Make a Champion Out of Your Investment Plans in General Santos City

Newest house and lot community in General Santos City, Camella Trails GenSan
Newest house and lot community in General Santos City, Camella Trails GenSan

Development is a moving force for a country’s economy to thrive. It is the same with personal growth. We as individuals seek development in our way of life. One of the most crucial decisions to make as an adult is about investment. Most people only have one goal in life—stability. In order for that to happen, one needs to be very smart in choosing where and what to invest in.

Invest in the Home of the Champions: General Santos City

General Santos is a place where you can invest like a champ. General Santos City has earned a lot of monikers as a city, including its claim to fame “Home of the Champions” after Filipino Boxing Champ, Sen. Manny Pacquiao who was born and raised in General Santos City. From entertainment, pageantry, sports, down to politics, the metropolis indeed houses many talents. On the other hand, the most interesting part here is that General Santos does not only make champions out of its people. The city in the Southern part of the beautiful and culture-rich island of Mindanao can also make champions out of your investment plans.

Organically Thriving Marine Life

Within the vastness of Mindanao awaits a home away from home for every Filipino and foreign traveler. For nature-lovers especially, Gensan will never go last on the list of localities with admirable natural landscape and environment in the whole country. The city boasts countless tourism gemstones, including a rich marine life which is one of the forefront of progress for the people of General Santos. Branded as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, this glimmering city takes pride in its well-maintained coastal zones with pristine waters that provides livelihood for the majority of households in the area.

The General Santos Fish Port Complex in Tambler functions as the center of fishing industry across Mindanao and hailed as the second largest fish port complex in the country. Its operation brings significance on the East Asia Growth Area for being the major fishing post infrastructure in the entire Mindanao.

General Santos, at large, provides thousands of jobs and generates millions in foreign exchange earnings for having six out of seven tuna canning plants in the Philippines, cementing their title.

Boom City of the South

As long as you aren’t a slacker, you will never face hunger in the capital city of South Cotabato. General Santos is a city of opportunities. The diversity of the cultures and the range of businesses in the locale has catapulted Gensan as the only highly-urbanized city in SOCSKSARGEN. Some would say that evidence of its impressive economy is rooted from the quality of its fish produce and the value of its fishing industry as a whole. Although this idea is not entirely wrong, we cannot discredit the impact that the agricultural sector created for its town in the past decades. Gensan is touted as the ‘Boom City of the South’ because of its remarkable leap in agriculture. To date, the city is a main exporter of various strains of corn, coconut, pineapple, asparagus, banana, and rice, in addition to its popular tuna fish.

Tourism Gateway

The city at the top of Sarangani Bay of the Celebes Sea is also a gateway to many municipalities in Mindanao such as Maasim and T’boli and also to major cities in Visayas and Luzon, thanks to its excellent infrastructure and big-ticket projects. The Mindanao Railway System connects General Santos to the other key localities of the large island—Davao, Butuan, Surigao, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Cotabato, and Zamboanga. Convenient connections of these cities mean convenient market trade and opportunity expansion. Gensan also owns one of the few Philippine airports that can lodge wide-bodied planes. The post-pandemic recovery and development of General Santos International Airport is being supported by the government’s Build Build Build program. On the other hand, Region 12, where Gensan is located, is close to becoming the major international gateway in the whole of Mindanao with its proposed Gensan Aerotropolis or the General Santos International Airport Industrial Complex. This project is focused on integrating the different points of entry in the said region. A 200-hectare property surrounding the Gensan airport is poised for future business and amusement parks, hotels, integrated food terminals, food processing and manufacturing activities, and shopping malls. It is being developed with a potential huge influx of investors in mind — within the already economically vibrant city. Lastly, Gensan also has a globally competitive seaport which is also one of the finest in the country, the Makar Wharf, equipped with modern container yards and storage and weighing bridges.


Trade, infrastructure, tourism, and business environment all work together to make General Santos one of the best places to live or start a business in the country. In addition to this is the educational sector. Despite being in the southernmost area of the Philippines, Gensan is one of the top cities that place a great value in education. It is home to many exemplary institutions like the Mindanao State University and Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. As a result, prestigious schools and universities all around the country are now starting to branch out in General Santos, like the historic University of Santo Tomas which will establish their first UST Campus outside Luzon.

Camella Trails Gensan

Swimming pool and clubhouse in General Santos of Camella Trails GenSan
Swimming pool and clubhouse in General Santos of Camella Trails GenSan

With a steady growth in the economy and the presence of infrastructure, General Santos City can be considered as the ideal home location. Camella Trails Gensan is a forerunner in real estate development and home investment opportunities in the city. The seven-hectare Spanish-Mediterranean themed community inspires a life as abundant as a summer’s harvest or a catch on a full moon. Homeowners can enjoy the urban advantages of the city through access to educational institution, medical facilities, commercial strips, and various dining options. It offers two-bedroom townhomes to five-bedroom two-storey homes accompanied by lifestyle features and amenities. The gated community also provides 24/7 security to ensure the safety of all its homeowners.

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