Popular Palawan Diving Spots

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Dive deeper than just beach bliss in Palawan. This island paradise transforms into an underwater wonderland, boasting some of Southeast Asia’s world-class diving spots.

Palawan’s rich marine biodiversity explodes in vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish.

Explore these underwater wonders on a casual day trip or embark on a thrilling liveaboard diving adventure, venturing further out to legendary wrecks and pristine reefs untouched by civilization.

From the wreck-strewn Coron Bay to the coral gardens of El Nido, Palawan’s diving spots cater to all experience levels. Prepare to be mesmerized by the extraordinary marine life and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Coron Bay

Image taken by Guillermo Bresciano, from Unsplash

Want to try wreck diving in Palawan? Found in the northern part of Palawan, Coron Bay is a popular diving spot because of the Japanese shipwrecks found in the area.

Around ten ships sank in the bay during the Second World War. The wrecks vary in degree of dive difficulty, a few for beginners and some for the more experienced divers. 

Coron Bay, situated in the northern expanse of Palawan, stands out as a premier wreck diving haven, beckoning adventurers to explore its submerged treasures. Delving beneath its crystalline surface unveils a hauntingly beautiful tableau of history and marine life intertwined.

Here, amidst the depths, lie remnants of Japanese shipwrecks from the tumultuous era of the Second World War, offering a poignant glimpse into the past.

Unparalleled canvas of imagery for underwater photography

For enthusiasts of underwater photography, Coron Bay presents an unparalleled canvas of imagery waiting to be captured. Each rusted hull and encrusted artifact tells a story of resilience and transformation, making it a photographer’s dream.

With around ten sunken vessels scattered across the bay, divers can choose from a range of wreck sites catering to different skill levels. Novices can dip their toes into the adventure with accessible wrecks, while seasoned divers can challenge themselves with more intricate explorations.

Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of discovery or the artistry of capturing moments frozen in time, Coron Bay promises an unforgettable journey beneath the waves.

Are you intrigued by the allure of wreck diving and underwater photography in Palawan’s Coron Bay?

Dilumacad Tunnel, El Nido

El Nido’s Dilumacad Tunnel is a hidden gem for scuba divers that offers a must-explore diving experience. Located on Dilumacad Island, also known as Helicopter Island, this underwater passage is a unique and beautiful site to explore.

Divers enter the tunnel at around 12 meters deep, where shafts of sunlight pierce through the ceiling, illuminating the vibrant reef fish that dart around the coral.

The tunnel stretches for about 40 meters and has a wide entrance that allows for comfortable exploration.

As you venture more profoundly, the tunnel opens into a cavern, revealing the exit and showcasing the full underwater beauty of this natural wonder.

Tagbao Island, El Nido

Image taken by Jonathan Beckman, from Unsplash

Shallow coral reef with abundant fish species

For all beginner divers! Tagbao Island, a tiny gem in El Nido’s Bacuit Bay, is the perfect spot for your first underwater adventure.

Nicknamed Tres Marias (Three Marias) by locals, Tagbao Island boasts shallow reefs teeming with an incredible variety of fish. The crystal-clear, shallow waters provide exceptional visibility, allowing you to explore this vibrant world confidently.

Dive instructors will be by your side as you marvel at the colorful coral formations blanketing the seabed in an explosion of shapes and sizes. Tagbao Island offers the ideal setting to take the plunge and discover the magic of scuba diving.

But Tagbao Island is for more than just beginners. Experienced divers can appreciate the island’s rich marine life as well.

Advanced divers can explore deeper areas around the island, where fascinating rock formations and swim-throughs offer exciting underwater challenges.

Tagbao Island promises an unforgettable underwater experience in El Nido, regardless of your skill level.

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake in Coron | Image taken by John Hernandez, from Unsplash

Experience a bizarre underwater experience in this unique freshwater – saltwater lake

Often hailed as the craziest dive site in the Philippines, Barracuda Lake on Coron Island lives up to the hype. Forget swimming alongside colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs.

This unique freshwater and saltwater lake offers a truly bizarre underwater experience.

Descend beneath the surface, and you’ll encounter a dramatic thermocline – a distinct layer separating the relaxed, comfortable freshwater at the top from the surprisingly hot saltwater below.

Fueled by volcanic activity, this geothermal anomaly can cause the water temperature to jump from a refreshing 82 degrees Fahrenheit to a steamy 100 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few meters!

Divers report a strange sense of weightlessness as they navigate these contrasting temperatures, making it feel like they’re exploring another planet.

While sightings of actual barracuda are rare, the otherworldly rock formations and the surreal temperature shifts solidify Barracuda Lake’s reputation as one of the most fascinating and unusual dives in the Philippines.

Cuttlefish Shawl, Puerto Princesa

Diving in Cuttlefish Shawl in Palawan | Image Source: https://www.bluehorizons.travel/

Suppose you are looking for a challenging dive. Cuttlefish Shawl, offers a one-of-a-kind experience with great depths and plenty of sea creatures.

Located near Puerto Princesa in Palawan, offers a captivating underwater experience for scuba divers of all levels.

