Why Cats Are the Best Home Pets

Cat as home pet - Camella Homes
Cat as a home pet – Camella Homes

Are you struggling to find a pet that perfectly suits your lifestyle? Some of us live in condominiums or apartments with strict pet policies but still want a good fluffy companion. There are numerous pets to choose from, but this article will further convince you to have a cat as your pet. 

Aside from being cute, here are more reasons why these furbabies are the best home pet.

Cats Groom Themselves

Cats are clean most of the time. According to CARA Welfare Philippines, these lovely animals spend 30% of their life grooming themselves. You won’t have to fret about cleaning them up since they constantly clean themselves after eating, pooping, and peeing, even after you pet them. Indoor cats also don’t have to be regularly bathed since they are already clean and don’t stink as much. But it’s recommended by the National Cat Groomers Institute of America to wash your pet at least once every four to six weeks. However, on the other hand, outdoor cats may need to be cleaned more; since they are more exposed to dirt from outside.

Check here for more tips on bathing your cat: How Often Should You Bathe a Cat | Vetericyn.

Moreover, cats are independent enough on their bathroom habits, especially litter-trained ones. They know how to clean their butts and genitals after doing their business. Hence, you don’t have to clean up after them every time they poop or pee. All that’s left to do is scoop their deposits out of their litter box at night or every other day; if you don’t have ample time to do so. Also, they know how to hold their poo or pees whenever they don’t have immediate access to their litter box.

So, if your cat is not litter trained yet, check here for more tips on the steps to litter train your pet: Litter Training Kittens: Easy Tips for Cat Potty Training | PetMD

Cats are Low-Maintenance

If cats have access to water, food, and a litter box, they can be left alone for a day or two. You can also free-feed them since they only eat until they are satisfied. According to CARA Welfare Philippines, an average these mammal sleeps between 12 and 14 hours a day, so they won’t even bother you leaving the house.

Having a cat also requires less responsibility since they don’t need to be walked multiple times a day; especially indoor cats. They don’t enjoy much walking, but they have more energy to play and run around the house whenever it’s playtime. Some indoor cats are also afraid of being brought outside since they have already gotten used to the environment at home. On the other hand, outdoor cats go out of the house and explore the outside world independently. They know how to entertain themselves by going to different places that they find interesting. These furry creatures even know how to navigate their way back to your house; (make sure you put a name tag or collar on your pet so that they won’t be taken in by other people who might misunderstand them as stray pet). But if you are still paranoid about your outdoor cat not going home; you can put a GPS pet tracking collar on them so that you’ll know where they are spending their time.

Cats are Good for Your Health

According to the research by Qureshi et al. (2009), among people who own these fur babies; there has been a decrease in the risk of death due to heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it has also been observed that pet ownership can calm your nervous system; and reduce stress and anxiety; because having a cat and petting a it triggers the release of endorphins into the brain, which makes both the owner and the pet happier. Thus, it has been proven that owning a cat as a pet can reduce the cardiovascular diseases risk among high-risk individuals. Lastly, cats purr can also decrease symptoms of difficulty in breathing in both pets and humans.

In addition, a study conducted by the National Institute of Health (2002) said that children under 1-year-old raised in a house; with cats are less likely to develop all types of allergic diseases; a few are ragweed, grass, and dust mites than children who were raised without these lovely creatures. This study was aided by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS); and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

They are Eco-Friendly Pet Choice

Cats don’t eat meat as much as other pets do since they prefer fish, beef, or wet and dry food. Since the lifetime resources needed to feed and take care of it have a smaller carbon footprint and lower overall cost; it is better for the environment. So if you are an owner who wants to stay eco-friendly and wants to stay on budget; then this little beastie is good for you. 

Cats are Good Companions

People who have never owned a cat always misinterpret that cats are antisocial pets. However, this has been a long misguided belief among pet lovers! Although these creatures may spend most of their time sleeping or just sitting around, once a pet owner provides a nurturing environment for their furry feline, cats would also reciprocate that love and attention in return. 

Cats Will Keep Your House Pest-Free

Cats are instinctive predators; they hunt insects and paw on them. Sometimes they even eat them if you won’t intervene quickly. They also have keen senses; which helps them see, smell; and hear nearby insects more swiftly than humans, even when they are asleep. So if you are frightened of insects or mice; then you must have a cat so they can get rid of it for you, and all you have to do is clean the mess up!

Cats are pretty adaptable to their owners; they reflect how you treat them. So if you are a person who has a busy body with full-time jobs but still wants a pet; or you’re just an average person who wants a good companion; then a cat is the perfect one for you, and the details mentioned above are just a few reasons why cats are the best!

Written by: Jamie Anne Pacheco

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