Best Honeymoon Destinations in Cebu

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Here are the best honeymoon destinations in Cebu that are worth checking out.

Honeymoons are often considered the most exciting and romantic chapter after the whirlwind of wedding planning and the joyous ceremony of tying the knot. But during these times, couples have to get extra creative to find the perfect romantic getaway. This is where destinations like Cebu City shine!

Cebu City, known for its astounding natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers honeymooners a treasure trove of experiences. Those who live nearby are lucky and can easily explore its wonders. But fear not; even if Cebu isn’t your home turf, this list will help you narrow down your search for the perfect honeymoon haven. Get ready to discover the best honeymoon destinations in Cebu for an unforgettable romantic escape with your significant other.

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Image taken from Plantation Bay Resort & Spa Official Facebook page

A haven crafted for romance and unforgettable experiences

Location: Marigondon, Mactan Island 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

Immerse yourselves in wedded bliss at this premier Cebu resort, a haven crafted for romance and unforgettable experiences. Step into a world of elegance, where your private pool villa awaits. These luxurious sanctuaries boast refined décor, creating a sophisticated and intimate ambiance perfect for honeymooners.

Unwind on your private patio or private balcony, take a refreshing dip in your plunge pool, or gaze at the breathtaking scenery. Every corner emits a romantic atmosphere to foster romance and connection.

Beyond the luxurious confines of your villa, the resort offers many romantic adventures to ignite your spark. Glide across crystal-clear waters in a tandem kayak, sharing laughter and whispered secrets as you explore hidden coves together. For the thrill-seeking couple, challenge yourselves at the resort’s firing range, a unique bonding experience that tests your focus and teamwork. Or, delve into the vibrant underwater world with a thrilling scuba diving excursion. Imagine the awe-inspiring sights you’ll witness hand-in-hand.

This resort caters to every whim, ensuring your honeymoon perfectly blends relaxation, adventure, and romance.

Kandaya Resort

Image taken from Kandaya Resort Official Facebook page

One of Cebu’s prestigious romantic resort

Location: Kandaya Resort, Daanbantayan, Central Visayas 6013 Daanbantayan Cebu, Philippines

While Cebu City offers its charm, true relaxation and romance can be found just a scenic 3-hour drive north at Kandaya Resort. This hidden gem promises a getaway that will make the journey absolutely worth your while.

Considered one of Cebu’s most prestigious romantic resorts, Kandaya Resort caters to couples seeking a fuss-free island staycation. It’s the perfect destination for those who want to escape the ordinary and experience unparalleled luxury.

Prepare to be indulged from the moment you arrive. The resort boasts a beachfront location, offering stunning ocean views that will leave you breathless. Kandaya Resort has truly thought of everything to make your stay unforgettable.

Spoil yourselves with their fantastic spa facilities, perfect for reconnecting and unwinding together. Indulge in the privacy of their private pool villas, complete with lavish designs that will make you want to capture every moment (and they’ll definitely be Instagram-worthy!). For adventurous couples, there are exciting water activities for two, allowing you to create lasting memories together.

Whether celebrating a honeymoon or simply seeking a romantic escape, Kandaya Resort promises an experience unlike any other. This secluded paradise will reignite the spark and leave you wishing your stay could last a lifetime.

Les Maisons D’Itac

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A destination with breathtaking sunset views and luxurious accommodations

Location: Patricks Road, Brgy. Santa cruz 6034 Ronda, Cebu, Philippines

This place is one of the best choices for couples who do not want to travel far from the city. Nestled conveniently within easy reach, this resort offers the serenity of an island getaway, complete with breathtaking sunset views and luxurious accommodations that you will surely love. Whether you are planning a romantic escape or a group retreat, this resort has various options to cater to your needs. From intimate spaces for couples to more extensive suites for groups, they truly have it all.

The resort’s beachfront accommodations are designed to spoil couples romantically, with private balconies overlooking the ocean, where you can enjoy a peaceful morning coffee or a stunning sunset.

The rooms are elegantly decorated, blending modern comforts with local charm, ensuring a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. For further relaxation, the resort boasts extensive spa facilities and swimming pools where you can indulge in rejuvenating treatments and massages, perfect for unwinding together.

Alhibé Farm

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Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars

Location: Sitio Baucan, Brgy. Sac-on 6005 Carmen, Cebu, Philippines

Looking for an immensely romantic and unique way of spending your honeymoon? How about a treetop accommodation in the middle of the prolific mountains? Imagine waking up to birds chirping and the gentle rustling of leaves, surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eye can see. On this farm, that is precisely what you can get.

