Camella Property in Ilocos Norte: A Business and Tourism Opportunity – Discover the Benefits

The Ilocos Region is one of the best places in the country. From its northernmost down to its southernmost part, this area is filled with a location showcasing its beauty and rich tradition and culture. 

Ilocos Norte is located in the northwest part of the country. Cagayan and Apayao border it at the east, Abra and Ilocos Sur at the south, the West Philippine Sea at the west, and Luzon Strait. Because of its location, it has several beautiful beaches and mountains with breathtaking scenery. 

Near these destinations is a property where you enjoy a break from the bustling, high-paced life in the city and enjoy what Ilocos can offer. This property is Camella Laoag.

Camella Laoag

Camella Laoag Community | House and Lot for Sale
Camella Laoag Community | House and Lot for Sale

Camella Laoag is located at the heart of the province, which is Laoag city. This real estate development is a 15-minute drive from the Laoag International Airport and a 25-minute drive from the bus terminals. It offers a haven for you and your family before exploring the province or looking for peace. 

The Spanish-inspired community of Camella Laoag is an 18-hectare development located near transportation hubs, schools, universities, malls, and other essential establishments. Because of its strategic location and beautiful landscapes, this development opens many business and tourism opportunities. 

Ilocos Norte Tourist Spots near Camella Laoag


Pagudpud White Sand Beach | Photo From Freepik

Camella Laoag is a 2-hour drive to the municipality of Pagudpud, known for its world-class beaches and astonishing mountain views. Pagudpud is also home to the Saud beach, known for its peaceful cream-colored sand and calm waters, perfect for a relaxing day, and Blue Lagoon, known for its white sand, blue waters, and beach activities such as banana boating, ziplining above the water, and surfing.

Kabigan Falls and Kalbario-Patapat Natural Park

Pagudpud as Boracay of the North Photo from Kayak
Patapat Viaduct | Photo from Kayak

You can also explore Kabigan Falls and Kalbario-Patapat Natural Park, which offers the best view of mother nature. And on the way, the Patapat Viaduct is located along the coast, where there is a view of the Ilocos coast. 

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse (also known as Burgos lighthouse) is a cultural heritage site in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, built during the Spanish colonial era. After hundreds of years, the lighthouse is still used to this day by ships that enter the Philippine archipelago. 

Kaaringan Falls

Kaaringan Falls is a natural wonder considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. Before reaching Kaaringan Falls, one must walk through narrow and steep terrain. However, the experience is worth it as you witness its crystal blue waters. Ironically, the name “Kaaringan” means “smelly” in English. However, this waterfall is far from its name.  

Kapurpurawan Rock Formations

On the rugged coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, you’ll find the Kapurpurawan rock formation. It is well-known for the smooth, white limestone formations that the ocean and weather have molded over time. The town of Burgos sits on the island of Ilocos Norte’s extreme northwest corner.

Bangui Wind Farm

Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, is home to a wind farm known as Bangui Wind Farm. Twenty Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines, each standing 70 meters tall, are used in the wind farm. The turbines are lined up in a single, uninterrupted row along the South China Sea coast, 9 kilometers from Bangui Bay. Bangui Wind Farm is the main sustainable source of Ilocos Norte’s electricity. 

Juan Luna Shrine

The Juan Luna Shrine in Bodoc, Ilocos Norte, was the home and birthplace of the renowned Filipino painter. Building materials for this national cultural treasure include molave wood and clay bricks. The first floor serves as a showcase for the extensive collection of objects, while the second story has the common areas (living room, bedroom, chapel, and Azotea). The shrine also includes relics honoring Juan Luna’s brother, General Antonio Luna. His letter to Leon Apacible, his outfit, and his sword.

Marcos Mausoleum and Museum

In addition, less than an hour away are the city of Batac and the municipality of Paoay. These areas are the homes for the Marcos Mausoleum and Museum, which house the memorabilia of the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. On the other hand, the Malacañang of the North is a presidential museum and was the former residence of the Marcos family when Marcos Sr. was president. 

Paoay Sand Dunes

La Paz Sand Dunes Photo by Arvin Simbulan from Facebook
La Paz Sand Dunes Photo by Arvin Simbulan from Facebook

Located on the eastern coast of Ilocos Norte, the Paoay Sand Dunes are a notable geological feature and tourist destination. Here, a 4×4 ride across the dunes and across difficult terrain will give you a real rush. If you want to do sandboarding, you’ll ride a board down the sandy hills that lead to the beach.

Paoay Church 

The Paoay Church (also known as Saint Augustine church Church) is a Roman Catholic church in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. The church is well-known for its unique fusion of baroque, gothic, Chinese, and Javanese styles, as seen by its colossal pediment and matching bell tower that rise imposingly on an immense plain. Today, this church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Museo Ilocos Norte

Museo Ilocos Norte is situated in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. It is a great example of the rich history of Ilocos and the culture of the Ilocanos, Igorots, Itnegs, Yapayaos, and other groups of people who live in the province. A trip to the Ilocos Museum is a visual treat. There are old tools for cooking and farming, models of old bahay na bato houses, and information about how important garlic was in their lives.

Sinking Bell Tower – St. Williams Cathedral

The Sinking Bell Tower at St. Williams Cathedral (also known as Laoag Church) was once the tallest bell tower during the Spanish era. After the devastating earthquake of 1707, construction on the bell tower likely began. It has weathered numerous mild earthquakes since its completion, earning it a place with other churches in the Philippines and Guatemala in the “Earthquake Baroque” churches category among architecture researchers. 

How Camella Laoag Serves as an Opportunity for Business and Tourism

Camella Laoag Entrance | House and Lot for Sale in Laoag
Camella Laoag Entrance | House and Lot for Sale in Laoag

Since the provinces are tourist hubs, it is the perfect location to establish a business, especially in areas near tourist attractions or in the bustling cities of the province. Since the subdivisions are located in the cities of Laoag, a property here will be an excellent real estate investment.  

For real estate investors, having a home in Camella Laoag opens the opportunity for rental properties. You can turn your home into a rental that caters to the needs of tourists visiting the city. 

On the other hand, business owners who have their establishments located in Laoag City can have easy access to their businesses when they own a property in Camella Laoag. With Camella Laoag’s strategic location, you can quickly go to significant expressways and Laoag City’s central business districts. 

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