Reasons to Invest in Pre-selling Properties in Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija

Camella Santa Rosa Greta House Model | House and Lot For Sale in Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija
Camella Santa Rosa Greta House Model | House and Lot For Sale in Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija

In 2023, making financial investments in real estate can be a fantastic way to generate significant income. It is also one of the most popular investment choices. Considering how out of hand the housing market is, you should consider buying real estate as a long-term investment. 

The interest rates on mortgages are currently at their highest point in almost a decade, and the values of properties are continuing their rapid rise nearly everywhere and at all times. This indicates that right now is the ideal time to purchase real estate or look for houses at reasonable prices that can be renovated and resold for a profit.

You might be familiar with the concept of pre-selling real estate. It is common knowledge that the Philippines is a hotspot for these deals due to their significant discount compared to the price they would sell on the local market. 

Pre-selling real estate properties in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija, are either commercial or residential units that are being offered for sale before to their completion or presentation to the general public.
Investing money into this kind of real estate might lead to the acquisition of a number of benefits in the long run.

Pre-selling house and lots have lower prices

According to real estate investment experts, the best way to ensure you will make capital gains on the property sale is to purchase it during the pre-sale phase. Through this, you can take advantage of prices typically lower than those offered later on and discounts. 

Since no actual house is sold, the initial price is significantly lower than it would otherwise be. Additionally, when compared to the price of a unit after completion or a commercial property, real estate companies typically offer discounts ranging from 10-30 percent of the original price. As an investor, you will surely achieve short-term capital gains due to the inevitable rise in property values as the work progresses.

Considered a great form of investment        

As the vast majority of people know, making investments in real estate is an excellent way to increase wealth due to the robust economy and consistent expansion that the nation is experiencing. One of the best ways to dive into it is by engaging in a pre-selling project. It provides a considerable profit because it offers a lower price than the local market. 

Moreover, pre-selling properties, especially pre-selling house and lots, may increase in value over time in addition to growing in value on the market where it is located. As a result, you will likely make more than what you invested. Putting money into a pre-sale property will likely result in a profit in the future, regardless of whether you choose to rent it out or sell it on the secondary market. 

Choosing a pre-selling apartment or house and lot makes more sense if you are an investor. Buying pre-selling properties gives you more room for cash flow and is an excellent investment opportunity in real estate. Since the property’s value rises from when it is being prepared for sale until it is finished, you will profit from it.

Owners can choose property location

Camella Communities in Nueva Ecija
Camella Communities in Nueva Ecija

One of the most vital aspects of real estate is location. Buyers are interested in its accessibility, appearance, security, business rates, and growth potential. Those who want to live in a gated community may be interested in the first three. 

For accessibility, it’s ideal to choose a house near the entrance for easier access outside and somewhere close to the subdivision’s amenities. This aspect also relates to being accessible from the city’s malls, schools, hospitals, entertainment, and recreation. 

For appearance, buyers will prefer owning a bigger lot area. However, slots like this may be limited to every subdivision; hence, holding them during pre-selling is crucial. 

Regarding safety, it is more convenient to own a unit close to the guard house to quickly access security personnel, even though almost all residential real estate properties prioritize this aspect.

Furthermore, getting a ready own house or condo or purchasing it later may limit your ability to choose your desired location because a specific area may no longer be vacant. As an investor, it is best to consider easily accessible units because it will be a perfect location and a selling point for potential buyers. 

Nowadays, both major developers and investors target pre-selling houses or pre-selling condos in nearby provinces from Metro Manila to be the perfect location for their investment. 

A bigger lot area can be acquired

Most people would benefit from having a bigger lot, and some prefer having it for various reasons. First, there will be a room for extra living space. The homeowner can either construct a new outdoor kitchen or add a swimming pool for recreational use. Second, the property owner can increase oxygen availability by cultivating other vegetation. 

A greener environment is beneficial not only to the health condition of our planet but also to the well-being of its inhabitants. Another option is to start a side business, such as an eggplant patch, vegetable garden, or a business related to a hobby. Finally, if you are a business owner who intends to sell it in the future, you are more likely to close a deal quickly because a more considerable lot is more appealing to a potential buyer.

With that in mind, this fantastic feature will likely come with a property you buy in Camella Santa Rosa. Compared to the other real estate developments in Nueva Ecija, Camella Santa Rosa has 1.25% to 1.57% more square meters of lot space. If you want to make the most of the area on your lot, consider investing in pre-selling houses in Camella Santa Rosa. 

Camella Santa Rosa | Real Estate Investment in Nueva Ecija

Camella Santa Rosa Marker | Nueva Ecija
Camella Santa Rosa Marker | Nueva Ecija

Camella Santa Rosa is a 10-hectare development in Brgy. Soledad, Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija that provides exquisitely designed Mediterranean-inspired homes within a gated community with 24-hour security and roving guards.

Homeowners will love the wide range of amenities Camella Santa Rosa offers, including a basketball court, swimming pool, pocket parks, jogging area, and a lush green community strategically situated near essential establishments. 

Your dream home in Camella Santa Rosa provides convenience near Metro. This year, having your own pre-selling property in Camella Santa Rosa is a wise investment opportunity that you should never miss.

Camella is the country’s largest home builder with an excellent reputation for building top-quality homes for over 40 years and counting. Check out the various Camella communities in Nueva Ecija and start your home-owning journey now.

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