Popular Diving Spots in Palawan to Visit this Summer Photo from Unsplash

Six Popular Diving Spots in Palawan

Popular Diving Spots in Palawan to Visit this Summer Photo from Unsplash The archipelago of Palawan is not called the best island in the world for nothing. Here, you will find the most pristine beaches, turquoise-colored lagoons, and world-class diving spots with rich marine biodiversity. In the list below, we check the top diving sites in Palawan for the most convenient and extraordinary island...

Trekking Essentials You Should Not Forget

Mountain Trekking 101: Things to Bring during Trek

Trekking Essentials You Should Not Forget Trekking is just like hiking, but longer. If you look at it the first time, hiking might look similar, but there are significant differences. Hiking means walking on trails for long hours, and anyone can do it. On the other hand, trekking means walking on courses for two days or more. Trekking does not require technical skills but requires more...

El Nido, Palawan

Palawan: The Best Retirement Place In The Philippines

If you have been saving for retirement for a while, why not consider retiring in Palawan? People come to Palawan for a short break from reality or to escape from stressful work, while some visit to find themselves and have time to think of what they want in the future. For retirees, Palawan could be an endless adventure and paradise for the rest of your life.  Palawan was hailed as...

Family laughing and bonding together with food at their home

Homebuyer’s Guide: Ideal House and Lot Unit For Your Family

Buying a new home for your family is an important milestone. When buying a house and lot unit, it is essential to consider location, accessibility, convenience, and value for money; but you should also consider other important aspects, which are your family size and your family’s needs.   There are different types of families, as well as types of homes that suit each type of family....

House plants

Six Home Essentials for your Next Family Reunion

The holidays are just around the corner and you are excited to finally invite your family and friends over to your new Camella home. It has been a long year with travel bans, lockdowns, online classes, and work-from-home arrangements. You and your family all deserve to chill, relax, and spend some quality time together in the comforts of your home.   Brighten up your house and uplift your...

Township surrounded by greeneries

Top 5 Places to Buy House and Lot Near Metro Manila

Living in Metro Manila may seem attractive with its bustling urban life and opportunities. But as the Philippines' fast-paced capital, residing in a house and lot in the metro also has its downsides. People flocking to the capital increases its population, which in turn causes more stressors like the perpetual heavy traffic and higher cost of living. Are you one of those people who want to get away...

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