Best Locations to Buy a House in Cavite this 2023

Camella Dasma Amenities | House and Lot for Sale in Dasma Cavite
Camella Dasma Amenities | House and Lot for Sale in Dasma Cavite

Cavite is a province in the Philippines, situated in the CALABARZON Region of Luzon Island. It is part of the Greater Manila Area and is renowned for having a significant part in Philippine history. Cavite is generally referred to as the “Land of the Brave” or the History Capital of the Philippines.

Many people decide to relocate to this province because of the heavy traffic, air, and noise pollution in Metro Manila. One of the country’s most industrialized provinces, Cavite, is driving the area’s rapid development. The construction of major road networks, such as the Muntinlupa Cavite Expressway (MCX), linking Cavite to important urban hubs, has changed the region from an agricultural town to a booming industrial hub and prosperous city.

Choosing the right home location near Metro Manila

In real estate, choosing the right location is as crucial as owning a house. Homebuyers who choose the best location hold the most valuable property, and it is no wonder why most millionaires become so by owning real estate in the right location.    

Location is frequently the most significant factor influencing a property’s value. Owning a home just anywhere without putting much thought into the actual place will cost you big time. Several factors must be considered when choosing the right location for your home. 

But what does “right location” really mean? Of course, what constitutes a desirable location will vary from person to person, but other objective elements affect a home’s worth. Some of these are the proximity to transportation routes, as many individuals spend a significant portion of their days traveling to and from work, so a home that is conveniently located near roads and public transportation will be more appealing than one that has only one route to it. 

Another factor is the developments within the area. Consider whether there are new public, commercial, or residential developments in a specific area and how they might alter the neighborhood’s appeal. On top of that is the employment opportunities. To ensure financial security, one should consider relocating close to career opportunities, and business and commercial centers and lastly, being close to leisure and entertainment destinations to keep you away from the demands of life. 

Depending on your requirements and preferences, you may not be able to purchase a property with all of these qualities. What’s important is that with the help of this article, you are now much wiser when choosing the right location just for you.

Below are some of the ideal home locations in the province of Cavite.

Bacoor City

Camella Cerritos pathway and garden
Camella Cerritos pathway and garden

Bacoor City is considered “Cavite’s Gateway to the Metropolis.” The city has much potential to draw tourists from the nation’s capital because it is the main entrance from the province of Cavite to Metro Manila. 

Along with Imus and Dasmarinas, the city is a crucial area and was historically one of Cavite’s fastest-growing towns. It’s a terrific place to live because many modern public businesses are around, including malls, shops, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, etc. If considering the best subdivision to invest in, Bacoor, Camella Cerritos, Camella Carson, and Camella Altea are the best places to consider.

Imus City

Camella Bucandala House Models
Camella Bucandala | House and Lot for Sale in Imus Cavite

Imus is a third-class component city and the officially designated capital city. It is regarded as a dynamic city and is undoubtedly making significant strides in development, as evidenced by the National Competitiveness Council’s recent designation of Imus as the most competitive city in the CALABARZON region. 

Indeed, Imus offers an outstanding balance of suburban and urban living, making it a desirable spot to call home. Camella Bucandala offers elegant, well-designed, and classic homes suitable for every type of family, perfect for those who want a place in Imus, Cavite. 

Dasmariñas City

Camella Dasma Showcase Area | House and Lot for Sale in Dasma Cavite
Camella Dasma Showcase Area | House and Lot for Sale in Dasma Cavite

Known as the Industrial Giant of CALABARZON. According to a 2006 Commission on Audit report, the City of Dasmarinas is the wealthiest local government unit in the province of Cavite. Many commercial establishments, including large retail malls, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, major shopping malls, convenience stores, restaurants, and other service-oriented businesses, can be found in this city. Today, Dasma is a prime financial center and more and more Manilenyos are moving to Dasmariñas City.

Camella Dasma at the Islands and Camella Praverde offer quality house and lots properties if you wish to own a house in Dasmarinas, Cavite. 


Vista Mall Tanza Photo from Hi Cool Engineering
Vista Mall Tanza Photo located in front of Camella Tanza

Tanza is a first-class municipality in the province of Cavite and is now experiencing rapid urban growth. Due to its accessibility to numerous respected educational institutions, Tanza, Cavite, is a great spot to raise a family. On top of that, if you appreciate the peace but also require easy access to the opportunities for professional growth found in larger urban centers, Tanza is a terrific spot to settle down.

Suppose you wish to settle in this type of community. In that case, you can choose from a large selection of lovely house models designed in Italian and Mediterranean styles at Camella Tanza and Camella Tanza Heights.


Camella Silang Community | House and Lot for Sale in Silang Cavite
Camella Silang Community | House and Lot for Sale in Silang Cavite

Another first-class municipality in Cavite Province, Silang has many stunning locations frequently confused with Tagaytay. Silang enjoys a pleasant, cool climate. The town’s location on the high ground protects it from flooding. Moreover, the area is surrounded by green spaces, including forests, farms, and gardens, making it a perfect spot to start a family. 

At a very reasonable price, a lovely home and land surrounded by pine trees are currently available in Camella Alta Silang.


Camella Alfonso Showcase Area | House and Lot for Sale in Alfonso Cavite
Camella Alfonso Showcase Area | House and Lot for Sale in Alfonso Cavite

Having the same topography as Tagaytay, Alfonso is a residential haven for those who want to live in an area with a cool climate. Those who purchase a house and lot in Alfonso can expect a relaxed way of living given the presence of more greenery with less population than in Tagaytay. 

If you’re considering making a real estate investment in Alfonso, Cavite, Camella Alfonso is your most excellent option.

Trece Martires City

Camella Trece Community
Camella Trece Community

Considered the Heart of Cavite for having the Cavite Capitol, making it the de-facto capital of the province. It is regarded as one of Cavite’s fastest-growing local economies. Although the farthest from Metro Manila, it is the closest to the soon-to-be-opened Bataan-Cavite Interlink Bridge, which will cut the trip from Bataan to Cavite from five hours to just 60 to 80 minutes. 

If you wish to live in a city like this, you can have your own house and lot in Camella Trece and enjoy the unique and well-designed houses made just for you.

General Trias City

Camella General Trias Marker | House and Lot for Sale in General Trias Cavite
Camella General Trias Marker | House and Lot for Sale in General Trias Cavite

General Trias City lies between Trece Martires and Dasmariñas from Indang. Due to considerable migration, General Trias City has over 2 million residents. The city’s numerous industrial and manufacturing companies and business opportunities contributed to this. General Trias can provide real estate, manufacturing, agribusiness, BPO, education, retail, and other opportunities with local government support making it a competitive component city in Cavite.

The C6 road will improve Metro access in a few years. Dasma’s quiet city is set to grow with the Light Rail Transit line development. Camella General Trias, a 100-hectare neighborhood in Cavite, offers amenities and 24-hour security.

Have your Camella house and lot in Cavite 

Camella house and lots in Cavite provide its homeowners with the best value for money. Every Camella project has world-class amenities like pocket parks, basketball courts, swimming pools, and jogging areas that the family can enjoy. Our Cavite projects also have 24/7 security with roving guards inside a gated community for everyone’s safety.

As a trusted real estate brand for 45 years, we also understand the value of accessibility. This is why Camella properties in Cavite are strategically located near major expressways like South Luzon Expressway, business centers, and other establishments. 

Living in Cavite is a much better experience with Camella. Come home to your next house and lot in Cavite today. 

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