Advantages of Living in Camella House & Lot during Pandemic

By Sandra Mae Desamparado

The unexpected global crisis brought about by the pandemic stopped the world in a literal sense. Mass transportation was halted, everybody was forced to stay home, some jobs are temporarily stopped, and the economy is on the brink of another recession. With all these pressures that currently surround us, there have been some realizations of the advantages of owning a house-and-lot for many reasons.

1. House-and-lots are expansive.

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By owning a house-and-lot, you automatically get more. You get to own the house and the land which it stands upon. Inside the house, you and your family will not be crammed into a small space. You will have the ability to move freely within your home. The lot that comes with your house also means you have the chance to expand your home to maximize the area you own and do outdoor hobbies like gardening. House-and-lots allow you to manage your space according to the growth of your family.

2. No item and space-sharing with neighbors.

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Choosing a house-and-lot allows you to have your own space that you don’t need to share with your neighbors. You have your own front porch and free space with your own garden in it. Additionally, unlike living in a shared building, you don’t have to worry about common areas such as elevators, pushing elevator buttons, or using common stair handles, since these are not necessary for a subdivision.

Moreover, you also have more control of your and your family’s proximity to strangers with the community giving you more than enough space to maintain social distance. With landed properties, you have more control over your safety and fewer chances of having unwanted encounters.

3. House-and-lots are more secure.

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In times of calamities, especially during this pandemic, house-and-lots are much safer. Lot spaces in between houses prevent the possibility of fire, and the houses’ low-level construction also makes you feel at ease during earthquakes. In short, there is no danger of overcrowding and panic at the threat of natural calamities or a global pandemic.

4. House-and-lots are heirloom estates.

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Lastly, a house-and-lot is a long-term property that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren. When you buy landed property, you do not only get the house, but you also own the whole piece of land on which the house is built. And if there is a valuable incentive from purchasing a house-and-lot property, it is owning that piece of land.

Security is a prerequisite quality that homes should provide, and Camella gives you and your family more of that. Enjoy more space with less risk and more possibilities with Camella. You may call us at (02) 3226 3552 or 0945 527 9867 and 0926 915 9138. You may also visit our official pages and check out our latest offerings at

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