Unlike the intense challenges of some Philippine dives, Cuttlefish Shawl boasts vibrant shallow reefs teeming with life. Here, colorful coral formations create intricate homes for a dazzling array of fish, making it a photographer’s paradise.

The true stars of the show, however, are the resident cuttlefish. These mesmerizing creatures, known for their ability to camouflage themselves, can often be spotted displaying their incredible skin patterns. But the beauty goes beyond the reef.

Keen-eyed divers might also encounter majestic sea turtles gliding effortlessly through the clear waters.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver seeking a relaxing exploration or a beginner mesmerized by the underwater world, Cuttlefish Shawl promises a dive unlike any other.

Tubbataha Reef Natural Park

Image source: https://marine-conservation.org/blueparks/awardees/tubbataha/

Hailed by UNESCO as one of the top diving sites in the world

This great diving spot is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering around 97,000 hectares of land and water. Tubbataha is regarded as one of the top diving spots in the world.

Various species of fishes, corals, birds, sharks, and dolphins are often spotted, even invasive species like manta rays, moray eels, snake eel, and many more. It is a center of marine biodiversity.

Traveling to the site is quite far and only accessible through a diving vessel. Still, the overall experience is all worth it. 

The list of diving spots in Palawan goes on. These are just six of the many diving spots found in Palawan. The diving industry contributes significantly to the province’s robust tourism sector.

With Palawan’s beauty, there’s no doubt why many local and foreign tourists choose to stay here. If you’re in for an island life like no other, Palawan is the place to be.

World-class tourist destinations and diving spots are easily accessible anytime. 

Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck

Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck - Dugong Dive Center
Image Source: https://dugongdivecenter.com/v3/dive-sites/kyokuzan-maru-shipwreck/

Explore the captivating remnant of World War II

Resting majestically on the seabed off Busuanga Island in Palawan is the Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck, a captivating remnant of World War II.

This once-proud Japanese freighter now offers a hauntingly beautiful dive experience, ranking among Coron’s most popular dive sites. Encrusted with vibrant coral reefs and teeming with marine life, the Kyokuzan Maru has transformed into an artificial reef ecosystem.

Divers can explore the shipwreck’s decks, cargo holds, and wheelhouse, encountering colorful fish flitting through the coral gardens. Keen-eyed divers might even spot reef sharks patrolling the deeper areas around the wreck.

The Kyokuzan Maru sits upright at a maximum depth of around 42 meters, with the deck accessible at a shallower depth of 22 meters. This variation in depth caters to divers of varying skill levels.

However, due to its depth and potential for penetration dives, exploring the wreck with a reputable dive center is recommended.

Responsible dive operators ensure a safe and unforgettable exploration of this historic underwater landmark.

Living in the island paradise Palawan

Living the Island Life in Palawan | Image taken by Cris Tagupa, from Unsplash

Palawan is a tropical paradise, often topping the list of international recognition for being the best island in the world.

The island’s pristine beaches, clear blue waters, and rich tropical rainforests make it an in-demand travel destination for local and international tourists.

There’s something magical about this archipelago’s charm that creates a unique and unforgettable holiday experience.

True to being the “Last Frontier,” Palawan has a rich biodiversity. It is home to a national treasure, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. 

The island’s tourism is not the only thriving industry in Palawan. It is a hotspot for investments because of its fast-growing economy.

Major economic activities in the area include agriculture, fisheries, and commerce. Its strategic location and flourishing state make it ideal for business ventures and investments.

Real estate developers are also expanding their presence here, especially in the capital city of Puerto Princesa, due to the growing demand for residential spaces.

Puerto Princesa is not just a jump-off point to other tourist destinations, El Nido and Coron. Still, the bustling capital is where the center of trade and commerce, education, communication, and public administration is found. 

What to eat in Palawan?

Fresh From the Sea

As an island paradise, Palawan’s claim to fame is undoubtedly its abundance of fresh seafood. A must-try is Kinilaw, a vibrant raw seafood salad cured in vinegar and citrus juices. The tangy, refreshing flavors are perfectly complemented by the sweetness of fresh mangoes and the crunch of onions. Grilled fish, a staple across the Philippines, takes on a new level in Palawan.

Look for catches like marlin, tuna, or lapu-lapu (grouper), all perfectly grilled over charcoal to deliver a smoky and succulent taste. Take advantage of lobster or crabs, often served simply steamed or grilled, allowing their natural sweetness to shine.

Local Specialties

Palawan offers a unique twist on classic Filipino dishes. Chicken Inasal, a local favorite, features chicken marinated in a unique blend of annatto oil, lemongrass, and spices, then grilled to juicy perfection.

For the adventurous eater, crocodile sisig is a must-try. This local take on the sizzling pork dish uses crocodile meat instead, offering a surprisingly delicious and tender alternative.

A Taste of the Land

Palawan’s cuisine is about more than just seafood. Latik, a rich coconut caramel sauce, is often drizzled over vegetables or used as a dip for halo-halo, a vibrantly colored dessert made with shaved ice, sweetened beans, fruits, and leche flan. Lato seaweed, or sea grapes or green caviar, is a unique local delicacy with a popping texture and slightly salty flavor. Enjoy a refreshing appetizer with a simple vinegar and soy sauce dip.

