Things to do for Singles on Valentine’s Day

things to do for singles on valentines day

Spreading love on Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day is not an official public holiday, it is one of the most anticipated and well-celebrated occasion worldwide. Couples plan in advance to get the best seat in the house for concerts or plays, like the much-talked about Taylor Swift tour. They book reservations months prior to secure a table at fancy restaurants. People literally save up for Valentine’s Day.

How Singles Spend Valentine’s Day

But what about being single on Valentine’s Day? On Valentine’s Day, singles often find unique and fulfilling ways to celebrate love beyond romantic relationships.

Rather than feeling confined to traditional couple-centric festivities, many singles embrace the opportunity to show appreciation for the various forms of love in their lives.

Redefining the Customary Valentine’s Day

Some spend quality time with close friends, organizing gatherings, or engaging in activities that strengthen platonic bonds. Others take the day to prioritize self-love, indulge in personal hobbies, or pamper themselves with a spa day.

Familial love

Additionally, many singles redefine Valentine’s Day as a day of familial love, choosing to express affection for family members through heartfelt gestures, phone calls, or even small surprises.

By embracing the broader spectrum of love, singles celebrate Valentine’s Day with connection, warmth, and appreciation for the diverse relationships that enrich their lives.

Things to do for Singles on Valentine’s Day

For singles looking to make the most of Valentine’s Day, there are many enjoyable activities to choose from. Start the day by treating yourself to a social media detox, allowing a break from the digital world to focus on personal well-being.

Indulge in your fave, feel good dishes

Consider ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant, creating a delicious meal without the hassle of cooking. In the evening, organize a movie night with your favorite films or dive into a game night with friends, blending entertainment and connection.

Change of scenery

To change scenery, explore a local museum or embark on a scenic train ride, providing a solo adventure filled with discovery. Engage in virtual volunteer opportunities to give back to the community and make a positive impact.

Get connected

With these few things in mind, singles can turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of self-love, connection with friends, and meaningful activities that cater to individual interests and preferences.


A transformative journey

Self-love is a transformative journey that begins with nurturing one’s well-being through intentional self-care practices. Taking time to prioritize self-care allows individuals to cultivate a deeper connection with their fabulous selves, acknowledging and embracing their unique qualities.


Reflecting on the past self with compassion and understanding is a crucial aspect of this journey, as it provides a foundation for growth and self-acceptance.


Writing letters of affirmation to the past self can be a therapeutic exercise, fostering a positive mindset and reinforcing that every step of the journey has contributed to the person one is today.


Simultaneously, envisioning the future self through a vision board helps set intentions and goals, creating a roadmap for personal development. Ultimately, self-love is a continuous process that involves acknowledging the past, cherishing the present, and paving the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Single on Valentine’s Day: The art of single blessedness

A great opportunity to enjoy and explore the outdoors

This is also a perfect opportunity to go after self care activities that you have been meaning to do. Go on a nature trip or head over to a new town, explore hidden gems, and enjoy the fresh air while sipping on a hot brew or better, a glass of wine. There are fun activities waiting for you in these new sights.

Treat yourself and others with love

Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby, grab a new plant, buy a new book, get in touch with an old friend, visit a nursing home and treat residents to heart shaped cookies and gifts – remind people that they are loved.

Stay indoors

If you are not into going out and facing the throng of crowds on Valentine’s Day is a big deal, you can opt to stay in and order take out. In fact, order a fancy takeout! Or if you have a talent for cooking, dig into a new recipe.

Order Trader Joe’s heart-shaped pasta online and treat your best buddies who are single on valentines day for a fun dinner.

Perfect day for spring cleaning

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect day to do spring cleaning and cleaning out your closet with clothes you do not wear anymore. Is it not the perfect excuse and a sign to go shopping right after?

Self care in the comforts of your own home

Put on a rejuvenating face mask and indulge in bubble bath. Write letters to friends and loved ones and spread love. Get a good book you’ve been meaning to read.

Bottom-line, as a licensed clinical psychologist would say, do not be caged by your relationship status. Being single on Valentine’s Day has a lot of perks that others, but you, cannot see or experience.

Spending Valentine’s Day with your Friends

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Transcending from the stereotypes of V Day

Spending Valentine’s Day with friends can be an enriching and joyful experience, especially for those who may not be in romantic relationships. Rather than the stereotypical romantic dinner, a gathering with friends celebrates companionship and camaraderie.

Fostering a sense of warmth and connection

Sharing laughter, good food, and meaningful conversations can make for a memorable V-Day, fostering a sense of warmth and connection. Whether humorous or heartwarming, related stories of past Valentine’s Day experiences can be shared, creating a bond through shared memories.

Focusing on the importance of long-lasting friendships

The focus shifts from romantic love to the appreciation of platonic relationships, emphasizing the importance of friendships.

This alternative way of celebrating V-Day with single friends showcases the diverse forms of love in one’s life, proving that the day can be just as fulfilling when spent surrounded by cherished companions.

Learn your Love Language

Five love language of admiration

According to author Dr. Gary Chapman, humans use five love languages to express their admiration toward someone.

These love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts. Since Valentine’s is about love, you should learn how to express your love towards others. 

Expressing affection through love languages

Once you understand how you express your love towards others, you can master it or study how to express affection using other love languages.

You might be single now, but once you master all these love languages, people will like you more. Knowing your love language can also lead to a happier relationship.

Write and Burn a Letter


Have you recently had a breakup? Were you ghosted? Did anyone hurt your feelings to the point where Valentine’s seems like a trigger?

If the answer to one or all of these questions is yes, you can write a letter to express your feelings. This Valentine’s Day, you can have a piece of paper and pour your heart out.

“Move on. Move out”

You can cry while writing the letter and have your thoughts transferred to the paper. Afterward, you should have a match or a lighter to burn the letter with.

Before you burn the paper, could you ensure these feelings will no longer come back? And while you’re at it, you can also burn the other things your past lover gave you.

Have a Singles Party

Love from everyone

If you want to have fun this Valentine’s Day, the best way to enjoy it is to hang out with your fellow single friends and spend the day together.

Empathize with someone who has a related story to yours

If you are heartbroken, spending the day with friends can ease the pain a little bit. Or if you have friends or anyone you know who has a related story, Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to coax them out of the house. A single dinner is the perfect plan for this day.

Eating out with your friends or enjoying a movie night or game night is a great way to feel loved.

Only for the single on Valentine’s Day

When planning a single party, please ensure that no one is currently in a relationship because it doesn’t fit the very purpose of the plan. And while you’re at it, you can also give your single friends of the opposite gender some flowers and chocolates.

That way, they can also receive these gifts even if they have no one to consider as their special someone.

Get Committed to a Companion

Getting yourself a pet is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – whether its a fur baby, a feline friend, or aquatic pets. Wouldn’t it be heartwarming to be welcomed by your loyal companion in the evening, spend time on a trip with them, head on to the beach and watch sunsets together.

Spend Time with Your Family

Go after bonds that last

Spending time with your family during Valentine’s Day has never been a wrong choice. They love you more than anything; bonding with them can cure your daily loneliness.

When spending time with them, it’s best to put your phone away so you won’t see the happy couples on Valentine’s Day. Using your phone is also a distraction. 

You can watch a movie, call for a game night, have a friendly Valentine’s date dinner, or even chat inside your house and lot in the Philippines. You can also give your family some flowers to show your love.

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