Your Guide to Exploring Capiz

By Rea Apolinario

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Time to experience natural beauty luxuriously in Capiz. When go visit a place, we commonly search for great beaches, yummy food, and relaxing views, to name a few. If you are looking for just that, you are on the right page! Let us tour you to the humble province of Capiz.

Capiz’s capital is Roxas City, but did you know that Capiz was once part of Akean, now known as Aklan? Then, the province was called Ilaya, and Capiznons were once called Ilayahon or Ilayanon.

To know more about our province, let’s continue exploring what you can do in Capiz.


We all know that Capiz is the seafood capital of the Philippines since we have a vast ocean horizon. Capiz can offer you beaches like Baybay Black Sand Beach and Talon Beach Resort.

Baybay Beach 

Just 10 minutes away from Camella Capiz, Baybay Beach offers a relaxing view of the waves kissing the skies and a long beachfront restaurant serving delicious and fresh catch seafood.

Talon Beach Resort

Located in Ivisan, Capiz, if you want a nature drive, this is a perfect location for you. It is only a 20-minute drive away from Camella Capiz. Talon Beach Resort is the perfect escape if you want a peaceful vicinity, where you can be at one with nature.


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Who doesn’t love mukbang? Capiz has a variety of seafood and other delicious and pleasurable dishes for you to try. Below are some local restaurants so you can check them on your next Capiz travel.

Harry’s Palutuan

Harry’s Palutuan is located in Baybay Beach, just right within the city and a short drive from Camella Capiz. They serve freshly caught seafood from the Capiz seas and other drooling inexpensive food. Their crabs are a feast of heaven that you must definitely try.

Café Terraza

Located in the Sacred Heart of Jesus Boulevard Pueblo de Panay, Cafe Terraza is only five minutes away from the community. If you’re up for an uphill café experience, then they got it. This cafe offers plenty of food selections, both savory and sweet treats.


Photo retrieved from Road to Forever – Jamindan Capiz Facebook Page

If you’re not a fan of beach travel or moving around the city, and all you want is serene nature views and a long drive, we recommend you to come and visit these top places.

Silab Batabat, Maayon Capiz

Silab Batabat is an overlooking, picture-perfect destination in Capiz. This spot is perfect if you want an adrenaline-driving experience up what the locals call Little Baguio. From here, you can quite literally say that you are on top of the world while looking down at the whole Maayon scape right in front of your eyes. Book a motorcycle date up here with your loved ones on your next Capiz visit!

Road to Forever

Road to Forever is a trending travel spot that has become part of many tourists’ bucket lists. It is located in Jamindan, Capiz, and quite a long drive away from the city, but it is worth the travel. If you wish to unwind, this perfect place awaits you. When you’re visiting, you can bring your family, friends, or significant others. And if you don’t have a lover, this place might give you your forever.


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Capizeños treasure their local history, heritage sites, and legends dearly. Through preserved structures, places, and real or made-up stories, Capizeños remember their past and shape their future with the Tatak Capiz brand.

Capiz Cathedral

This historical landmark is considered as the pride of Capiz, as it is one of the oldest churches in Panay Island. The structure of the church was built in the 1800s, and it witnessed the hardships and bravery of the true blood Capiznons. That said, the Capiz Cathedral also stands as a symbol of how the locals stood the test of times.

The Capiz Cathedral is located right in the heart of Roxas City, next to the city plaza, the capitol, and the Roxas City Hall. If you wish to nourish your spirituality, this place offers a peaceful retreat. The church is also just 10 minutes away from Camella Capiz.

Olotayan Island

This island is the best perfect example of an eye-catcher destination in Capiz. If you are strolling around the Capiz seashore, this island will surely get your attention. Not to mention that it has an equally interesting name origin.

Capiznons call it Olotayan Island, based on a legend that tells the story of a giant whose body was struck by lightning. As a result, his body parts were supposedly scattered all over the sea. Though the tale may sound gruesome, its result is a beautiful island that resembles the combination of the olo (head) and tyan (stomach), thus its name.

To reach the island, you would need to ride on a boat or a motor bangka. It will take an hour or less, depending on the weather conditions. Most of the time, travelers encounter big waves, but once you get past them, you will reach a beautiful white sand shore where a line of towering trees greet you.

Olotayan island is about over an hour away from Camella Capiz, both by driving and via a boat ride.


Same as any other place, Capiz makes products with passion and love. Aside from its fresh seafood, the province also has local delicacies, both savory and sweet. Not to mention tons of canned and dried seafood exported around the globe. On top of these, Capiz also has a thriving community of unique art and crafts. Let’s explore some of them!

Capiz shells or the Placuna Placenta mollusk

Capiz shells rose to popularity as a good substitute for glass, having the same durability and translucency. This shell was first used for decorations and windowpanes a thousand years ago—a tradition that Capiznons carried up to the present. 

The locals are proud to say that this product is one of the reasons why Capiz is known around the country and the world. Though there is a decline in the industry, you can still see some of it in Capiz as communities strive hard to keep this hand-crafted art alive.

Dried seafood or build 

Capiz is blessed with abundant and fresh seafood that sustains the Capiznons’ primary source of income. The province has miles and miles of sun-dried fish laying all over the coast. It also offers lots of fish variety that are often dried up to be sent all of the Philippines or even abroad.

Are you ready to explore Capiz? These are just some of the things you can do or discover when you visit the province. If you want to come home and experience the best of Capiz every day, Camella offers you many options for house and lot for sale in Capiz. To check our catalog of property for sale, you may visit our property page or check our model houses.

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