Sweet Endings

No Filipino meal is complete without dessert. Hopia, a flaky pastry filled with sweet mung bean paste, is a popular Palawan treat.

Try buko pandan, a creamy dessert made with young coconut meat, pandan leaves, and tapioca pearls for something refreshing. And, of course, there’s always halo-halo, a visually stunning and endlessly customizable dessert perfect for sharing.

Where to Eat?

Palawan offers a variety of dining experiences to suit your budget and preferences. Head to a beachfront restaurant and enjoy fresh seafood with a view. For a local experience, try a carinderia, a small, family-run eatery serving traditional Filipino fare.

In Puerto Princesa, take advantage of Boodle Fight, a restaurant specializing in large, family-style platters of grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables served on banana leaves.

Island Life in Palawan

Life in Palawan | Image taken by Ehmir Bautista, from Unsplash

From Boardrooms to Beaches

Leaving the corporate world behind is challenging. Saying goodbye to the familiar and the comfortable is a leap of faith. Yet, the allure of Palawan was too strong to resist. The crystal-clear waters, the pristine beaches, and the lush rainforests all painted a picture of a life far removed from the daily grind.

Finding Place in Paradise

The transition had its challenges. Adjusting to a slower pace of life took time. Learning to navigate the local markets and barter for the freshest catch is an adventure. But with each passing day, Palawan will embrace you. The kindness of the locals, the stunning natural beauty around every corner, the sense of community – it all started to feel like home.

Living Simply, Living Richly

Life in Palawan is only for some. There needs to be more material wealth, and the internet connection can be patchy. But the trade-off is a life rich in experiences. Swimming with bioluminescent plankton at night or watching fireflies dance in the twilight is a luxury no money can buy.

Is Palawan Right for You?

If you’re looking for a life filled with adventure, where nature is your playground and community is your family, then Palawan might be calling your name. It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those willing to embrace the unknown, it offers a chance to reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

So, if you’re reading this with a yearning for something different, a less ordinary life, consider this your invitation to explore the possibility of island living in Palawan. It might just be the most excellent adventure you ever embark on.

Other things to do in Palawan

Image taken by Secret Travel Guide, from Unsplash

Underground River Tour

Puerto Princesa boasts the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take an underground river tour and explore a vast cave system with towering chambers, remarkable rock formations, and a hidden river.

Ziplining and Mangrove Forest Tour

Combine your underground river tour with a zipline adventure and explore the Puerto Princesa mangrove forest from above. Soar through the treetops and get a bird’s-eye view of this critical ecosystem.

Experience the Jungle River Cruise and Firefly Watching

Take a nighttime cruise on the Iwahig River and witness a breathtaking display of fireflies illuminating the riverbanks. It’s a truly magical experience.

Visit Calauit Safari Park

Get close to wildlife at the Calauit Game Refuge and Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is home to various animals, including zebras, giraffes, and calamian deer.

Camella Puerto Princesa: A Resort-inspired Community at the heart of Palawan

House and lot for sale find properties in Palawan

If you’re looking for a trusted home builder in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Camella Puerto Princesa features a sustainable house and lot community found in the heart of the city center.

Enjoy a holistic and well-rounded lifestyle in this award-winning structure built following Camella’s signature pillars of excellence.

This resort-inspired community was named the 2015 Best Mid-Range Development-Resort and 2016 Best Housing Development-Resort by the Philippines Property Awards. 

Camella Puerto Princesa offers a Caribbean-themed community complete with impressive amenities: a clubhouse, basketball court, playground, swimming pool, jogging trail, biking path, and a gated entrance.

The master-planned neighborhood promotes a relaxed and healthy environment perfect for starting families, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), young professionals, and individuals looking for a more balanced living. 

Located along Gabinete Road, Puerto Princesa, this house and lot for sale in Puerto Princesa is near essential establishments like business centers, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, churches, and major transportation routes. 

Vista Manors Verdant: A Pine Estate Vertical Village in Palawan

RFO Condo in Palawan Vista Manors Verdant
RFO Condo in Palawan Vista Manors Verdant

If you are set to own a vertical lifestyle of your own, Vista Manors Verdant will bring you closer to your dream.

Nestled close to Camella Puerto Princesa along Gabinete Road, Vista Manors Verdant offers ready for occupancy condo units in Palawan. 

Vista Manors Verdant

This project offers you a 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom RFO condo for sale inside its two condo buildings. It will also house resort-themed amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, kiddie pool, playpark, and fitness gym.

At the same time, condo owners enjoy an excellent perspective of the breathtaking island of Palawan. 

Camella: Your Best Real Estate Investments in Palawan 

Camella marries convenience and accessibility together, making it an ideal investment because of its prime location.

You can access tourist attractions like beach resorts, island resorts, and spas just within reach. The Puerto Princesa International Airport is also a few minutes away from both properties.

Start building your dream house in the tropical paradise of Palawan. Camella Puerto Princesa offers high-quality homes, and Vista Manors Verdant offers you formal living inside its RFO condo units on the beautiful island of Palawan. 

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