and the balls of your feet. Get into your lowest squat position and begin doing small pulse squats. 
  • Jump squats (30 repetitions to work leg muscles) – start with the usual squat and launch into a jump, reaching as high as you can. 
  • Push-ups (10 repetitions) 
  • Repeat jump squats (30 repetitions) 
  • Side plank (60 seconds each for the right and left side to strengthen your core) – Lay on the ground on your right side and gradually lift your upper body with your right arm. Keep your body straight and repeat this on the opposite side. 
  • Crab walk into hip-bridge (10 repetitions to work hamstring and gluteal muscles) – Get into the crab position by sitting on the floor first, lifting hips, and moving using the left hand followed by the right foot first, then with the opposite hand and foot. 

Pro-tip: This set can be done for two rounds if you are a beginner to achieve promising results. Be sure to take at least 45-second rest intervals between the rounds. 

Walk around the house. 

There is more that you can do beyond your mini at-home gym to help you get a beach-ready body fast. Walking is one of the simplest activities you can do to lose weight. It helps burn fats in your belly for you to get your long-desired flat stomach. Walking does the same thing on your hips. Movement in walking causes your muscles to contract and expand, cutting down fat on your hips as it is being burned while you do the activity. Certainly, your summer body is not complete without the toned thighs and legs. Don’t worry as walking can help shape that part of your body. If you are concerned about your immense bottom, walking can also be an effective supplement to your push-up exercises for you to lose weight. 

Pro-tip: Thirty minutes of walking every day can do the trick! You can do this on top of the 30 to 45 minutes workout you do before breakfast. Walking after a good meal is the most ideal timing. You can also put on your running shoes while you walk around the house to give you an extra pump. 

Don’t forget to hydrate. 

You don’t want to get muscle soreness and injuries due to workouts. Getting hydrated can keep you away from these incidents while it also improves your endurance and energy levels. It is therefore important that you have enough water ready in your at-home workout area. Drinking 15 to 20 ounces of water is ideal an hour or two before your workout, according to WebMD. Add eight to ten ounces more 15 minutes before your exercise. You also have to hydrate during your workout – eight ounces every 15 minutes is enough, WebMD said. 

Make your workout more exciting. 

Stay healthy – bruce mars Unsplash Photo 

While you are committed to doing the exercise repetitions every day, you also need to add more fun to further push you forward. You are not restricted to try something new like challenging yourself to do more beyond your daily routine. Do you find dancing enjoyable? Turn the music up and flaunt that moves! How about running games? You can try this one, especially with the kids at home. It seems like you are having fun but in fact, you are taking steps towards your desired beach-body shape. 

Having a workout buddy also helps to drive you more. You can invite your friends and any family member to join you in doing your morning lunges and push-ups. A scientific study published at ScienceDaily pointed out that having an exercise companion boosts the number of exercises people do, especially when the workout partner is emotionally supportive. Who knows? Maybe that workout buddy of yours is also preparing for summer and you’ll get to hit the beach together! 

Most of the time, your workout partner is also a member of your household. While you are working towards your fitness goals for summer, you can push more and work towards a healthier life forever. Make sure that you are not only investing in your body but a healthy home as well. This is within your reach with Camella Healthy Homes. 

You are assured of a smart, spacious, and eco-friendly abode with Camella. Camella Healthy Homes is ideal for you who puts health as a priority with the availability of wide spaces you can use for gardening and disinfection. It also comes with the new and convenient Eco-Bins to help you maintain a clean environment. On top of these, Camella makes your sanctuary healthy with user-friendly and energy-efficient technology. Start working your way towards a healthier life by making a reservation now. 

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