Factors that Fathers Consider When Buying a Property

Fathers’ Day is just right around the corner, and this is the time to appreciate your dad’s hard work. The role of a father is vital in a household. In the Family Code of the Philippines, it is stated that the father’s decision shall prevail if there is a disagreement over the authority of a child unless there is a judicial order on the contrary. 

How Fathers Look for a Property
How Fathers Look for a Property

Traditionally, fathers have been the primary breadwinner of a family. Some families still have their father as the primary breadwinner despite the mother having a source of income. One of the essential needs that a father shall provide to his wife and children is shelter. 

Fathers have criteria in choosing a house and lot for their family, just like in every decision he’s made. If you are a father or are about to become one, you might need some pointers on how you should choose a home for your family. Here are some of the factors in how fathers choose a property. 

Safety and protection 

Aside from providing, the father has to keep the family safe and protected from every possible threat to his family. Safety is on the top of the list for fathers when choosing a house. A responsible father would spend every cent on his bank account to have a house and lot away from crime and pollution from the outside. 

A father’s love for his children is reflected in his sense of protection. They try to chauffeur their children to almost every travel, train their kids in some self-defense, and look out for them. A father would most likely choose a neighborhood that has a security team by the gate or a simple house and lot in a quiet province if he can. 

Location of the Property 

Location of a Property
Location of a Property

After security, a father would choose a property located in an area beneficial for him or his family. If a father selects a house and lot for his family, he is most likely to choose a home nearest to work for him and his wife. It is a massive bonus if a father can also pick a location near his children’s schools. 

What happens next is a typical day that consists of eating breakfast, getting the kids to school, and then going to work until they can travel independently. When choosing properties for their kids, a father will advise his son or daughter to have a house and lot near the place where the kids grew up. 

Quality of the Property 

Most fathers know a thing or two about maintaining a house. Their instincts as a handyman kick in when searching for a property. In most families, the father fixes the plumbing, electrical wirings, and the house’s foundation. In every real estate tripping, you would see a father checking for areas that need repair. 

Fathers won’t consider properties that require a considerable amount of money for repairs. If they think that a property has a low price but comes with easy maintenance, they would not mind using their toolbox. Pro-tip, if you are about to become a father, a toolbox, a tire jack, and a tape measure are some of the essential items you would need. 

Price of the Property 

A father prioritizes the price of a property depending on the income he and his wife makes. If they are in the lower-middle or lower-middle class, they will prioritize an affordable house and lot. But if they are in the middle or upper class of society, they wouldn’t care less about the price of a property as long as it is justifiable. 

Price is not the only thing that matters to fathers. Fathers also think about the financing method and payment schemes of a property. The type of property is also relevant. Is it through bank financing or through loans? Will it be an RFO unit or is it pre-selling? Fathers would want a house and lot that can be easily bought and paid off. 

The Number of Rooms 

If you are the only child with their room in your house, you’re either the opposite gender from your siblings or the favorite kid. Kidding aside, your father would also choose to have a home that has enough rooms for his children. A father who can provide for his children is most likely to give them enough space. 

A great father knows the importance of having his children’s personal space and privacy. He will look for a house with a master bedroom, a bedroom for the kids, and an extra guest room. If you are about to be a father, two rooms and one master bedroom is a safe bet when choosing a house and lot for your family. 

To Own or to Rent 

Future Home for the Family
Future Home for the Family

A father would focus on what he can afford for his family. If ever your father buys a house that you do not consider an ideal home, you should be understanding. He chooses a place based on the best he can give to your family. One of the choices he made was whether or not he’ll own or rent a house. 

If you are about to become a father, you should consider whether you want to own a house and lot or rent first. Owning a house and lot is one of the best investments you can have. On the other hand, renting is a safe option if you don’t want any commitment for a property and you’re saving to have a better home. 

The Future 

Some fathers consider their home as something they would pass on to their children when the time comes. This scenario is familiar to families that only have one child. They would buy a house and lot and settle its payments as long as they’re working. When the home is fully paid, they will transfer the title to the child and his potential family. 

Where can Fathers get their Family Home?

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