The Joys of Reading: Helpful Tips to Establish a Good Reading Habit (National Read a Book Day)

National Read a Book Day, book day

It is dreamy, almost like a privilege, to cozy up on your sofa with a good book in hand, warm your palms with a perfectly blended cup of coffee, and don comfortable sweaters. In a world filled with constant distraction and seemingly ceaseless demands from modern life, the art of reading serves as a sanctuary, a place of solace and enrichment.

It opens up an array of possibilities, and they come to the forefront each year on National Read a Book Day, dedicated to marking the beauty of literature and its impact on readers.

Individuals from all walks of life come together on National Read a Book Day to celebrate the pleasure of reading and the countless adventures books offer. This bookworm’s anticipated activity is celebrated in many ways.

Some of the local book clubs arrange a book party, donate books, others read aloud favorite books for children, and swap new books and great ideas. These activities provide a great opportunity to spend time with like-minded readers and it even reduces stress.

Although its precise origins remain obscure, the 6th day of September has been observed for many years to honor the importance of this beloved pastime, encouraging people of all ages to immerse themselves in literature, explore history books, exchange idea on a whole book.

This article offers a variety of benefits of reading, whether you are a novice looking to embark on your reading journey, a returning reader eager to rediscover the magic within the pages, or a busy individual seeking to make time for a hobby.

Reading has long been celebrated as an enriching activity, but its advantages extend beyond the simple pleasures of imagination, storytelling, and entertainment. 

Supports Positive Mental Health

Who needs therapy when you can get 350-plus pages filled with different scenes and emotions? Reading does not only help you kill boredom while on a commute, but being engaged in it—fiction, non-fiction, or poetry—promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and stress levels. 

Inspires Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

Readers connect with relatable characters and their struggles, proffering a heightened understanding of human emotions can improve one’s ability to navigate their emotional landscape and build healthier relationships.

Contributes to Slower Cognitive Decline

Let’s go a little scientific, shall we? Cognitive decline is a natural concern; our memory inevitably declines as we age. Worry not! Regular reading can help slow down this process by stimulating and keeping the brain active and engaged. You do not have to read an entire book to get your mind engaged. Spending a little while on reading material, say about half an hour daily, can push you a long way.

Like how our body becomes more robust with exercise, reading is an excellent activity for mental training. Reading can delay the onset of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s and prolong mental acuity well into later years by maintaining neural connections and building cognitive reserves.

Improves Writing Skills

Reading and writing are intertwined skills. When one reads extensively, they are exposed to various writing styles, vocabulary, and narrative techniques. Accordingly, readers absorb these elements and incorporate them into their writing pieces. It is also a great means of improving vocabulary.

Individuals can refine their lexicon, grasp of grammar and syntax, and writing voice through immersing in literature. Whether you are an aspiring writer or simply seeking to communicate more effectively in written form, reading is an invaluable teacher.

Celebrating National Read a Book Day

Reading is a constant companion through a rollercoaster of one’s emotions. Happy? Read. Are you feeling down? Read. Anxious? Read. Bored? Read. One thing that makes it a fantastic hobby is that regardless of how you feel when you open a book and read, the moment you decide to close and put it down, you will be entertained and packed with new knowledge. 

National Read a Book Day provides the perfect opportunity to revel in the world of books and the pleasures of reading a story. Here are some activities you can do to make the most of this special day:

Join a Book Club

Like a fan who finds new connections by attending concerts, joining a book club can significantly elevate your reading experience. Book clubs offer a chance to engage in stimulating discussions, gain fresh perspectives on literature, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. It is like stepping on a time machine where you are transported in a safe space to geek about your current read’s unexpected turn of events or how overwhelming a particular scene is. Having fellowships like these motivates you to read more and deepen your understanding of the books you encounter. 

Visit Local Bookstores

Local bookstores are treasure troves of literary delights. On National Read a Book Day, take a trip to your bookstore, alone or with a friend, and immerse yourself in the world of books; whether browsing for new titles or revisiting old favorites, supporting independent bookstores is a beautiful way to celebrate literature.

Start a Donate a Book Campaign

Sharing the joy of reading with others is a meaningful way to celebrate National Read a Book Day. One of the things you can do for this special day is to gather the books you have already read and donate them to your local library, school, or a charitable organization. These acts spread the love of reading and ensure that the stories and lessons remain accessible to future readers.

