1B Infrastructure Proposal in Cebu: How Much Will These Increase the Value of Camella in Cebu Properties?

Cebu is one of the top choices for many smart investors and homeowners. Plus, it’s currently experiencing one of the biggest economic booms in its recent history, and Camella in Cebu gives you the opportunity to be part of this monumental revolution. In tandem with the upward economic growth, there are also ongoing infrastructure projects that are sure to bump up property values in the province, including grand expressways and revamped airports and seaports. In a recent proposal, there are even more infrastructure improvements and constructions down Cebu’s pipeline.

A closer look at the 1B infrastructure proposal

There are over 1B worth of infrastructure projects and improvements being proposed for Cebu in 2023. Cebu Mayor Michael Rama recently submitted a detailed plan for these allocations to the City Council.

Cebu City Hall construction

The Cebu City Hall. CDN Digital photo | Brian J. Ochoa

Perhaps the most significant among the projects is the renovation of the Cebu City Hall legislative building. The legislative building is eyed to be converted into a museum to showcase Cebuano history and heritage. It will be a great addition to other historical and tourist sites in the area, which hosts Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño, among others. The plan includes an overhaul and modernization of the City Hall and the legislative building, worth at least Php600 million. There are also blueprints for a new Cebu City Hall to be built along the South Road Properties (SRP) within a seven-hectare lot, which is set to cost Php400 million.

Cebu City College (CCC) renovation

The CCC building at the former Ramos Public Market is currently under renovation. In 2023, there are further plans for the re-establishment of the city college costing about Php100 million. The proposed budget covers the construction of new and updated school facilities, including a state-of-the-art library, clinic, and classrooms. The improvement of CCC is a step towards improving the state of public education in Cebu, something that will undoubtedly attract more families and younger people to the province.

Fort San Pedro restoration

The historic Fort San Pedro has been around since the Spanish occupation. The colonial fortress is a popular spot for history enthusiasts and tourists, but through years of wear, there are some structural reinforcements and restorations that need to be done. The 1B infrastructure proposal includes Php15 million for this purpose. This move will attract more tourists and provide additional educational destinations in Cebu. Since Fort San Pedro contains an open park, it will also give Cebu residents more green public spaces.

Fuente Osmeña and other parks improvement

There are also plans to rehabilitate and improve the Fuente Osmeña Circle as it is one of the most important thoroughfares in the city, connecting downtown and uptown Cebu. It also houses a public park in the middle of the circumferential road, offering a respite for urban dwellers. The restorations and improvements of the Circle are estimated to cost Php300 million. However, this budget is meant to be distributed across the improvements of other similar public parks.

How the proposal increases property values in Camella in Cebu

Camella Riverfront in Talamban City Cebu
Camella Riverfront in Talamban City Cebu

All these infrastructure plans are centered around Cebu City. And since Camella in Cebu is right in the thick of all the developments, property values in Camella communities are guaranteed to soar.

For one, Camella properties in Talisay (Azienda Lombardi, Roma, Azienda Milan, Azienda Firenze, and Azienda Genova) will be at an advantage because of the construction of the new Cebu City Hall on SRP. This means that administrative and government operations are within reach of these properties, attracting a growing community. Similarly, Camella in Carcar will benefit from the new developments on SRP, which is one of the main routes from Cebu City to the southern municipality of Carcar. The city hall would revitalize the area and encourage more commerce and trade, which can result in more transportation and economic growth that Camella Carcar residents can enjoy.

Some of the most positively impacted Camella neighborhoods in Cebu will be the ones in Talamban, right at the center of the city. When the city college is revamped, families residing in Camella’s Riverdale, Riverfront, and Pasadena developments are going to have more options for educational institutions. Additionally, the improvement of historic sites and parks will provide the residents of Camella in Talamban with more outdoor space to enjoy and explore. It will give kids more open and green spaces to play and explore; families will have more beautiful areas to make memories in– right at their doorstep.

There are many reasons why you should move to Cebu, but you have to go about it strategically. Purchasing a home in any of Camella’s Cebu developments is an excellent option if you want to make the most out of the infrastructural improvements in the city. In Camella, you’re situated in some of the most accessible areas and you’re sure to be well-connected to transportation facilities, government offices, educational institutions, and even public parks and spaces. As a result, your properties in Camella will only increase in value as these infrastructure projects are completed. A home in Camella ensures that your house isn’t just a home but also a smart investment.

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