Camella claims its stake in Nueva Ecija, launches fifth project successfully

Unveiling of the fourth project of Camella in Nueva Ecija Camella Santa Rosa
Unveiling of the fifth project of Camella in Nueva Ecija Camella Santa Rosa

Camella, the country’s trusted and preferred real estate brand goes big in Nueva Ecija as it recently launched its fifth development in the province — Camella Santa Rosa.

Aptly themed “Abundance” as a way to celebrate the abounding natural resources and endless possibilities the municipality of Santa Rosa, and the province of Nueva Ecija, is known for.  The theme also alludes to a promising future that comes with living in this soon-to-rise community. 

Well-attended by hundreds of real estate investors and business partners, the guests were given a preview of the upcoming development, through product presentations and a showcase area featuring virtual tours of featured house models.

Ms. Rochelle Alpasan, Division Head, Camella North Luzon
Ms. Rochelle Alpasan, Division Head, Camella North Luzon

During the event, Camella’s Division Head for North Luzon, Rochelle Alpasan warmly welcomed the guests, sharing the company’s exciting plans for the development.

According to Alpasan, “Santa Rosa’s overflowing natural beauty, coupled with an incessant economic growth that brings home jobs and opportunities, offer the best business mix that attract investors and migrants alike. Camella remains steadfast in its commitment to be the province’s ally for progress. This is the inspiration behind the launch of this equally beautiful and exclusive property development in Santa Rosa.”

Camella Santa Rosa’s Marketing Head, Bermhel Organte, conducted an in-depth product presentation, including house offerings, amenities, security features, and other benefits of investing in the property. Santa Rosa provides access to everything a homeowner needs while being close to nature. 

“Camella Santa Rosa is a community of premium houses and lots, with lifestyle amenities. Its backdrop is a display of the town’s natural beauty, which is why we dubbed this a community in nature’s warm embrace. Live in your dream home and find that perfect balance between a serene environment and the convenience of a life near the metro city,” said Organte.

Camella Santa Rosa officers celebrating successful launch
Camella Santa Rosa officers celebrating successful launch

Michael Reyes, Camella Santa Rosa Cluster Head, closed the program by revisiting the history of Camella projects in Nueva Ecija. 

What makes Nueva Ecija an ideal place to live in?

Here, Nature and Progress Blend Seamlessly

Largest Solar Park to be built in Nuvea Ecija Photo from Solar Philippines
Largest Solar Park to be built in Nuvea Ecija Photo from Solar Philippines

Monikered the Rice Granary of the Philippines, Nueva Ecija is the largest province and the biggest rice producer in Central Luzon. According to the latest census, Nueva Ecija has a total population of 2,310,134.

Embraced by widely known mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre to the east, Caraballo Mountains to the west and the Cordillera to the north that serve not just as picture perfect backdrops but more importantly, as natural defenses against extreme weather conditions.

Nueva Ecija also takes pride in the richness of natural wonders spread across its landscape, such as the turquoise water of Penarada River in Minalungao National Park and the breathtaking vistas once you get to the top of Mount Kemalugong.

With a plethora of natural wonders and long-established customs, a worthwhile experience awaits at the heart of Central Luzon with Camella Santa Rosa.

Rich Traditions and Charming Sceneries

Endowed with a rich cultural heritage, Nueva Ecija is the melting pot of vibrant and unique traditions that influence its people’s way of life: Ragragsak Festival, Tanduyong Festival, and Feast of St. Rose De Lima, to name a few.

Some of the most frequented landmarks include St. Rose of Lima Parish Church and the famous “Miraculous Round Chapel of San Mariano.” Historical sites such as the 18th century ancestral houses in Santa Rosa; the famed ancestral house in Barangay San Gregorio, the Fort Magsaysay Military Camp, and the Apolinario Mabini Marker.

Nueva Ecija is Poised for Progress

Newly paved Agri Roads in Nueva Ecija Photo from DPWH
Newly paved Agri Roads in Nueva Ecija Photo from DPWH

While Nueva Ecija enjoys an agricultural bounty of rice, vegetables, and corn, it is also poised for economic growth.

