Camella Raising the Bar in Quality Home

“Anticipating needs'” is a necessary competence for any service business but one company has made it a key corporate value — turning it into the philosophy that underlies everything the company plans does not practically exists for. That company is Camella, the real estate developer that spans nearly the entire country It covers the widest range of provinces and cities offered by any local property development group and all for the sole purpose of being able to offer homes wherever in the country Filipino¬¬s want to live.

Camella has taken upon itself to figure out what the Filipino’s dreams are and how he want  to live. The result is communities that recreate the most amazing cities and locations in the world finely built and excqus¬itely designed homes, self-¬contained and secure properties, and a network of systems, facilities and organizations that make all that possible.

Designing “Quality” to Create the Quality of Life Filipinos Deserve

Quality is defined as a degree of excellence. It is something human beings strive for consciously and unconsciously. The Filipino is known to work hard to achieve a certain usually “better” quality of life than what he and his family have. Many of them leave the country, loved ones, and everything they know just to make this happen. Because of this, Camella realizes that when it created communities, it is building for heroes – and they deserve only the best quality of life.

Quality Locations and Amenities

Beyond building dream homes and communities, Camella looks for sites that give families easy access to schools, medical centers, places of worship, market places, and leisure centers, transportation hubs and places of work. There are masterplanned Camella communities with schools, churches and commercial centers right within the property – allowing the community to be nearly self-contained.
Camella also builds in places with exciting possibilities often inducing progress in the locality. In fact, the group has been known to put up communities in areas ignored by the property developers in anticipation of future growth and a demand for homes in the site. 

The creation of individual communities is also crucial. Camella builds into its communities, facilities and amenities that create deep sense of sanctuary and safety. Among the amenities offered are swimming pools, basketball courts, playgrounds, beautifully landscaped parks and pocket gardens and tree-lined avenues that often lead to or center around the community clubhouse. To create the feeling of security that should be fundamental to one’s home, the community provides guarded gates with roving guards and perimeter walls.

Quality Partnerships and Management

Camella has tied up with a roster of top companies that help guarantee its communities are well taken care of. To ensure the group’s competence in project management and safety – conscience building practices, Camella works hand-in-hand with MGS Corporation, a construction expert even throughout the United States, and the Global land Property Management Inc. a group with extensive experience in managaing community subdivisions and condominiums.

Quality Landscaping

Living surrounded by greenery soothes both the physical body and the spirit. Too see that this is achived,
Camella has put together Horticulture Division – a team of some of the country’s finest horticulturists, foresters and botanists to create living communities ideal for families.

Camella’s Horticulture group designs the landscaping, open spaces and clubhouse gardens that allow residents to come home to an oasis of lush greenery. A crucial aspect of Camella’s Horticulture Division is its mandate to design landscaping that has the added effect of cleaning and cooling the country’s climate by creating beneficial mirco-climates within its communities.

Quality Systems and Processes

Camella has instituted a number of systems designed to streamline operations and communications both within the company and for its residents, partners, customers. Camella uses the German-devises software SAP – an acronym for Systems Applications and Products. SAP is an end-to-end application system that addresses the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system requirements of all the group’s key departments including Sales, Administrative, Production, Customer Care, Technical Services, Purchasing, Accounting, and Finance.

Quality Recognized by Consumers and the General Public Across Asia

A rather unexpected, but happily received, pat on the back came to Camella through the Trusted Brand in Asia Award by Reader’s Digest three years in a row. Camella was selected for the honor in the field of property development and beat out a number of companies throughout Asia.

Building the Finest Homes to Make Dreams Become Realities

Camella is the subsidiary catering to he mid-market segment of Vista Land, the country’s premier homebuilder. For over years, it has built a selection of affordable, quality homes and themed communities across the islands – each one carrying Vista Land’s expertise in space planning, carefully thought out architecture and an innate knack for selecting the most accessible locations.

To date, it has built close to 300,000 homes and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 34 key provinces and 6 cities and municipalities.

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