Indulge Yourself in the Beauty of Isabela: Reasons Why You Should Visit Now

When talking about summer or holiday vacations, Filipinos often choose to spend their days on white-sand beaches. It is either the head of the household who will plan a weekend trip to Boracay or go on an island hopping in Puerto Princesa.

Either way, the province of Isabela in the Cagayan Region receives no attention.

Perhaps the province is too far away from Manila, with an estimated eight to ten-hour drive. Thus, it is hidden from the general knowledge of Filipinos that somewhere in the North sits a beautiful gem of Isabela.

Welcoming Filipino kids
Welcoming Filipino kids

Choose to plan your next trip in this province for the upcoming special occasions as you are about to unfold an Eden in the North.

If you’re still hesitant to explore its glorious beauty, here’s a sorted list of reasons why you should visit the province of Isabela now: 

Residents are Hospitable and Kind

It is common for Filipinos to be welcoming and kind to local and foreign tourists. Kids or even full-grown adults share their full smiles when visitors come to their beloved towns. However, the locals in the Isabela region are more renowned for giving warm greetings to their fellow Filipinos.

When you visit the province of Isabela, you’ll see friendly people who can share tips and directions when you get lost. They are more than willing to provide you with their local delicacies that you should try!

No one can tell, but you might go back to Manila with friends to chat when you’re away or hope to visit in the following summer season. 

Local Cuisines are Definite Must-Have

Going around Isabela Province can get you a little thirsty and starved. It’s all good because you are in a place full of mouth-watering dishes.

The province of Isabela takes pride in being the most important agricultural province in the country, and you’ll never run out of veggies to eat.

With a hundred percent recommendation, you should try to take a bite into their Pancit Cabagan.

Pancit Cabagan| Photo by Panlasang Pinoy
Pancit Cabagan| Photo by Panlasang Pinoy

It is the province’s banner dish as it has a palatable sauce! Other foods you can try while walking around Isabela are Moriecos, Pinilisa rice, Binalay, and corn.

Don’t miss out on their different takes on corn, as it can never disappoint you. It is not the “Corn Capital of the Philippines” for nothing.  

Hides Enticing Natural Attractions

The Philippines is home to many natural tourist spots, and Isabela province cannot go off to the list of places in the country with unspoiled natural beauty.

It houses the famous Dicotcotan Beach, Honeymoon Island, Diablo Falls, and Blue Lagoon, which only proves that it has a perfect mixture of enchanting waterfalls, pristine white beaches, and marvelous mountains to explore.

You can have the most fun in Isabela with your family and friends. The Diablo Falls offers a cold water pool to swim in, whereas Dicotcotan Beach provides a relaxing beach vibe. Do not fail to include these in your next Isabela itinerary trip! 

Urban Attractions are in a Great Deal 

If you’re so fed up with going to white sand beaches, you should visit some thrilling adventure parks around Isabela! Outdoor lovers like you would be happy to go on an idly stroll in Queen Isabela Park – a park intended to commemorate the Queen Isabela II of Spain, from whom the province gets its name.

The Bonsai Forest, another urban attraction in Isabela, is ideally perfect for tourists who love outdoor and indoor plants. It houses distinct-looking trees you’d only find inside its enormous land area.

Drop by the historcal Japanese tunnel
Drop by the historcal Japanese tunnel

Other attractions you can explore with your siblings are the Fuyot Springs National Park, San Mariano Crocodile Sanctuary, and Butaka Giant Chair.  

Historical Sites are Everywhere

Isabela is also the victim of a destructive world war. The place knew the face of war, violence, killings, and colonization. Because of that, it is beyond doubt that the area also houses the marks of its aftermath.

The Japanese War Tunnel opened in 2016 to give reminders of what it does it feels like at the hands of the vicious Japanese soldiers. During World War II, the tunnel serves as a prison and storage for weaponry. It represents how hard it is to live in a violent world like it.

Nonetheless, another historical site you can find in Isabela is the General Aguinaldo Shrine in Palanan, Isabela. 

Catholic Churches are Massive

Are you an architecture enthusiast fond of visiting century-old churches with unique European styles? Or are you just a simple, devoted Christian who vows to visit an old church every time you go onto a new place?

In any case, the province of Isabela isn’t going to disappoint you. It contains numerous catholic churches with European-inspired designs and styles.

Must visit San Pablo Church
Must visit San Pablo Church

For instance, the oldest catholic church in Isabela is the San Pablo de Cabigan Church, built in 1625 and is a semi-circular arch church in the High-Baroque style.

The place is already an alluring attraction that can fill your day. Other churches you can visit are Our Lady of the Pillar Church and Saint Matthias Church.  

Find a Comfortable Home in Isabela Province 

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