The couple will surely swoon over spending time together at a private man-made lagoon swimming pool and stunning gardens, where they can lose themselves in the beauty of nature. The property is a one-hectare area hidden in the jungles of Carmen, Cebu, with perfect nipa-house accommodations for couples, providing an intimate and secluded haven. 

And let’s remember the culinary delights that await you. Not to mention, you can enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars on the private balcony the farm offers. Imagine a table set just for two, with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight.

Bluewater Maribago

Image taken from Bluewater Maribago Beach Resort Official Facebook page

Perfect for couples seeking a romantic getaway

Location: Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015

Bluewater Maribago is widely acknowledged as one of the premier resorts in Cebu, offering a diverse range of amenities that cater to all kinds of vacationers, with particular attention to couples seeking a romantic getaway. Nestled along the picturesque shores of Mactan Island, this resort is renowned for its exceptional service and stunning natural surroundings.

One of the standout features of Bluewater Maribago is the Amuma Spa, which is hailed as the best spa in the entire province. This sanctuary of relaxation offers an array of treatments, including both group and couple spa experiences, designed to rejuvenate the body and mind. The spa’s tranquil environment and skilled therapists ensure every guest feels refreshed and pampered.

Dining at Bluewater Maribago is an experience, with the Allegro Restaurant at the heart of it all. This restaurant is not only committed to serving delectable cuisine but also to creating an unforgettable dining atmosphere. A live band serenades diners each night, adding to the romantic ambiance that makes this resort a favorite among couples.

The menu features a variety of dishes that highlight local flavors and international favorites, ensuring that there is something to satisfy every palate. The combination of mouthwatering food, soothing music, and a beautiful setting makes dining at Allegro an event to remember.

Beyond the spa and dining experiences, the resort boasts a private beach with exclusive access to the pristine white sand beach of the area. This beach offers breathtaking sunset views, perfect for a romantic stroll or a quiet moment of reflection. Couples can enjoy the serene beauty of the ocean while lounging on the beach or participate in various water activities available at the resort.

Whether it’s a day of relaxation or adventure, the private beach at Bluewater Maribago provides an idyllic backdrop for creating lasting memories. The combination of luxurious accommodations, top-notch amenities, and a stunning natural environment makes Bluewater Maribago a top choice for travelers seeking an extraordinary escape in Cebu.

Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort

Image taken from Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Official Facebook page

Consider Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort

A resort that blends Filipino warmth with subtle touches of Thai culture

Location: Punta Engaño Rd, Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

This luxury resort hotel opened in December 2019, yet it has already garnered a stellar reputation for its world-class amenities and exceptional hospitality. Nestled in a picturesque location, the resort blends Filipino warmth with subtle touches of Thai culture, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere that delights every guest. Each corner of the resort is designed to be a visual feast, offering stunning aesthetics and an unparalleled sense of relaxation.

Guests can indulge in the resort’s myriad of luxurious features, such as the breathtaking infinity pool that appears to merge seamlessly with the horizon. The pool provides a perfect vantage point for witnessing the mesmerizing sunsets that paint the sky in vivid hues, making for an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, the resort boasts a private beach, offering an exclusive and serene environment to unwind and soak up the sun. Whether you stroll along the shoreline or share a romantic moment with your significant other, the setting is undeniably enchanting.

Conveniently located, the resort is easily accessible from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, ensuring a hassle-free journey for travelers.

Treehouse De Valentine

Image taken from Treehouse de Valentine Official Facebook page

Cradled by nature’s embrace

Location: Barangay Hingatmonan, Balamban, Cebu Philippines

Treehouse de Valentine claims to be the perfect staycation place if you’re looking for romance. With its location in the deep jungles of Balamban Cebu, this place aims for you to be cradled by nature’s embrace as the overflowing river and abundant trees surround you. They offer a private Jacuzzi, canopy beds, and the ever Instagram-worthy hanging hammock we see in every photo of the visitors. Not to mention the nature-inspired decors that can awaken the nature-loving person in you, it’s truly an adventure for couples while enjoying the romantic accommodations.

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort 

Image taken from Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort Official Facebook page

A gem known for its unique sandbar

Location: Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

This island has a 24-hectare area at the end of Southeastern Cebu. It offers the best beachfront views for couples. They may as well enjoy drinking by the bonfire at night with an intimate setup while stargazing under the moonlight. Staycation in this is indeed a time away from the city.