The town is strategically located at the crossroads of two national highways: the Maharlika Highway and the Tarlac-Santa-Rosa-Fort Magsaysay Road, which usher the commercial and industrial growth in the province.  With the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) available to travelers, Metro Manila can now be reached within three hours. With the delivery of the Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX), additional benefits for Santa Rosa is much anticipated.

This acceleration in development is steadily replacing agriculture with services and agro-industry as main drivers for growth, and this shift is further boosting the development of the region.

For instance, the expanse of the Maharlika Highway is gradually turning into a commercial stretch of local businesses, constantly rivaling with national players, while the eastern part of town is gaining grounds through large-scale commercial farming.

These major road networks bring employment and business opportunities to the province, and has lured migrants from neighboring provinces and cities.

How does Camella Santa Rosa redefine Community Living in Nueva Ecija?

House and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija - Camella Santa Rosa
House and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija – Camella Santa Rosa

Camella Santa Rosa is a 10-hectare Spanish-Mediterranean-inspired community located in Brgy. Soledad, Santa Rosa, Nueva Ecija. Camella Santa Rosa features quality homes with its Camella Home series : Bella, Cara, Dani, Ella, Freya, and Greta. Whether one or two storeys, ach house model in Camella Homes Santa Rosa are crafted beautifully.

Apart from its beautifully-crafted homes, what sets Camella Santa Rosa apart from the other communities in town is its features. 

Camella Santa Rosa offers its residents lifestyle amenities and pockets of green spaces suitable for recreational activities. Unlike other real estate projects, Camella Santa Rosa’s amenities are well-thought out with its homeowners’ needs and convenience in mind.  Carefully planned, they will be constructed to blend with nature while still maintaining the amenities’ functionality. 

Camella Santa Rosa Amenity Features

·        Clubhouse

·        Swimming pool 

·        Basketball court 

·        Play area 

·        Pocket parks and jogging areas

·        Outdoor gym

Furthermore, Camella Santa Rosa is gated and surrounded by a high-perimeter fence, with roving security guards to assure every resident’s safety and security and keep the community’s exclusivity.

Investors and homeowners of Camella Santa Rosa also has easy access to the nearby Lakewood Golf and Country Club and Almon Waterpark. Living in this community makes every day feel like a vacation. 

Camella Santa Rosa offers house and lot and lots only packages that are easy on the pocket, making true on its promise to provide opportunities of home ownership for every Filipino family wherever they choose to put their roots down.

Enjoy life’s greatest moments in a spacious terrain accentuated by classic homes and exclusive amenities that suit different lifestyles. The property ensures its residents a safe and secure haven.

This house and lot in Santa Rosa’s strategic location along major thoroughfares and arterial roads brings it closer to areas of commerce, worship, education, leisure and entertainment as well as medical institutions.

Camella Santa Rosa is a promising and vibrant  community in the heart of Central Luzon — an impeccable place to lead a fulfilling life. It is set to redefine the idea of a perfect home in Nueva Ecija.

Entrance of Camella Santa Rosa
Entrance of Camella Santa Rosa

Places Nearby Camella Santa Rosa

Medical Centers 

·        Wesleyan University General Hospital 

·        Nueva Ecija Doctors Hospital 

·        Cabanatuan Medical Center 

Educational Institutions 

·        Santa Rosa National High School 

·        Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology 

Local Government Units

·        Santa Rosa Municipal Hall 

·        Cabanatuan City Hall 

·        National Food Authority 

Places of Recreation

·        Lakewood Golf and Country Club 

·        Almon Waterpark

Place of Worship 

·        St. Nicolas of Tolentine Cathedral 

Having a home in Camella Santa Rosa will give residents a unique living experience because it gives Novo Ecijanos the serene and peaceful life that Nueva Ecija offers while still having access to the convenience of modern living. Come Home to Camella Santa Rosa and have your home in nature’s warm embrace!

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