Underrated Tourist Spots in Southern Luzon, Philippines

Most of us are probably eager to get out of our house to unwind and celebrate the holiday season.

If you are craving to see and experience breathtaking views, lovely beaches, cultural landmarks, diving spots — all to bring home an amazing experience, then read on and check out the list of places in Southern Luzon we have prepared for you.

Check out 5 Underrated Tourist Spots in Southern Luzon for Adventure Seekers

Mt. Mayon, an active volcano in Legazpi City | Photo taken by Camille San Vicente, from Unsplash

We all know that South Luzon is one of the go-to destinations for people in the National Capital Region who want to unwind for many reasons.

Accessible through transport infrastructure

The most obvious reason is its accessibility, especially now that many transport infrastructures are being developed around the area. This way, you can easily go to your favorite vacation spots anytime and anywhere.

Southern Luzon is most famous for its natural wonders. Everybody knows its active volcanoes like the Mayon Volcano with its perfect cone shape in Legazpi City and Taal Volcano with its crater lake in Batangas.

But there is more to discover in Southern Luzon than just mountains and volcanoes. Within the region, there are interesting places like beautiful white sand beaches, amazing waterfalls, and rock formations, perfect for your romantic getaway or a tailor-made trip full of adventure.

If you are planning to go out of town with your family and friends once it is safe, here are some of the underrated tourist attractions in Southern Luzon that you can visit without worrying about it being too crowded.

Jomalig Island: Glorious White Sand Beaches and Mountain Views

A great adventure awaits in the quiet place

Located in Quezon province, Calabarzon, Jomalig Island is one of the hidden gems of the Land of the Thousand Colors. This island is known for its golden beaches and sand bars that water and nature lovers would surely enjoy.

While the island is hours away from the Metro, its beautiful beaches that await your is worth the road trip and boat ride.

Borne out of a love story

Jomalig came from the Tagalog word meaning “humalik” or to kiss. The origin of the name is said to be a love story legend known in the Quezon province. It is considered one of the lesser known destinations and remains undisturbed because of its remote location.

If you want to spend a long vacation somewhere peaceful, Jomalig is definitely worth your visit. Upon arrival, you will immediately be welcomed by the island’s natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

Moon Garden

Photo taken from Moon Garden Tagaytay Facebook page

Cozy Hideout in Tagaytay

A vacation rental situated at the city of Tagaytay, which is known for its cold climate and nearest go-to spot here in South Luzon. Moon garden has a theme of Balinese paradise which made the place artsy and unique. It is a great place for taking pictures.

Given the name garden, this vacation rental has a serene, calm, and healing environment. It is surrounded by nature, and you can be at peace, away from the stress and the city noises that you usually encounter.

If you are along the way and thinking of some coffee, you can drive to the famous Napa and Ruined Project, both located at Tagaytay.

Mt. Romelo: Hikes and Falls

Photo credit: https://hiketomountains.com/mt-romelo-buruwisan-falls-siniloan-laguna-climb-guide/

Underrated destination for first-time hikers

Looking for mountains to hike that isn’t Mount Mayon or Mayon Volcano? Located in the heart of Siniloan, Laguna, which is the Southwest border of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, is an underrated destination for first-time hikers, Mt. Romelo.

It is a famous tourist spot for hikers because of its easy and short trails. If you are looking for an adventure that does not intimidate to include in your budget-friendly trip, this one is definitely worth visiting. 

Aside from its hiking trails, Mt. Romelo is known as Laguna’s Waterfalls Sanctuary because it is the home of nine waterfalls.

Found here are the Binaytuan Falls, Sapang Labo Falls, Diwata Falls, and others that are not yet discovered. If you are a thrill-seeker person, this is perfect for you.

Not everyone knows that Laguna has so many spots that are yet to be discovered by many people.

Devil’s Point: Marine Life and Scuba Diving

A beautiful place of biodiversity

Next to Tagaytay, Batangas is another famous go-to place for people living in Metro Manila. Just two hours away from the capital city lies one of the most beautiful places of biodiversity, the Devil’s Point and Devil’s cave.

Because of the province’s healthy marine life, it has become one of the most sought after locations of scuba divers and diving has become one of the best and favorite activities in Batangas.

Of all the islands in Batangas, Maricaban Island in Anilao is probably the most frequented diving site because of its accommodation options. This island caters to all divers, from beginners to experts.

The Devil’s Point got its name because of its depth that ranges from 20 feet to 90 feet, and slope of more than 30 meters.

If you go and explore deeper in the diving spot, you might get a chance to see the Dogtooth Tuna and Bluefin Jackfish, which are abundant there. 

Batangas is truly a haven of marine biodiversity, and as responsible tourists, we must preserve, keep clean and take good care of this marine biodiversity. 

Pantihan Or Balayungan Falls

Chasing Waterfalls

Cavite is the home of many national heroes and is known because of its rich history. But Cavite also has its own set of hidden paradise spots. One of these is the Balayungan Falls, which is locally known as Pantihan Falls because it is located at Brgy. Pantihan, Maragondon Cavite.

Many of the tourists on road trips or hike trips make a stop at Mt. Marami to see the beauty of Balayungan falls. If you want to stay longer, there are Cogon Cottages available for rent when you go there.

Not most of the tourist know that Cavite offers this scenic spot, so you can avoid crowds when you go there. Who could not resist the view of breathtaking scenery, dramatic rock formation, and calming ambiance? 

It is heart-warming to know that the Philippines has a lot to offer, not just in the famous attractions but as well as a good relationship with people, the hospitality that the Filipinos are known for.

Since South Luzon is near Metro Manila, it is a popular location where everyone wants to unwind, away from the city noises, and where they breathe fresh air.

So while the restrictions are up, it is time to list down some of the places you want to go to with your loved ones and friends. Maximize the time in your house and lot with your family to think of considering these places to go to. 

Other Southern Luzon Tourist Spots

If crowded places doesn’t bother you, here is a list of some of the famous must-visit places in the Southern Luzon:

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (in Palawan)

Home to the world-renowned Underground River, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site like the Banaue Rice Terraces in Mountain Province, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park offers an enchanting subterranean journey through limestone caves adorned with stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Its underwater world is considered one of the best in the world. Its main islands as well as its islets offer breathtaking views and other attractions.

Embarking on an island-hopping adventure around this coastal gem reveals pristine beaches framed by lush greenery and crystal-clear waters.

Taal Heritage Town (in Batangas)

The Taal Heritage Town is a charming destination where history comes alive. The town’s picturesque atmosphere is enhanced by colonial-era churches like the Basilica de San Martin de Tours. Wander through museums to discover the town’s rich past, and savor traditional crafts and local cuisine.

Taal is also known for its stretch of heritage houses reminiscent of Spanish colonial period and a place with amazing people.

Pagsanjan Falls (in Laguna)

For adventure seekers looking for an exciting escapade, Pagsanjan Falls is one of the best places to visit in Laguna as it is a breathtaking retreat for nature lovers.

Considered one of the popular attractions with minimal entrance fee, the trip starts with a thrilling boat ride. Once there, you can enjoy a bamboo raft ride that takes you right up close to the falls, experiencing the refreshing mist and the natural beauty.

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