 Sumilon Island, a white sand beach, is a gem known for its unique sandbar, which intriguingly changes with the seasons, offering a new landscape to explore each time you visit. This dynamic natural feature captures the essence of the island’s enchanting beauty. Adding to its charm is a beautiful lighthouse within a protected tree park, casting a historical glow over the surroundings. This lighthouse and a 19th-century historical watchtower stand as a sentinel of the island’s rich heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into the past.

Adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts will find plenty to do on Sumilon Island. The island offers a variety of activities, including scuba diving in its crystal-clear waters, where the vibrant marine life will leave you in awe. Another must-experience activity is the famous whale shark watching, which provides a thrilling opportunity to witness these gentle giants up close. 

Areca Palm Hut

Image taken from Areca Palm Hut Official Facebook page

A perfect escape for those seeking a break from the hectic pace of urban life

Location: Catmon, Cebu, Philippines

This gem is hidden in the quiet neighborhood of Catmon, Cebu, a quaint area two hours from the bustling main city. Areca Palm Hut is a perfect escape for those seeking a break from the hectic pace of urban life. The place offers a Bali-inspired experience, featuring cozy nipa accommodations that promise privacy and tranquility for guests, making it an ideal retreat for couples. The surroundings are lush and verdant, creating a serene atmosphere immediately soothing the senses.

One of the highlights of staying at Areca Palm Hut is the opportunity to indulge in a floating breakfast by the pool. This unique service allows couples to enjoy a sumptuous meal while basking in the serene ambiance of the water and greenery. The experience is romantic and intimate, reinforcing that this place is a haven for those looking to reconnect and relax.

The verdant environment, combined with the quiet charm of the neighborhood, makes Areca Palm Hut a destination that promises romance and peace. The attention to detail in the design and services offered makes every moment spent here memorable. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, exploring the lush surroundings, or simply enjoying the privacy of your cozy nipa hut, Areca Palm Hut provides a perfect blend of seclusion and romance. 

Amihan Beach Cabanas

Images taken from Amihan Beach Cabanas Facebook page

One of the country’s most beloved travel destinations

Location: A. Batobalonos Street, Santa Fe, Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines 6047

Bantayan Island is one of the country’s most beloved travel destinations, renowned for its stunning resorts like Amihan Beach Cabanas. Amihan Beach Cabanas’ luxurious Casita is perfect for honeymooners, offering an intimate retreat with private beach access, a romantic open bath, and breathtaking sea views.

Amihan Beach Cabanas takes pride in its commitment to eco-friendly practices. It crafts its beautiful cabanas from bamboo and other sustainable materials. This attention to detail ensures that every stay is relaxing and harmonious with nature.

Whether you’re lounging by the beach or enjoying the modern comforts of your cabana, the resort provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to rejuvenate in a picturesque and environmentally conscious setting.

Crimson Resort and Spa

Images taken from Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan Official Facebook page

A beach resort offers an idyllic blend of natural beauty and sophisticated comfort

Location: Seascapes Resort Town Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines

When it comes to honeymoon resorts, Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan in Cebu stands out as one of the premier destinations for newlyweds seeking a romantic and luxurious getaway. Nestled in one of the country’s most prestigious tourist destinations, this sprawling 6-hectare beach resort offers an idyllic blend of natural beauty and sophisticated comfort. The resort is conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from Mactan International Airport, making it easily accessible for couples eager to start their honeymoon without the hassle of long travel times.

Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan is renowned for its luxurious private pool villas, each featuring individual plunge pools that offer an intimate and relaxing retreat. These well-appointed guestrooms combine comfort and style with their contemporary Asian design, creating a serene atmosphere perfect for honeymooners. In addition to the private villas, the resort boasts an array of top-notch amenities, including the best Infinity Pool in Mactan, Cebu, where couples can enjoy breathtaking ocean views while basking in the sun.

The resort’s prime location on Mactan Island provides easy access to some of the area’s best diving and snorkeling spots, allowing couples to explore the vibrant marine life together. Dining experiences at Crimson are equally exceptional, with multiple restaurants offering a variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate.

Camella in Cebu


Couples may enjoy these romantic settings daily if they have a house and lot near those places above. Camella has house and lot projects close from them. In Cebu South, we have several Camella projects located in Talisay City and Carcar City, for Metro Cebu—Camella Riverfront and Riverdale, and last but not least, in the far north Cebu—Camella Bogo. 

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