Romantic Places in Tagaytay for Valentine’s

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Best Dating Spots in Tagaytay for Valentine’s

Imagine a romantic evening in Tagaytay City with cozy atmosphere, relaxing ambience, surrounded by cool mountain air and panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano.

The perfect romantic escape for Valentine’s Day, Tagaytay boasts many romantic restaurants with relaxing ambiance offering delicious food to tempt your taste buds, from classic Filipino dishes to exquisite international cuisine.

What to Expect in Tagaytay 

While Tagaytay offers these wonderful features, you should also know that this comes with a huge consequence: enduring heavy traffic. This information is not stated to discourage you from wanting your Valentine’s date in Tagaytay but to expect what is to come.

Romantic Places in Tagaytay

If you are looking for romantic places for an intimate dinner in Tagaytay City for a romantic getaway with your partner, here are some options you may want to consider. 

Antonio’s Restaurant

Perfect backdrop to an enchanting evening

Surrounded by scenic gardens, Antonio’s Restaurant is arguably the best in Tagaytay City, commended for its impeccable food. This restaurant brings a romantic ambiance that is perfect for a romantic dinner.

Antonio’s is for the ones who are into fine dining. Its wide platter of choices is undoubtedly a delight for those with sophisticated tastes. 

romantic restaurants in Tagaytay
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Antonio has a secret “chef’s room” overlooking the whole restaurant. This room provides privacy from other diners, and if you want an intimate date this Valentine’s, this restaurant will cater to everything you need. There is also al fresco dining if you want to get as much of Tagaytay’s cool weather.

Morgano Restaurant 

Morgano Restaurant is perfect for juicy steaks and lamb chops refreshing paired with wine if you prefer Mediterranean cuisine. Aside from steak, this restaurant also offers fresh salad and handcrafted pasta. The unique thing about Morgano restaurant is that they don’t have a specific menu. 

Their available dishes are based on the available fresh produce on the market. According to a food review, Morgano staff are very accommodating and responsive, and booking a reservation is fast.

The restaurant is located at Arnoldus Road, Tagaytay City, near Pink Sisters Convent. Morgano is open every Tuesday to Sunday.

Windmill at Lausanne

European countryside inspired

If you are looking for a European-themed restaurant with Instagram-worthy locations, The Windmill is for you. Its elegant interiors will remind you of the European countryside that resembles Nordic countries such as Sweden, perfect for a unique and romantic date.

And because this restaurant is inspired by Swiss countries, expect their dishes to back up its aesthetic. 

Some food you can get here are their crust truffle pizza, sausages, meatballs with arrabbiata and mixed greens, and other European dishes. On the other hand, the dining spot also offers coffee, smoothies, and local chocolate. But if you want another option, Café Voi La is a great alternative. 

Cafe Voi La Crosswinds

Offering the best Vietnamese Cuisine in Tagaytay City

The restaurant, named after “boi la” (means to cook with leaves), offers the best Vietnamese cuisine in Tagaytay City. Unlike The Windmill, Café Voi La offers a cozier vibe rather than a grand, picturesque view. You should try chicken satay, pad thai, longganisa pizza, and Vietnamese coffee at this restaurant. 

Sonya’s Garden 

Great food in one of the romantic restaurants in Tagaytay

Among these restaurants, Sonya’s Garden offers a unique taste when it comes to dining. This restaurant offers you special garden-to-table meals to guarantee its freshness. Its rustic design can get you in the mood on any day.

Another noteworthy thing about Sonya’s Garden is that it’s also a bed and breakfast. 

If you want to spend the night with your loved one, this is the perfect venue, as there is nothing here but a breathtaking view of nature and lush greenery. The restaurant also has a spa that offers scrubs, foot spa, facials, and massages. Going to this place can offer you fine cuisine and a relaxing experience with nature. 

Image from Sonya’s Garden Facebook page

The Purple Owl 

If you want a custom date with your partner, The Purple Owl allows you to choose a package for the perfect date. Before going to this place, book your date two days in advance. The Purple Owl also makes customized dining setups. Primarily, this is a perfect spot for couples seeking a place for anniversary celebrations and wedding proposals. 

Regarding food, The Purple Owl renders their packages with a full-course meal already included. The Purple Owl also offers a romantic movie night option as one of its packages. 

Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant

Transporting you to the heart of Thailand

The vibrant flavors of authentic Thai cuisine will bring savory excitement to your Valentine’s. Delight in a culinary journey that transports you to the heart of Thailand, where each dish is a harmonious blend of traditional Thai ingredients and expert culinary craftsmanship.

Lime and Basil captures the essence of Thai gastronomy, providing a truly immersive dining experience.

Aozora Japanese Restaurant

Cool air and Blue sky

In Japanese, aozora means blue sky, and that is precisely what you will see from the alfresco dining experience that you will have here.

A must in anyone’s Tagaytay itinerary, tourists and locals from Tagaytay love this restaurant for its authentic Japanese cuisine and interpretations of local dishes like their famous bulalo ramen. This restaurant also has one of the best views of the Taal, a respite for a hurried city life.  

Imagine having authentic Japanese ramen and Tagaytay’s cold wind. This will surely be the perfect date for you and your Valentine. The restaurant is located at Purok 157, Tagaytay-Calamba Main Road. Sungay East, Tagaytay City.

Nurture Wellness Village

Redefining relaxation and tranquility

Situated amidst natural beauty, Nurture Wellness Village is an ideal place to release all your urban tensions and have the ultimate relaxation to prepare for a perfect Valentine’s evening. Explore a range of spa treatments that redefine relaxation and tranquility.

Owned by the founding president of the Philippine spa industry, Nurture wellness spa which also goes by the name “Nurture Farmacy” is a DOT accredited resort and farm tourism destination where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Marcia Adams

You can also discover the distinctive charm of Marcia Adams, an inviting Tuscany-inspired garden restaurant in Alfonso, just a kiss away from Tagaytay. Immerse yourself in the unique ambiance as you enjoy delectable dishes, where the rich flavors perfectly complement the picturesque surroundings.

Share your experience, highlighting the fusion of Tuscany-inspired aesthetics with the delightful offerings of Marcia Adams, creating an unforgettable dining experience. Voted one of the most romantic places in Tagaytay.

How to Have the Perfect Valentine’s Date 

To have the perfect Valentine’s date, choose a restaurant that suits your taste. Of course, the person also matters, and as they say, “it’s not the place, it’s the person.”

To have the perfect date, you just have to pick an excellent place and have fun. You should not pressure yourself because if your partner truly loves you, they will appreciate every effort you’ve made. 

Giving gifts is also a great way to improve the mood this Valentine’s Day. The old box of chocolates and flowers can put the charm on this occasion. But if you want to make it more personal, having a gift from one of her hobbies is a good way to go. 

Live near Tagaytay

Having a date with your special someone this Valentine’s can be fantastic. If your relationship goes well, you might consider settling one day.

Tagaytay is a great place to have a home. However, real estate prices here go through the roof.

The good news is there is a place near Tagaytay that offers an excellent way of living. 

Camella Alfonso is only 10 minutes away from Tagaytay’s cold breeze. This community offers the best house and lot in the Philippines as it meets every need for recreation, security, and a relaxed environment.

With its location near Tagaytay, it will make every day seem like a vacation day.

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