Taking Care of Fur Pets Inside Your Condo

Taking care of your pet inside your condo | Camella
Taking care of your pet inside your condo | Camella

Finally! Our cutest, adorbs, cuddly and tiny furbabies can be with us under the same roof. Didn’t everyone wait for this? In case you didn’t know, then this is to officially inform you that the wait is completely over because small-sized pets are allowed in Camella Manors where we can have our unlimited cuddles with them all day long. From hereon, our homes will be filled with cuteness overload more than ever!

Top Fur Pets Allowed in Condos

Since time immemorial, pets, mainly dogs, have been continuously taken in to guard people’s homes and protect the members of their families or guard their farm livestock. Some even take in pets, such as cats, to shoo away pests. If people were to look at their pets functionally, which has been done from generation to generation, they can be really of service to the ones that took them in. If brought into superstitious households, it is because these people believe that pets could sense and ward off evil spirits. In fact, in a survey of 2,000 households with pets conducted by Blue Cross (2015), it has been found out that 30% of these people believe that having their pets around them can protect them from ghosts and other spiritual beings. However, the times have changed and pets are not entirely seen as guardians or pest exterminators anymore merely fulfilling their duties to their owners as they were expected to and trained for, but rather a company at home and members of the family with varying adorable roles as channels of love to their fur parents in the form of 4-legged furbabies. And what better place to feel this cascading love from our furbabies than at home? 

Furbabies in Camella Manors

In a pet-friendly environment, our furbabies can fully extend their love to us as we would never fail to do the same to them. In a home that allows furbabies to be a part of the family-like what Camella Manors does, these 4-legged babies would surely grow and be nurtured with the love and care they deserve. Moreover, not only does Camella Manors allow hoomans to live their life the best way possible, it’s perfect for the tiny playful furbabies, too! With this, it’s only expected that every condo household with pets bursts into awe every day as these furbabies cascade their love to us, fur parents, from the minute we wake up until the time we tuck into bed. 

If you are not a fur parent yourself yet, here are possible roles of a furbaby at home which might just be exactly what you are looking for: 

Furbaby as a family

Pets are rehomed to become members of different families. Regardless of their being, their love for us never fails to exist and be felt adorably. As a matter of fact, if we see them as our family, it is only natural to treat them like our own or as babies, kids, and the youngest members of our family, eat our meals with them, bring their milk for them to drink, include them on our hobbies and activities, watch our favorite movies with them, bring them to our travels, and tuck them into our beds the same time we sleep.

How the times have changed that having them in our homes gives us the sense of needing to protect a precious member, to the point that we could not leave them behind at all even if it’s just errands we need to do, and not the other way around anymore, with them protecting us and ensuring our safety. Of course, at this point in time, don’t be surprised anymore if you know people who celebrate the birthdays of their furbabies with delicious cakes and lots of treats because it’s one way of showing how much they value the presence of their furbabies in their homes, and it is what these furbabies deserve even if what they only do is simply being cute. Furthermore, if you happen to see a dog or cat wearing cute clothes and dresses, it is automatic that its fur parents see it as their child of their own, and it’s just so cute dressing them and showcasing their cuteness to everyone!

Furbaby as a friend

While a dog is a man’s best friend, the man is the dog’s everything. As for cats, although they tend to ignore us sometimes when we call out their names when they feel the need for affection, they can be so clingy and don’t want you to let go of them with their purring that shows that they are so comfortable with you. It gives us happiness caressing our furbabies and playing with them which can be as fun to us as it really is to them. With our furbabies as our friends, they are willing to listen to us and actually understand us. Some even argue with their dogs! It just shows how healthy it is to interact with them and treat them as companions where you never feel alone. Furbabies are really by our side all the time especially when we feel lonely and there’s no one around to talk to and vent our feelings out with. Even just by sitting or lying somewhere with their cute faces looking at us and their soft tiny paws touching us, we, as the loving fur parents, then feel being awestruck by the simple things our furbabies do.

Utilizing the wide areas of Camella Manors, we can walk our furbabies anytime and they can play as much as they want with their other furry friends and neighbors and explore the places there. It is also important that our little friends know where to do their little businesses at home, especially when our home is a condo unit.

Fur Pets Need Love

We can’t deny the fact that there are lots of reasons why fur parents take in furbabies at their homes. However, it varies depending on the roles they want to embed in their furbabies, which, of course, should not affect their health and well-being negatively. Some take them in to be a loving family member, for companionship, for safety and protection of their households, to be their therapists due to their willingness to listen always in times of loneliness, to be a company for growth and wellness, because of their undeniable cuteness, or even just for the sake of it — which is not a bad thing as long as they are all healthy.

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Now, we know why people welcome furbabies to their warm homes, treating them as equals. It is because of the unconditional love they can give to us. Through this, we can do a lot of things that impact us positively and things that we need in our lives. Thus, let us love our furbabies as they resonate and give it to us a thousandfold.

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