What Makes a Great Father?

Sometimes, I ask myself, what makes a great dad? With Father’s Day coming up, I remember this short story from a book my grandmother used to tell me when I was in grade school. It’s a remarkable story about a father’s love for his son.  

It goes like this: one day, the father and son were sitting on a couch together by their window. By the way, the father had become too old, and his son was about 18 years old and is very educated, unlike his father.  

They just sat in silence, and after a few minutes, a crow came down on their windowpane. They both saw it from where they sat, and then out of the blue, his father remembered something, so he immediately asked his son, “What is that?”.  

The son, believing his father cannot see the crow, clearly answered, “It is a crow.” His father just nodded, and they sat in silence.  

After a while, his father asked again, “What is that?”. Then, almost losing his patience again, the son said, “It is a crow, dad.” This continued for a while.  

His father asked the same question for the fifth time, and his son got very irritated! The son already lost his patience, and all it had taken was five times! “Do you not understand? It is a crow, dad, a crow!” His son finally shouted as he was very irritated because of his father asking the same question repeatedly.  

Without saying anything, his father stood up from the couch and left the room. His son heard noises and eventually followed his father’s footsteps. His father seemed to be looking for something.  

After a while, his father was holding an old tape he found from his forty-year-old bag. Then, without saying anything, his father showed his son a video clip—it was an old clip of him and his four-year-old son. They were talking and lying on the same couch they seated earlier while looking outside their window.  

It felt like deja vu as his son repeatedly asked his father the same question several times about the crow that sat outside near their window. Twenty-three times to be exact. It took the son took twenty-three times to see that it was a crow. After witnessing the clip, the son looked so red and was left dumbfounded. 

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I ask myself again, what makes a great father?  

Growing up, some of us like to watch stories and cartoons of superheroes. In the world of comic books and fantasy literature, there have been various astounding and powerful superheroes. We noticed that each superhero has unique sets of characteristics and powers. I guess we all have our favorite and ultimate OG superhero that we all want to have in our lives. To have a knight in shining armor who would save us whenever we’re having a bad day. 

But in reality, the first and the ultimate OG superhero in a child’s life is their father.  

Our father has become the symbol of strength that binds our entire family together. Truth be told, have you ever met anyone so strong as your father? Our fathers work day and night diligently to give their family a comfortable and good life. As a result, they have become our source of inspiration.  

On a lighter note, a father is every girl’s first love. Our father held our hand when we tried to ride the bicycle for the first time. He picked us up when we fell down. Bad grades at school? He would comfort you and cheer you up with your favorite ice cream. When you’re heartbroken, he would grieve over your loss more than he would admit. When you fail to land yourdream job, he’d secretly transfer money to your bank account each month.  

Indeed, our fathers have become a pillar of support. We know, and we are assured that our father will become our refuge if something goes wrong. Every time life lets us down, our fathers are there to pick us right back up and encourage us to move forward. All these years, through thick and thin, our father has been there for us. 

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

But our fathers are more than what they are to us. They’re also loving and caring husbands. He makes sure to come home on time and spend quality time with his loving wife. He is also an obedient son and to his parents and a loyal friend to his peers. So you see, our fathers try their best and work very hard to keep our family safe and happy. Our fathers are the steadiest support systems that we can rely on. 

Although this may not be true for some families because it has never always been rainbows and butterflies. Some children grew up without a father but had other persons in their lives taking the role of a father figure. So let’s not forget to greet them with a Happy Father’s Day as well. 

Now let’s go back with the question: what really makes a great father? There are no perfect fathers. Becoming a great father is just by becoming a good husband, son, and friend, and subsequently, you’ll become a great father.  

Cheers to our super dads out there! Do not hesitate to shower your father with love and attention. Let us show our fathers how much we appreciate them in every way that we can.

Photo taken from Camella

That is why, to honor and respect all the fathers around the world and their efforts, we celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June worldwide. So stay safe and have your Father’s Day Celebration at home! Make your fathers feel special during that day, for they deserve all the good and beautiful things in life.  

Moreover, in Camella, you can celebrate and spend your Father’s Day in the comforts of your house and lot. There are tons of ways to make your Father’s Day celebration a blast without stepping outside. For example, you can set up a refreshing breakfast on the balcony of your house and lot as a surprise or have an alfresco lunch celebration in your backyard.  If your father prefers a night celebration, arrange a little barbeque or the famous samgyupsal night together with your family! 

Visit Camella’s official website at www.camella.com.ph for more creative tips on celebrating Father’s Day and other special occasions within your house and lot.  Do not forget to greet your dad this Father’s Day! 

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