For the New Readers- Challenges of Reading a Book

For those new to the world of reading, embarking on this journey can be exciting and daunting. Reading a book requires patience, concentration, and dedication. However, the challenges are far outweighed by the rewards. Here are some tips on how to start reading:

Choose the Right Book

Selecting a book that captivates your curiosity and holds your attention is essential. Begin with a book that aligns with your interests and reading level. 

Create a Reading Space

Designate a comfortable space to quietly read. Minimize distractions, such as turning off electronic devices, relax, and create an environment conducive to focus. While you’re at it, have fun!

Here is a tip: sit in the coziest place in your home, set the mood by turning on mood lighting, and choose a lo-fi playlist for your background. 

Seek Recommendations

One thing that can be challenging for new readers is knowing where and how to start. But here is an easy fix: ask. Do not hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or librarians for book recommendations. Social media platforms are also rife with influencers providing book reviews and recommendations under the hashtag #BookTok. Both means can yield valuable insights and introduce you to books you might have yet to discover.

For the One That Got Away (and is Willing to Come Back), aka Returning Readers

Life often leads us down different paths, and some readers may find themselves returning to a whole host of books after a hiatus. Regardless of how long it has been since you last picked up a book, rekindling your love for reading is a journey worth embarking on. Here are two things that can help you reignite your passion for reading:

Start with Familiar Authors

Begin with authors or genres you have enjoyed in the past. Returning to familiar territory can ease you back into the world of reading.

Create a Reading List

Make a list of books you’ve always wanted to read, or take a quick visit to your stash of TBRs (to-be-read books) and ask yourself why you think would be the best one to introduce you to the joys of reading once again. A curated list can provide direction and excitement as you work through it.

For the Busy Bees

Have you ever asked yourself, can I extend the hours of the day even just for a few hours? In a fast-paced world, finding time to read can be a challenge. However, the advantages of reading make it a valuable pursuit worth prioritizing. Here are some strategies for finding time to read:

Incorporate Reading into Your Routine

Identify pockets of time in your daily schedule where you can read. Integrating it into your routine can make a significant difference. You can reflect on which time of the day you can incorporate reading a few chapters while doing other tasks, such as during your commute, lunch breaks, or before bedtime.

Set Realistic Goals

If your schedule is packed, set achievable reading goals. Dedicating 15-30 minutes to half an hour daily to reading can add up over time. 

Start with manageable reading goals. Whether it is a certain number of pages or chapters per day, setting achievable targets can help you stay motivated.

Choose Portable Formats

Opt for books in portable formats that fit your lifestyle. E-books and audiobooks are excellent options for busy individuals. E-books can be read on your phone or tablet, allowing you to carry a library wherever you go. Audiobooks enable you to “read” while multitasking, with narrators unfolding the events of the book to you through listening.

Evolution of Reading: From Print to Screen

The world of reading has undergone a significant transformation with the birth of digital technology. Electronic or e-books have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional print, offering readers new ways to access and enjoy literature.

The Rise of e-Books

E-books have revolutionized how people read, with more readers preferring digital versions of literature that can be downloaded on various electronic devices, such as e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and computers. There are different reasons why people choose to switch from prints to screens.  


A product of technology and the internet, e-books make reading more convenient than ever. Readers can access a vast library instantly, only needing two main pieces of equipment: an internet connection and a device. This accessibility is particularly valuable for those with physical disabilities or limited access to physical bookstores or libraries. E-books also have greatly improved accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Screen-reading software and e-book formats compatible with Braille devices make literature more inclusive.


E-books are incredibly portable. A single device can store thousands of books, allowing readers to carry numerous books simultaneously. This convenience makes it easy to switch between books and genres while on the go.

While e-books offer numerous advantages, some readers still prefer the tactile experience of holding a physical book, turning pages, and inhaling the scent of print. At the end of the day, choosing between print and digital reading depends on personal preference and circumstances.  

In a world overflowing with distractions and demands on our time, cultivating a reading habit is a rewarding endeavor that enriches our lives. National Read a Book Day serves as a reminder of the joys and benefits of reading and offers an opportunity to celebrate the practice of sewing words into art. 

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