Camella’s 2019 Set, Reach, Own

Be part of the family and have the privilege of earning the incentives you all have been waiting for! For 2019’s Camella Set Own Reach gives back to every Camella’s agents, managers and brokers the chance to Set their goals for this year and make it bigger and better than what they achieve in the previous year; Reach their goals and extend what they can, not just because it’s what they have to do but mainly to aspire fulfillment and achievement in the field; and Own rewards that are not just prizes, but a reward that you truly deserve.

Since Camella recognizes determination, here, you are treasured. You get what you deserve. No hustle for you don’t need to push yourself along to get what is needed in a short period of time because you can have this whole year to Set Reach and Own your reward; it is not a raffle and it is not even a competition! A competition or a raffle where you need luck to win prizes. In Camella’s 2019 Set, Reach, Own all you have to do is go be the motivation and have that sipag at tiyaga. Be up to the challenge and be ready to get your reward once you’ve reached your goal by the end of the year. The rewards waiting for you could be your family’s dream house and lot from Camella, your much awaited car or cash prize that you can use for your future.

So, future agents, managers and brokers ask your marketing officers on how to set your goal, reach your goal and own whichever of the incentives. And for those who wanted to be part of the largest homebuilder in the Philippines, inquire now to any of the Camella offices near you. Join us because here at Camella, we are true to our word that all your efforts will be paid off because you deserve it!

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